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82 /100 BORNSTRAßE 20
“Visited with the wife on Wednesday 13th October 2021. We were their first customers of the day (we were there at ten to five and they open at five). Six beers on tap and a huge bottle menu that isn't really kept up to date, I had a Helles Bock that wasn't on it. Fronted by two friendly blokes and with more room outside than in, it's a neat and tidy little bar with beery stuff on the walls. We liked the place, it's well worth finding if you fancy a quiet beer away from the tourists and city noise.“
BlackHaddock 6 days ago
64 /100 REVALER STR. 99, HAUS 9
“Visited on Tuesday 12th October 2021 with Margie. It's in a Bohemian type commune set up, all a bit alternative really and very 'laid back'. The actual place is square and open brick inside. Four of their own beers on tap, we tried three of them. Outside drinking area too, but it was getting cold, so we sat inside. Nice vibe to the joint.“
BlackHaddock 8 days ago
86 /100
Biererei (Beer Store)
“Visited on Monday 11th October with my wife, son and his girlfriend. Basic bar room with 19 beers on tap and a fantastic cold room full of interesting bottles and cans. Pleasant chap behind the bar, it's a little expensive but the selection is excellent.“
BlackHaddock 8 days ago
“Visited on Sunday 10th October 2021. Basic modern brewpub with no food. Very quiet, just the young lady from New York fronting the place and two blokes. An Australian and her Berliner boyfriend came in, but that was it! An couple were seated outside though. Eight of their beers on tap, no guests. We enjoyed the six we had and the ideal chat with everybody. Wanted to try all eight, but we were shattered from travelling. A single fridge held a selection of their own cans and bottles. Was it worth the two U-Bahn and one tram journey from our hotel? Absolutely.“
BlackHaddock 10 days ago
66 /100 DANZIGER STRAßE 61
“Voorkant mooie bar met een loungehoek. Verder donker café met rock muziek.“
Bosbouw 12 days ago
50 /100 HASENHEIDE 69
“We visited here Friday 6th August 2021. We decided against public transport use for the entire weekend and so walked 22km today this place was visited after the Dolden Mädel Braugasthaus, BierLaden and Muted Horn so I guess that it was always going to have a lot to live up to. We were staying at the Steigenberger Hotel, which was right next to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) so if you are walking from the Hbf it's an hour and 9 mins and 5.5km or alternatively 28mins by public transport, using a combination of the U5, U6 and U7 and getting off at the U-Südstern stop which will drop you very close by. We sat outside, in the back area looking towards the park, I understand that there is also seating outside at the front. Where we were there were a number of tables, there had been some intermittent rain so we took a table that had an umbrella/parasol. It was a little bit dark and gloomy around this part. I briefly nipped inside to pay and was surprised at how big it was. In terms of beer and service, I was disappointed by both, I think that we had a Märzen and a Weissbier but both were far from great examples. The female waitress serving us also seemed a little bit disinterested and miserable, in fact we left over half of our beers as it wasn't a great experience. Sadly this was by some distance the worst beer related place we visited in Berlin. For the effort required to get here I wouldn't return.“
Fin 25 days ago
88 /100
BierLaden (Bar)
“We visited here Friday 6th August 2021. We decided against public transport use for the entire weekend and so walked 22km today this was probably about a 1/4 of the way into the walk. After visiting the Dolden Mädel Braugasthaus which is right next door, ok technically across the road this was our second beer of the day, it's about 4-5km from our hotel, namely Steigenberger Hotel, which was right next to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) so if you are walking from the Hbf an hours walk or alternatively 25mins by public transport, in fact it looks like the U6 will drop you close by. We sat outside, there was a table immediately outside that was partially occupied and a couple of others. However the owner who was super nice and friendly, and probably sensing we were still a little hesitant sitting too close to others (COVID) then started placing additional chairs and small tables out on a patch of grass immediately out the front of the shop. We had some great beers that included a