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70 /100 MARKTPLATZ 12
“Nice small town with a gigantic church and hotel with a brewery, we stayed there! Shared tasting trays with CH-303, average beers, but nice ambiance.“
Nordcore 838 days ago
72 /100 MARKTPLATZ 12
“Stayed at the hotel (which was nice and had underground parking). Quite busy place, but service was good. Four beers on tap, and you could have 1 dl of each for EUR 4.80. Good deal. Beers were pretty average, but it was quite nice to just sit there and sample their beers.“
CH-303 923 days ago
78 /100 MARKTPLATZ 12
“Toll gelegen direkt unter der Abtei. 4 Biere vom Fass und gute Allgäuer Küche. Auf jeden Fall einen Ausflug wert!“
DrNosha 1030 days ago
70 /100 MARKTPLATZ 12
“4 great brews. Lager was, though typically Bavarian, outstanding. Good place to go.“
Sokolov 1524 days ago
“Nice little brewery (>5hl) in an old abbey. The selection of beer & food is not so big, but it’s tasty and you get free bread with lard & greaves (Brot mit Griebenschmalz). The brewery is behind the bar. Overall it’s a nice Bavarian brewpub.“
neur0 2632 days ago
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