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78 /100 KIRCHPLATZ 12
“Small and local. 15 km approx from Zehendner. Excellent rauchbier and vollbier. Great experience. Will be back.“
Dedollewaitor 4 days ago
74 /100 THÜNGFELD 61
“Dirty but charming garage near the tiny city of Schlüsselfeld, one of my favorite places in Franconia.. The friendly father welcomed me and happily told me about the available beers. Schlüsselfeld already has two breweries and son Hertl seems to be the brewer at Adler in Schlüsselfeld. The brewery was closed after the death of the old brewer a few years ago, well: the beer came from elsewhere, but seems to be active again. I’ll visit again, thats for sure.“
bierkoning 2115 days ago
60 /100 MARKTPLATZ 6
“Centrally located traditional Franconian brewhouse serving a single, simple Amber lager (that may or may not be contracted at the moment). I visited early in the day and found only one person settling in for an afternoon beer. The interior decor and design would make for a charming and cozy session, if only the beer were worth drinking.“
3fourths 2565 days ago
60 /100 KIRCHPLATZ 12
“Centrally located traditional brewhouse offering a drinkable but uninspiring Hell and a richly malty Rauchbier dunkles. The stube is simple and modestly decorated, a small table of locals sat reading newspaper and chatting, among them the Hausfrau who seem inconvenienced by my presence. Of the three breweries in Schluesselfeld I found Sternbräu the most interesting, but I don’t consider them singular.“
3fourths 2565 days ago
50 /100 THÜNGFELD 61
“I visited Hertl in April 2015, after stopping at nearby Scheubel and Adler-Bräu in Schluesselfeld. The son of the family is the head brewer, 25 years old, while his father makes wine and helps in the brewery, which is not much more than a homebrew setup, some of it self-made, some of it bought from his friend Erik Löschner at Albertshöfer.

He had available in bottles the Black IPA, double Witbier and Whiskey Barrel Doppelbock, with the IPA fermenting. Definitely going for western beer, no interest in making traditional Franconian lager. The ceramic bottles cost extra for everyone including us customers. Very extreme/boutique/branded following the US craft brewer model.

On my visit the brewer was locked out of his garage, his father had the key and was away. So he insisted against my protests to use a hack saw to cut the lock with the excuse that locks don’t cost much. Not long after he cut his way in, dad showed up and they had a disagreement in Deutsch that I understood well from the tone. They kindly poured a sample of their one-week IPA but it tasted only of apple butter and yeast. I left with a bottle of Black IPA which was infected and acidic. With all the kegs piled outside I had to wonder if they actually used them for distribution, if there were demand for their draft beer in nearby towns? Something tells me no.

Four photos of Hertl“
3fourths 2565 days ago
60 /100 KIRCHPLATZ 12
“2 very good taps. Enjoyed it with pleasure!“
Sokolov 2620 days ago
60 /100 BRAUGASSE 2
“Pills, lager & dark. First two are ok, but the dark is real good. Was visiting in 2013. I believe they stopped making their own beer now(((“
Sokolov 2620 days ago
62 /100 MARKTPLATZ 6
“3 brews. All ok, but nothing special.“
Sokolov 2620 days ago
48 /100 KIRCHPLATZ 12
“A very cozy and very local place. Lots of locals come in for lunch - and the whole bierstube has an odor of cabbage. The walls are a combination of wood and stones, which reminds me of the 50’s. 2 beers on tap - OK service.“
Ungstrup 5394 days ago
40 /100 MARKTPLATZ 6
“A nice place, very clean, with benches along the wall and washed down solid wood tables planted on a hard stone floor so the movement of the chairs makes quite a racquet. The service was a bit slow - atleast when we visisted at 11:30 in the morning. Seems very traditional. 1 beer on tap 1 on bottle.“
Ungstrup 5396 days ago
70 /100 BRAUGASSE 2
“Have already spent two nights with my wife in this small but lovely brewpub. Good quality rooms for € 55,- per night. King size breakfast. Very nice food and very drinkable beers. Friendly service, slow but we were not in a hurry. Recommended, also for the home destilled 15 year old Johannisbeeren alcool blanc.“
bierkoning 5892 days ago
60 /100 MARKTPLATZ 6
“Decent brewpub, with a lovely patio overlooking the busy Market Square. Good food, decent beer. Beers from Göller Zeil also available. The waitress always has her own glass of beer within reach. Also try the Imbiss next door. Dead cheap food and Mönchsambacher beers straight from cask.“
bierkoning 5895 days ago
60 /100 KIRCHPLATZ 12
“Good food in this small brewpub. Good beer also, especially from tap. Small patio overlooking the brewery.“
bierkoning 5895 days ago
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