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66 /100 VORSTADT 3
“Visit April 2010.“
fonefan 182 days ago
64 /100 VORSTADT 3
“Historical place with one of the best beers in this area. If you like the franconian style of making and drinking beer, than you have to visit this place. Really original: no music, no food just an historical ambient .“
BitterHopper26 754 days ago
54 /100 VORSTADT 3
“Very dull and un-cosy pub, but we managed to get beers to everyone in the 23 people party without any frowning. drank the quite mediocre beer outside with a pretty fantastic view of the surrounding valley.“
ekstedt 862 days ago
70 /100 VORSTADT 3
“They don't really want you to come here. That is how it seems, anyhow. Somehow I feel the brothers really do enjoy it, but who knows... Customers and workers alike scowl at you, but the beer is awesome and costs 2 euros a pint on gravity. And yes, please be careful not to be run over as you step out the door. Cheers to 3/4ths, RIP.“
KyotoLefty 884 days ago
66 /100
REWE (Grocery Store)
“Ordinary REWE supermarket with a separate drinks-market on the banks of the Wiesent river; no reason to get excited at first sight, but when You look carefully, You may find some hidden gems of local brewers. Recommended!“
pivnizub 1332 days ago
86 /100 VORSTADT 3
“I love this place and I can’t believe I never reviewed before .. visited several time in last 7/8 years and always has been a good experience.. well the beer can be one of the top in the whole Franconia but can be even a diacetyl bomb .. very local feeling and look out for Manfred an old guy who has been drinking beer and chewing tobacco in here for the last 50 years!!!“
jorge76 1353 days ago
68 /100
REWE (Grocery Store)
“Bottleshop with a good selection of local brews. Found a good chunk to fill the car up with while we waited for Heckel to open ;-)“
jonas 1475 days ago
88 /100 VORSTADT 3
“Can only mirror the other Ratings: A place so crusty it is hilarious again, plenty of local colorit, unpretentious service, brilliant beer. Fun.“
jonas 1475 days ago
74 /100
REWE (Grocery Store)
“A standard Rewe Getränkemarkt, but with a huge selection of local beers (Krug Breitenlesau, Schroll Nankendorf, Wagner Merkendorf, ...) Cheap as is normal for this region. A great place to load up on a mixed crate. UPDATE: Apparently by now this Rewe sells growlers of Heckel. That, of course, makes the selection top-notch!“
SinH4 1519 days ago
88 /100 VORSTADT 3
“This is probably the cheesiest Franconia place ever. It is located in a dangerous position, where the entrance/exit brings you right out into the street with no pavement in between whatsoever. So watch out that you're not run over. Inside, it already smells like an old place, and it's basically visited by Stammtisch people only. There is nothing served but beer, but oh boy, what a beer it is. Heckel Vollbier is one of the best, juiciest examples of beer I have ever encountered in the whole world. They also sell casks (which you will have to bring back within a week, so not good for the tourist) and growlers (which is what I went for). A true gem of Franconian beer. Unfortunately I was there after the parents died, apparently they used to watch you drink their beer, but this is over now. The brothers have too much to do pouring beer.“
SinH4 1519 days ago
62 /100 VORSTADT 3
“Funny place. The young brewer welcomed us and was very polite serving us the vollbier from a small Gravity barrel back in the bar. It was unfortunatly in questionable condition. Also the smell in there provoked me. Musty and heavy cellar like. Smell of old people (no offend). Unlikely I will be back to give it a 2nd try as it is difficult to reach.“
Dedollewaitor 2388 days ago
62 /100 VORSTADT 3
“2 light brews in old-fashioned setting.“
Sokolov 2494 days ago
66 /100 NANKENDORF 41
“Quite good beers in a quite place.“
Sokolov 2494 days ago
“Yet another great Franconiain brewery with 4 great beers.“
Sokolov 2494 days ago
70 /100 VORSTADT 3
“Comment oublier cet endroit visité le matin de ma fête avec sa porte qui mène directement à la rue, sans trottoir. La magnifique landbier et l’âme perdue qu’est l’ambiance valent à eux seuls un arrêt.“
Marheb 2621 days ago
70 /100 NANKENDORF 41
“Main road center of Nankendorf across from the church and just down from a truly amazing bakery pastry shop. Small and drabby old world gastzimmer with welcoming and smiling women running the room. Easy going atmosphere in contrast to the stiffness of Heckel. Enjoyed both the Dunkles bockbier and Helles from tap were in good shape.“
3fourths 2962 days ago
58 /100 VORSTADT 3
“Visited early evening on a Sunday on Dec 1st. Entrance steps onto a street...literally...like, DIRECTLY onto the street. Hilarious, have never seen anything quite like that before. The foyer is saturated with urinal cake/deodorant smell that is positively mind-bending in its strength...and it revisits you if you sit anywhere near the entrance to the sitting area too, every time the door is opened. Wretched. The silence Jeff and I were met with upon walking in was unlike any other silence I have ever experienced in my travels. About 10 people in there, and of course all eyes on us, and DEAD FUCKING SILENCE. I said "Abend" anyway, but no reply. If this had been my first trip to Germany, I probably would have left right then...about as unwelcoming as can be imagined. Later as the novelty wore off, the mood relaxed a bit. The beer is pretty good but not great, and the ambience is not as charming as I’d hoped...it’s positively dreary (unpleasant lighting, and I felt like I was in an elderly person’s house), even after a card game started up and people started talking. It’s an experience that’s probably worth having, but totally not my cup of tea.“
