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62 /100
REWE (Grocery Store)
“I've visited here a couple of times recently and yea, yea.... I know it's a supermarket bottle shop and ok, yea ...I know it won't appeal to a lot of folk. However I have probably picked over 70-80 rates from REWE Zolling and looking at the subtle differences here in range anticipate that I will pick up a similar amount here. I've already got half a dozen new beers without really looking that hard, so the reason for inclusion is folk like me, or folk not from the area are likely to pickup a fair few new rates. Nandlstadt is a few miles off the 601 the Freising to Mainburg main road. Buses such as the 602 do ply this route but it is nice cycling country, hop fields, rolling gentle hills, it's a nice area. The store is across the car park from the supermarket and it's on the edge of town as the address suggests it's in the direction of Mainburg. It's a regular size bottle shop, the beers are all on the left hand side at the front of the store. It's clearly not a place to make a special journey to but if you are cycling by or in town it might be worth looking in. One thing that I like is the local section and I noted that they had a Dopplebock liquor at 23% made locally in town, interesting?“
Fin 686 days ago
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