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64 /100 MOOSBURGER STR. 25
“I visit here less frequently than REWE Zolling, however I do pop along from time to time as they tend to carry a number of different beers that I wouldn't find in REWE. It is located to the east of the centre, but still close by and it has plenty of parking, also like the REWE Getränkemarkt this is a standalone store across the car park from the main shop. If you turn right at the the set of traffic lights on the main 301 Freising to Mainburg road then head along here for about a 1km , google states 900 metres, then you will find it on the left hand side. The choice of beers isn't amazing and unlike some Edeka there are not really many what I would call craft beers, however there are plenty of regional beers as well as the big boys and most non locals would easily find a number of rates. I have been stocking up on Aventinus Eisbock of late and interestingly it is slightly older stock as it has the older label, but it is still well within date and at just shy of 2 euros a bottle very good value. They also have the some of those very large bottles of beer 3 litre forget the name of the brewery but it is the the one north of me that is the wheat beer producer with the Hundert Wasser tower. So all in all it is a supermarket Getränkemarkt but its fine and you'll likely pick up some rates. Btw there is a post office also in this place which shares the same cash desk, so very occasionally you may have to wait a couple of minutes if someone has some post to send or collect.“
Fin 325 days ago
68 /100 AM SÄGEWERK 3
“I visit here at least 1-2 times a week, and whilst I haven't gone through my ratings since moving here in March I would imagine that I have easily picked up 60-70 new beers from here, perhaps more. It is not unlike many other Getränkemarkts, so following a usual pattern of the craft selection (its mostly Crew Republic and one or two others in this branch) being off to one area, on this occasion it is close to the entrance of the store just past the bottle return section. The store is easy to find as it is on the main Freising - Mainburg road so you cannot miss it as you enter Zolling, it shares a carpark with the regular REWE supermarket and an opticians but it is a standalone store from the supermarket, there is plenty of parking. I have picked up lots of seasonal beers, along with special giftpacks when they come out and a few less seen in other supermarkets. Of course there are the large breweries here but there are also a lot of clearly displayed regional products, so Hofbrauhaus Freising, Schlossbrauerei au-hallertau etc are always well represented. I suspect that this place won't appeal to a local, but for someone not from the area or from overseas it is worth dropping by as you will certainly find plenty of new stuff and plenty of good stuff also, prices as you would expect are extremely decent.“
Fin 348 days ago
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