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“Very cosy cellar-bar. Not easily to spot from outside, but placed in a very narrow street. Very friendly service, but also the selection is very pour. 4 taps (Würtsburger pils and keller weisse and the Münchhofs. Few bottles with Würtsburger Haustrunk and Sternla Helles the owly slightly interesting. Not cheap considering in Germany.. My hotel was 100 m away so ok been here.“
HenrikSoegaard 291 days ago
“We visited here Saturday 9th March 2019 and stayed in the car park overnight in Frank the camper. I am unfamiliar with the town so cannot really explain how we got here as we arrived after 8pm and came via the Motorway after a long drive from Folkestone albeit with a couple of beery pick up stops at Dranken Woude in Pervidje Dixmuide and Dranken Geers, Oostakker and a quick stop in Genk. However what I can see from Google Maps is that it's on the west side of the town/city and you would need a short walk and to cross the river to get into the centre of town.

It's a large and rather imposing looking stone built building with a large car park running adjacent, *btw you can only access this car park from Höchberger Street entrance. There is a larger garden with plenty of trees offering shade and we accessed it via the garden entrance. Inside lots of wood, lots of seating, copper brewing vessels (for show only by the looks of things) and it had a buzz with a number of folk, mostly middle aged or older eating.

We ate here the food was good, I've had much better Bavarian food but it was decent, reasonably priced good portions. The beer was also good, we had two of their own beers and two from Kulmbacher. Service was impressively quick for both food and drinks and staff friendly and very attentitive. We liked this place, not amazing by any stretch but good nonetheless.“
Fin 630 days ago
96 /100 THEATERSTR. 18
“Outstanding!!! The owner works there and has a first rate knowledge of every beer in stock. The selection is great and you won’t find a better place!!!!“
heckster1789 688 days ago
“As the restaurant was fully booked I sat at the bar where attentive service was received from the staff. There were three taps in the beerhall/restaurant, two core and one seasonal (only five beers are produced from what I can see). All tap beers are €3.50/0.5l. Wine, spirits and cocktails are also available. WiFi/internet reception is nil.“
KeefOz 710 days ago
“The Franconian area is a wine producing region so beer, let alone craft beer, can be difficult to find - and this keller is difficult to find in one of the oldests parts of Würzberg. Not far from the city centre, around some back streets and down a windy set of stairs, you'll come to a wonderful small keller with a couple of rooms, a small bar and an arched stone ceiling. The host is friendly and chatty with his limited English (and my non-existent German) and offers a "prost" to all those he serves, who are very much locals in for the evening. Available is the local Distelhaus beer range of which there are four on tap plus up to five available in bottles. Prices for the draught beer are €3.10-3.30/0.4l while 0.5l bottles are around €3.60. Franconian wine, schnapps and spirits are also available, as are light snacks. It's a warm and cosy place out of the winter weather and, while not a Ratebeer speciality, is worth the visit for the venue and the ambience.“
KeefOz 711 days ago
68 /100
Alter Kranen (Restaurant)
“The Franconian region is a wine growing one so beer, let alone craft beer, can be difficult to find. Alter Kranen, which has nice views of the river, has a small inside bar and about 130 indoor seats in a restaurant/beerhall set up. There are a further 500 odd seats outside on the terrace and in the beer garden. Available are the Würzburger Hofbrau and the Sterna range. The range consists of about four taps plus nine bottles (three of which are alcohol free) with prices for draught beer about €3.60/0.5l while bottles are in the €3.70-4.20/0.5l range. Wine, spirits and cocktails are also available. While not a Ratebeer speciality, this is a place to enjoy a couple of local brews.“
KeefOz 711 days ago
74 /100
Lämmle (Restaurant)
“Franconia is a wine growing area so any beer, let alone craft beer, can be difficult to find. Lämmle is located near the Market Square and serves the Distelhaus range of beers both on tap and in bottles with draught prices around €3/0.3l. Food is Franconian style and can be quite filling. While not a Ratebeer speciality, it is a place to find a local beer.“
KeefOz 711 days ago