Ernest 2973 days ago
62 /100 VORSTADT 3
“Visited easter 2010, with my parents. After a nice, scenery drive we arrived at the village and found this brauhaus. You could tell that this place is very local, at our arrival it got very quiet in the brauhaus. We had our beer, served by mother and son, and the only one chattering was my mum and me, more or less :-)..Typycal deco for a franconian village brauhaus, and the most funny thing abot this place was getting out of the frontdoor, you walked straight onto the main street going through the village. Leaving this brauhaus, we had to take some pictures of this, and the guys at the stammtisch startet chatting again, as soon as we closed the door :-)“
Brugmansia 2973 days ago
80 /100 VORSTADT 3
“With the front entrance right on the street, not a meter from passing cars, it’s a gamble with your life to drunkenly spill out into the street after a session. Upon entering i was greeted by a most foul urinal cleaner aroma mixed with a subtle hint of cigarette ash. Opening the second door into the gastzimmer i was then greeted by no less than 8 angry mugs with piercing eyes fixed upon this strange-looking person from a far off land. I sat in a completely silent room with grumpy old men darting their eyes to and fro, the stale air only broken by the occasional mumble and snicker amongst the locals whenever i dared to SMELL my bier rather than just look at it or drink it without thought. The eldest of the local gang made known his displeasure of my fancy modern electronic devices with a throaty chuckle as he paused next to me with the door held open to grant me another moment with the eye-stinging toilet cleaner vapors concentrated in the hallway. After completing my review of the naturtrüb Vollbier hell (4.2/5) and chatting shortly with the braumeister, i said my goodbyes and stepped back out into the 21st century where i was promptly run over by a car.“
3fourths 2973 days ago
“Large brewery with an attached gasthof that was closed for the month of November on our visit. Thankfully the brewery was open and bottles were sold for 1 euro to-go: pils, lager, bockbier, doppelbock, festbier and dunkles lager. Friendly employees were helpful in our quest to find a place that’s open, serving draft beer that doesn’t stink. The reason for the visit was the good showing by Krug at the May 2013 Frankisches Bierfest in Nurnberg, where the pils and lagerbier were in top shape.“
3fourths 2978 days ago
52 /100 NANKENDORF 41
“Village pub in a hamlet in the Franconian Switzerland (Fränkische Schweiz); visitors, who expect a cozy, half-timbered Gasthaus with a shady Biergarten will be disappointed; the pub is in a faceless building from the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s and has no special atmosphere, a shadowless patio close to the main-road serves as beer-garden. Beers are O.K., but not worth a long trip....“
pivnizub 3485 days ago
“Clearly there are plenty of strong contenders but this place would have to be a chance at being my favourite place in rural Franconia. We walked through farmland from Nankendorf and passed locals fixing tractors, digging holes and feeding animals. Tables and chairs plonked under a tree in what is effectively the brewery’s car park. Head inside to get yourself a beer, all of which are fantastic and they do more varieties than most in Franconia. Seriously good stuff. Lots of touring cyclists but ultimately it feels like it’s just the local folks here stopping in for an afternoon beer, even though there’s more people at the brewery than there are residents of Breitenlesau.
mullet 4401 days ago
62 /100 VORSTADT 3
“Lit only by naturally dwindling sunlight in the early evening, making the ambiance feel 19th century. Time travel. A classic family-run establishment. All four tables were full.“
Beershine 4571 days ago
100 /100 VORSTADT 3
“Wow, what a place ! A kind of pub, which is nowaday hard to find, even in crazy Franconia: one small dim tap-room, half-panelled with dark wood, low ceiling, bull’s eye panes, illuminated by two poor lamps the one and only beer here is served directly from the cask by the landlady and/or her two sons. One of them, the brewer, is a very talented young man of 22 years, works daily for the Krug-Brauerei in Breitenlesau and brews also a very good beer for his mother’s tavern ! Very popular with locals, but foreigner are welcome.... If You want, You can get the blues here, but be careful, the atmosphere is often very cheery ! Simply: A franconian must and a Kult-Gasthaus !“
pivnizub 4993 days ago
“Bigger - only by franconian standards - village pub with a quite nice, shady beer-garden. Popupalar with bikers, the beautiful nature reservation "Fränkische Schweiz" (literally "Franconian Switzerland", a nice scenery of huge rocks, little valleys, creeks and picturesque villages) is not far away. Quite O.K.“
pivnizub 5740 days ago
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