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72 /100 MOOSBURGER STR. 23
“We visited here Tuesday 22nd September 2020 after a 31km cycle ride from Attenkirchen, we were directed here after initially heading to the brewery and then being directed here as being the place where you could drink their beers. This is a large place, quite centrally located, there is ample parking and outside drinking, asphalt area that adjoins the carpark. The place feels a little old fashioned, it was quiet, there was just one other couple here during the time of our visit, and we were here for an hour and a half, however, let us not forget it was a Tuesday lunchtime. I am not sure of the exact amount of taps to bottles so I am going from the Travlr review for the brewery which I suspect was actually for this place, but the landlord did reel off about five beers that were available (presumably on draught?). The landlord was really friendly and whilst I only went inside to order and use the toilet it was pleasant enough inside, tidy. We stayed for two beers, beers were fine without being that interesting, I think that the Helles was my pick of the those that we had. The older couple near us ordered food and it look pretty good and was served swiftly. If in the town I would definitely visit here, but it isn't worth going out of your way for, we had done a cycle ride and wanted to head this way for a change and saw the brewery and noted that we'd not had any of their beers before. Btw the staff and premises had good adeherence to COVID-19 rules and regulations.“
Fin 737 days ago
“We visited here Tuesday 22nd September 2020 after a 31km cycle ride from Attenkirchen. I just wanted to clarify that whilst you can find the brewery easily enough on the outskirts of town, you cannot buy beers directly at the brewery, they don't have a shop or such facilities. We spoke to one of the office staff who directed us back into town to the Gasthof. I suspect that Travlr's review below whilst the title indicates it to be the brewery (the address is the brewery) was actually for the Gasthof, (tbf he does suggest this in his review) I will add the correct details for the Gasthof as a separate entry. So to clarify, unless you want to tick off a brewery then I cannot see any point in visiting here. However it is worth mentioning that their website seems to suggest you can arrange a visit.“
Fin 737 days ago
62 /100
Getränke Reder (Beer Store)
“Situated at the former Brauerei Reder (closed in the 90ties), the old and very kind Brewmaster still runs a bottle shop. Mostly beers from the region and from Pöllinger, but also a special beer under the Brauerei Reder label (brewed at Pöllinger). Bavarian spoken! ring several times so he can hear you!“
Herzog_Wilhelm 2712 days ago
“The town was founded in 1402, the brewery in 1474. No idea what the locals did for the first 72 years. Of course, there were four other breweries in the town, all closed now, leaving this one. Very old and traditional gasthof, friendly service, larger than average selection. Beers were very tasty. Didn’t try the food, but I would return for sure.“
Travlr 3589 days ago
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