Berliner Berg Pale Ale, Brewer's Tribute Helles and a Fuerst Wiacek Exploding Rainbows. I also picked up some beers from inside.I think that one, maybe two of these were on tap as they had about 6 beers available on draft. Inside the shop there are fridges all along the right side with a great selection. The counter is straight ahead, toilets at the back on the left. Regarding beers the focus is mainly on German and with a nice tilt towards local producers which was great to see. I suspect that there were international beers in fact I am sure that there were but I was in Berlin so I was only interested in the local scene. The prices were very reasonable, the owner played some nice laid back chilled music, it was perfect to just sit, sip a beer, chat and people watch. We really loved this place and along with Muted Horn was our favourite beer destination of our weekend in Berlin trip.“
Fin 49 days ago
“Angenehmer Brewpub direkt an der Tram 2. 9 eigene Taps, viele Specials. Sehr netter Barstuff. Kein Flight aber 0,2l auf Wunsch.Biere top Qualität und abwechslungsreich. Klasse Guava Sour! Neuer Pflichtbesuch in Berlin .“
DrNosha 51 days ago
“Klassischer Brewdog Brewpub. Dieser ist in Mitte direkt bei der Trammhaltestelle. Ca 25 Taps, standard Biere, wenige Specials und viele interessante Guestbeers. Kann man wie immer hin gehen.“
DrNosha 52 days ago
“We visited here Friday 6th August 2021. We walked 22km today and I am guessing that the Muted Horn represented about the furthest point of the walk. We were staying at Steigenberger Hotel, which was right next to Berlin Hauptbahnhof, so just over 7km or an hour and a half walk or alternatively 30mins by public transport, it looks like the S5,7 or 9 change at Jannowitzebrücke take the U8 to U Boddinstr. it's only 5min walk from here along Flughäfestraße It wasn't how I expected it to look, it's very cool and modern looking, I guess fitting in quite nicely with its urban surroundings with an outside area out front with tables, it sort of looks like you were entering a hotel garage. Inside it is also modern, I guess inside it reminds me a little of Moeder Lambic, Brussels (the newer one) so concrete, brickwork, a long bar on the left. We used the extensive beer lists on the table and had a flight of beers and an amazing bag of Ras el Hanout Popcorn. The beers were great, I cannot recall all that I had and I am too lazy to check my ratings but I think that the likes of Cloudwater and Wander Beyond were among them We initially sat outside, but moved inside when it started to rain. Staff were brilliant at adherence to COVID and asking customers for details, even when handling tricky situations where some younger folk hadn't been vaccinated, they were kind enough to point out where they could get a Schnell Test immediately, and handed folks umbrellas in order that they could continue sitting outside, tbf it was very light rain. The beer choice was excellent, staff knowledge equally top notch. The clientele was a nice mix of ages, male, female, some local guys and a few American accents also detected. I can see why this is one of the top beer bar destinations not just in Germany or Europe but Worldwide, it's the attention to detail and staff who are constantly striving for excellence. We really, really liked the Muted Horn and along with BierLaden these were our two standout places in Berlin. Btw Re: that popcorn, I got home and ordered €50 of Popcorn online, thats how good it was.“
Fin 52 days ago
“Brau-Restaurant mit 5-6 taps. 2 eigene, Rest Schoppe. kreatives Essen. Ok, wenn man in der Nähe ist.“
DrNosha 54 days ago
78 /100 MEHRINGDAMM 80
“We visited here Friday 6th August 2021. We walked 22km today this was probably about a 1/4 of the way into the walk and was our first beer of the day, it's about 4-5km from our hotel, namely Steigenberger Hotel, which was right next to Berlin Hauptbahnhof, so about an hours walk or alternatively 25mins by public transport, it looks like the U6 will drop you close by. We never ventured inside instead opting for the Biergarten, which was about a third full. It's well shaded and sits on a corner by the Mehringdamm a busy road and Kreuzbergstraße. It's also right next to the fantastic BierLaden. We had a BRLO IPA and a Bräugier Victim of Gravity both in very good condition and tasting great. However the place appears to act as a Taproom for Ratsherrn Brauerei who are from Hamburg, you could have a flight of their beers, but these were already pre-selected and whilst a decent selection you weren't able to choose your own for the flight. The food looked good and was popular and it looked from the outside to be a reasonable size place should one wish to sit inside. We liked it here and combining it with the aforementioned BierLaden next door this a great stop if you are in the area. “
