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“I enjoy every Zoigl weekend in that historical pub decorated by lots of train-related objects and old framed photographs.“
MaltoseLiquids24 1340 days ago
“Centrally located in Vohenstrauss in this basic Zoiglstube serving Alt-Reuther Zoigl (private, commercial, non-echter). On our visit the beer was clean but basic (3.4). Typical old world Bavarian look and feel, lots of musical instruments and farm implements and framed photographs hanging on pastel-colored walls, the room framed well by the grid of exposed rafters. Not much else to say about it, you’ll find the typical cold meat and cheese plates and a single, decent beer. Vohenstrauss is pretty far away from Windisch. and Falkenberg, but if you’re making the trek out to Strehern and d’Eisenbahn is open, it’s worth a stop for the sake of comparison.“
3fourths 2340 days ago
74 /100 MARKTPLATZ 35
“True, nothing has changed here since the foundation of the brewery in the year 1898; it is already a surprise that the small, cozy old-fashioned tap room is lit by electric bulbs.... The service is done by charming bohemian girls, who will bring the Weizen always with a slice of lemon in it. So be careful! Worth a journey......“
pivnizub 4350 days ago
70 /100 MARKTPLATZ 35
“Brewery and pub only in Vohenstrauß, only a few miles from the Czech border, near the A6 motorway Plzen-Nürnberg. Located on market square with easy parking nearby. The pub looks as it must have looked 100 years ago, nothing seems to have changed here - what a gem. Walls with dark wooden panels, old pictures and already about 5 regulars there when I visited on a Friday around 10:30 in the morning. Serving the beer is a real ceremony. First the beer is poured into a stein, then a slice of lemon is added (?). Then a pot of water is heated on a single electric cooker in the corner of the taproom. The stein with the beer is then put into the hot water for about half a minute, only the is it served to the thirsty beer enthusiast. They do not bottle beers, but you can buy 5 litre mini casks to take away, which was my choice as I had to drive. Friendly and helpful staff. A place full of its own character, a lovely Bavarian village brewery and pub - a great experience.“
Quack-Duck 4729 days ago
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