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“Visited July 2019 with my parents. Another small brauhaus in a small village.. Twin roomed brauhaus, lots of seatings inside.. few ones outside in the yard. Friendly service.. The kids at the brauhaus are helping when ordering.. Friendly place.“
Brugmansia 1136 days ago
“Visited latest July 2019 with my parents, been here a few years ago before I did place ratings. Small village brauhaus with a lovely beer garden. At our visit they had 3 beers on tap, and 2 was new to us. Traditional deco inside, lots of seating outside.. Accommodation at the brewpub, but we stayed in Bamberg.. Seems very much a place for the locals, but also a stop for people walking or biking..“
Brugmansia 1136 days ago
“Opposite Hubner. Old friendly people serves us in the yard. 3 beers - even a new festbier. Unfortunately all were in bad shape. The Helles had potential but extremely yeast and dusty- not fresh. The 2 others were diacetyl bombs! Wont return!“
Dedollewaitor 2594 days ago
“Very local. 4 beers on tap. All with a unclean note. Friendly service. Not easy to reach from Bamberg. A shame cause the zwicklpils was powerhopped - but too musty and dirty.“
Dedollewaitor 2594 days ago
“This family brewery is located immediately across the narrow street from the equally-worthy Hübner-Bräu Wattendorf. The two closest breweries in Franconia may be the two closest in the world. While Hübner boasts a hoppy, bright, crisp, and clean Kellerbier, Dremel’s Helles is cloudy and malty and soft and creamy. The low-ceilinged stube is not unlike my mother’s kitchen: floral curtain patterns, flower arrangements (it was Easter), teddy bears, wood ducks, fruit bowls. No farm implements or musical instruments on the wall, no guns or dead animals either, but they hang a scale model of Jesus’ crucifixion in the corner, for some reason. Locals who know the family would come and go on this snowy evening in April. The service was personable and genuine even with the language barrier, but that’s the kind of warm and natural hospitality you find all over Franconia. The keg blew so I got to watch the elder Braumeister come out to change it and say hello. From CO2 they have Hell and Dunkles and sometimes Hefeweizen. They also make Bock in the spring and fall, though not available during my visit the Friday before Easter.“
3fourths 2658 days ago
“Watterndorf offers two breweries, Hübner and Dremel, one across the street from the other. While Dremel was closed on the day of our visit, Hübner was open but empty, and the house frau welcomed us in and poured tall glasses of their stellar Naturtrübes Zwickelpils (4.0/5). It’s a small gastette adorned with antlers and old photographs and brewania, with a small terrace on the patio for outdoor seating. Though a bit of a haul from Bamberg, the Zwickelpils was in such fine shape that it demands a return.“
3fourths 2856 days ago
“Quite a modern, but unspoilt, franconian brewpub in the two-brewery-village of Wattendorf; the two - or three - well crafted house-beers are served in a larger, quite light down-to-earth taproom; a shadowless patio, euphemistically called "Biergarden", can be found in the backyard; very basic meals are available, too; helpful and friendly staff (obviously family members).Worth a visit at any rate…“
pivnizub 3018 days ago
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