Fin 55 days ago
80 /100
Zollpackhof (Restaurant)
“We visited here Thursday 5th August 2021. This was a great find for us as our hotel, namely Steigenberger Hotel, near Berlin Hauptbahnhof, was just 300 meters away and Hauptbahnhof itself only another 150 metres further on. Just to add to the location details, it's near a woodland area and is by the river spree, if you sit on the terrace you'll see plenty of river boats pass by. It's a stroke of luck to find a great place like this so close to a main station, however for me living in Bavaria a little bit weird to travel 4+hours by train from Munich to Berlin only to then go into a Bavarian style Biergarten for our first beers of this trip which served Augustiner beers, clearly one of the big hitters of the Munich beer scene. As already mentioned we sat on the terrace, so we overlooked the Biergarten. There is also plenty of seating inside. We had a salad each, these were very good and a Hefe-Weisse (Loz) whilst I had a Helles followed by an Edelstoff, the beers were excellent. The Biergarten is mostly laid to gravel as I recall, it's a good size with plenty of bench seating, there is plentiful shade from the large trees and it was very popular. It's great to people watch, and this location was great for it, I wish people watching was a professional occupation. The staff were super friendly and both food and drinks were swiftly delivered to our table. I really liked it here and if you are after a Bavarian Biergarten fix but you are based in Berlin, this really is the next best thing. “
Fin 57 days ago
80 /100 TORSTRASSE 102
“We visited here Thursday 5th August 2021. We'd walked from our hotel Steigenberger Hotel, near Berlin Hauptbahnhof, and already been to the Castle, Brewdog Mitte and Manifest. Checking Google Maps it's about 37mins and 3km to walk from the main station however tram route M8 or the bus 142 are the best public transport options and will more than half that time so 17 or 18 minutes. Mikkeller is situated on a road called Torstraße, there are a couple of clothes shops either side Sigorzia and A.D.Deertz Store, but it was quite late so I cannot really say what else is in the area. There is a small amount of outside seating but I suspect that people will have to be mindful of noise as there are apartments directly above and all around this place. We sat outside, however whilst it's quite small there is obviously seating inside also. I think that it was set up as a small two room configuration. It's an older building and for those with limited mobility I seem to recall that there might be steps to navigate in order to get inside. When entering the small bar is directly ahead, I think that I saw a large well stocked beer fridge in here also. The beers (about 24 on tap?) were clearly written up on a large board above and behind the bar. I had a Jester King SPON Méthode Traditionelle which was great, a lovely beer, Loz had a Mikkeller 0 IBU which is as the description indicates a beer with nil or to use the lengthy term International Bitterness Units. It was super sweet, syrupy and not really our 'cup of tea'. I liked the place it had a nice vibe, the staff knew their stuff and worked hard and whilst undoubtedly a small venue it was popular with a mixed clientele, and I guess from hearing the chatter around us it's mainly but not exclusively beer lovers and quite an international contingent which wasn't a surprise. We were only here for about 30mins and tiredness was catching up after a long day otherwise I would have liked to stay for another.“
Fin 58 days ago
78 /100 ODERBERGER STR. 15