“Visited 4/8/2018, not the brewery itself but its Goldene Gans Fränkischer Biergarten which is situated, like the brewery, just at western end of the Old Main Bridge, right by the river on the Leonhard Frank Promenade. Shares the same address as the brewery and is accessed directly from the bridge or via an underpass from the brewery road. Easiest place to get a Goldene Gans beer given the restricted opening hours of the actual Brauhaus. Were serving the Helles and Weissbier today. Nice location, friendly service, decent German food menu. Worth coming over the bridge for.“
Grumbo 848 days ago
80 /100 THEATERSTR. 18
“Visited 4/8/2018. Only place in Würzberg to get good beers. Has been open a couple of months. Just a few minutes walk from the main street maybe 10 mins from main station. Nice selection of local, national and international beers. Benjamin who runs it is friendly and really into his beers, has great knowledge and uses ratebeer as his prime point of reference when looking at and recommending his stock. Has some really good stuff including some special rarities. Keen prices. And whilst there's no seating, drink it at the counter or outside is no problem. Come here if in town.“
Grumbo 848 days ago
“Stopped by after visiting the palace, on a tour while studying in Rothenburg o.d. Tauber,“
azzurro 1069 days ago
“Visited 9.10.17. A hidden gem, and when I say hidden I mean it - there's a sign outside that's supposed to help you locate the place and the entry is from a residential courtyard, down steep stairs. And im keller - a Tolkienesque alcove, all decorated with gnomes and mushrooms and colorful glass, inner rooms and arched ceiling. We were sitting at the bar and people were chatty and friendly. Beerwise - boring, but Wuerzburg is not a *beer* destination anyway, not yet, at least. It's a cute place to visit when in town.“
kerenmk 1120 days ago
“Visited on Saturday afternoon, and Tuesday evening. Both quite empty. Service very friendly and quick, food was great, prices were very affordable. will visit again.“
SVD 1511 days ago
“Big place, bit empty on Wednesday afternoon with rain pooring down. Decent selection of their beers, still bit expensive accoding to me. Had some (driving) and a typical dish. Nice, want to go back when more crowded.“
vipinvelp 1752 days ago
“Very difficult hours. Helles & weizen are nothing special here. Better visited in summer on the terrace by the river.“
Sokolov 2075 days ago
“Restaurant by the brewery. Very popular with locals.“
Sokolov 2075 days ago
“Visited Sat 18.10.14 just after opening time of 20.00 hrs. The venue bills itself as a Hausbrauerei and American Bar. However no discernable taste of American hops in their Helles. Seem to aiming at the younger drinking market and I got the impression that it would be a lively venue later in the evening. Easy to find close to the western end of the AltMainBruecke but is also known as Goldene Gans which might cause some confusion.“
moleha4 2229 days ago
“Visited on a sunny Friday afternoon and it was almost deserted apart from a couple of diners indoors. It took quite a long time to establish that we would like to just drink in the beer garden to be told that the beer garden was shut, very odd. So we stood at the bar, got served with a beer, paid and walked outside into the lovely beer garden. After about 15 minutes, cyclists and walkers on seeing us came into the garden and started getting served eventually. It is really pleasant and quiet out there, I cannot understand their thinking or perhaps I lost a lot in translation.“
imdownthepub 2369 days ago
“Wintertime visit so had to sit inside, which is large and impersonal and like any other Bavarian place but does have great windows overlooking the garden letting in nice light. The pils is good.“
Beershine 3556 days ago
“Great place ! Typisch Bayrisch : waiters with lederhose, wood-paneled walls... Food was very good and so were the beers ! Some are brewed in the premises and are fairly good bavarian blonde beers. It’s worth the trip !“
cagou007 3682 days ago
“Great Biergarten atmosphere in Wurzburg. I had two beers on tap, both of which were quite mediocre. the food was excellent, as was the local Riesling, to which I switched after the mediocre beers. Service was good to start, but I waited almost 30 minutes to pay. Worth a stop, since there isn’t much else in town.“
KyotoLefty 3740 days ago
“Stopped by here on the way to Frankfurt. Wow food is first class Bavarian fare. Beers were good as well. A must stop when here.“
Indutiomarus 3986 days ago
“By far the nicest beer garden in Wuerzburg. Nice open beer garden that’s great in nice weather. Outdoor stands are open in nice weather for quick service. Wait staff very nice and many speak English. Only Wuerzburger Hofbraeu beer available - only place to get their Zwicklbier that I know of. Great Franconian menu - great Haxen and an outdoor play area for the kids. Definitely worth a stop.“
shrubber85 5647 days ago
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