“We visited here Thursday 5th August 2021. We'd walked from our hotel Steigenberger Hotel, near Berlin Hauptbahnhof, it was about 4km, and as mentioned for the Castle and Brewdog the Tram route M8/M10 seems to be the best public transport option. The area en route and around Manifest was super lively, lots of eating places, bars, and it looked like new places popping up all over the place. The area seemed really energetic and buzzing. We sat outside, the occasional very light rain had now long since subsided. There were a fee simple German style bench seats and some parasols/umbrellas to give a little shelter from the rain or shine. The young cool guys serving had American accents and knew their beer, we could choose either to check the beer menu out via a QR code, *this seems an increasingly popular option now in a COVID-19 world, either this or simply listening to what the barman suggested based on preferences. Alternatively I guess @manifesttaproom might bring updates via Twitter (I haven't checked so can't confirm) btw their WiFi password is Manifest15. I had a Zagavor Replica a NEIPA style beer from a Moscow brewery, Loz had an Outer Range Double Buckets a hazy DIPA. Both beers were very good. I nipped inside to use the facilities, their seemed to be a couple or so interconnected rooms with a bar off to the left, but otherwise I didn't really explore the interior. I liked this place, it certainly has a cool vibe and situated relatively close to a number of other Mitte venues made a pleasant mini crawl, *btw we tagged on Mikkeller, Castle and Brewdog onto our evenings itinerary. Discussed beery options with the staff before we left. I understand that this is connected to and owned by the same guys that run the Protokoll Taproom another great Berlin venue albeit a fair trek from here.“
Fin 59 days ago
“We visited here a just over a week ago today, in fact Thursday 5th August 2021. We walked from our hotel Steigenberger Hotel, near Berlin Hauptbahnhof, it was only about 2 and a half km, we had left the Castle only for it to threaten rain again, so dived in here. It is on the Tram route M8/M10, there may be other public transport options but I think that this would work best. Interestingly and unlike the Castle we had to show evidence of a negative test or double vaccination to enter here and they were quite strict on checking this, so that was good. Inside it is essentially one large oblong with a series of long bench-style seating arrangements but there is a short narrow section off of this near the stairs with some additional tables that lead down to the toilets. I know that Brewdogs follow a similar look but perhaps owing to the layout this really didn't have much in the way of individuality. As you enter on the right is a long bar and large board behind, in COVID times it is table service only. Beer choice was pretty good with a good range of Fuerst Wiacek beers on owing to a recent tao takeover. Staff were friendly, service whilst initially a little slow, but once our drink orders were taken it was reasonably swift. Their are some fridges in the far corner with beers to drink in or take away, I thought that the prices seemed a little steep so just got the one. All in all, it is handily placed, there are a few tables outside which would have been better I reckon, it is close to many other places so with Mikkeller, Manifest, Castle and others you have a reasonable crawl around Mitte.“
Fin 69 days ago
“We visited here a week ago today, so Thursday 5th August 2021. We walked from our hotel Steigenberger Hotel, near Berlin Hauptbahnhof, it was only about 2km. The Castle is on a Tram route M8/M10 directly outside along with Berlin Nordbanhof S-Bahn which is also opposite on the S1/S2 lines? It's a corner place with a small park to the side, the front facing the road where we sat opens right up as the door/windows fold back and so for people watching it's a 10/10. The staff, I detected American and Scottish accents were really pleasant and friendly and offered advice to others on beer styles. I had a Belgian Quad from White Pony? I think that was the brewery, they are Italian. Loz had a much more sensible Session IPA from Berliner Berg. I liked it here, it was a nice stopping off place when it started to lightly rain, though this never amounted to much. We slowly sipped our beers to a musical backdrop of Blondie - Heart of Glass and then Carole King. I think one area of improvement would be a bigger more varied range on tap and better choice of bottle beer in the fridges.“
Fin 70 days ago
“Small bar on a small square, spotted it from the tram. Claims too be the smallest brewery in Germany, but as they brew onsite who knows. 6 beers on tap, tryied the 3 of them, didnt think about asking for tasters. Quality from below average to a very fine dunkel. Cheap prices and good service.“
Camons 77 days ago
30 /100 FRIEDRICHSTRAßE 76-78
“Fancy upscale departement store with food and wine / spirits etc at the cellar level. Didnt spot any beers, but there is some 10 ciders in wine departement. Expensive.“
Camons 77 days ago
68 /100
Maximilians (Restaurant)
“Big restaurant in the tourist / shopping area of Berlin. Some outside seating where we had our beers and lunch. 5 Hacker Pscorr on tap, and a number of bottles aswell, the beers we had was in good shape. Lunch nice aswell. Allthough very busy service was effecient and frindly.“
Camons 77 days ago
68 /100
Lager Lager (Beer Store)
“Small bottle shop with 8 taps aswell.Some seating outside on the street. 2 empty taps at my visit, and the one i wanted to have wasnt on yet - just added to the list as i would come on later - hmm? Shared a couple cans from the 3 fridges instead. Selection mostly Lohals, but some stone, Verdant, Deya, 3 Fontainen etc aswell. Fine english speaking service and fair prices Woth a visit if in the area, but not worth a big detour.“
Camons 85 days ago
52 /100
Zur Gerichtslaube (Restaurant)
“Cozy restaurant very central placed, Small patio wich was nice on very hot summer afternoon. 4 beers on tap, including 2 brewed for the restaurant, a Keller and Schwarzbier + Berliner pils and Schneider hefe. Found the on the lower side and average, with schwarz being sweet and sticky. Friendly service, prices a little high.“
Camons 87 days ago
58 /100 SPREEUFER 4
“Big brewpub in traditionel german style, large patio with a view over the river. 2 house beers on tap, helles and dunkel, pretty average but drinkable. Fast and friendly service. Fair prices considering the location.“
Camons 87 days ago
90 /100
Biererei (Beer Store)
“Informative and friendly staff. Good spread of choices on tap.“
txspartan 93 days ago
54 /100 CARMERSTR. 9
“Visited 19.07.21 after taking a schnelltest for corona in order to be allowed to sit inside the bars later that evening. Nice outdoor seating. English speaking service. 8 or 9 German beers of different styles on tap. Three beers from Schneider Weisse on bottles. Good traditional German food.“
Holmen2 94 days ago
86 /100 ODERBERGER STR. 15
“Just look what rauchbierlover said. This is basically one of the places with most foreign craft taps in Berlin. Good selection, ok service (one of the barmans ignored me initially - no idea why). Ok prices. One of the more interesting experiences in Berlin.“
martjoobolut 96 days ago
72 /100 76 KNAACKSTRAßE
“Cafe in the cluster with bunch of other places. 2 taps only, but nice selection of bottles, prices are average Berlin prices. Good service. Worth a stop, when im the area.“
martjoobolut 96 days ago
“Not sure wtf this place is. People were drinking outside (mostly not beer, so i have my doubts about beer list), but it looked closed?! Maybe a secret handshake or wank to get something?! I hate these kind of wanky pretentious places, so idk but this was waste of my limited time.“
martjoobolut 96 days ago
64 /100
Badfish (Bar)
“Basically what Iznogud said. 3 or 4 taps and quite boring. Some bottles, but nothing too exciting. Service is good and prices are kind of cheap. Another place i think should not be in rb, but at least it's not a bad place to have a pint of cold one.“
martjoobolut 96 days ago
62 /100
Salt N Bone (Restaurant)
“As beer destination this is meh, 6 taps, a couple of bottles. Nothing you can't find in other bars. Didn't try food, but it was fully reserved for food, so they must do something right... But again not a beer destination...“
martjoobolut 96 days ago
70 /100
Bierlinie (Beer Store)
“Basically what rhoihessegold said before, mostly classics and rather unexciting selection. But i saw some ticks, and a couple of more expensive bottles, so worth to pop in, since it is in the cluster of good places anyway. The bigger gem is a beer shop just around the corner, it had really impressive selection of German stuff.“
martjoobolut 96 days ago
72 /100 DANZIGER STRAßE 61
“Bar with rock vibe in the cluster with bunch of others. 10 taps and bunch of bottles i guess. Small samples available after some confusion. Barman seemed a bit out of it. Prices are typical for Berlin craft. Ok place.“
martjoobolut 96 days ago
“Modern brewpub in the cluster (walking distance) of bunch of others. No flights, but 0.2l samples available. About 12 or so taps, bottles also available. Friendly bar maid, good service. Prices are ok. Worth a visit.“
martjoobolut 96 days ago
“A huge modern beer garden quite a bit away from other beery places. No flights, 0.5L is the smallest portion, which is really annoying... Selection is few of their own beers on tap and some bottles. 0.5L of special berliner weisse cost 6E, which is not too bad, but not cheap. Otherwise nice vibe and enjoyable visit.“
martjoobolut 96 days ago
68 /100
Da Jia Le (Restaurant)
“Nice Chinese restaurant quite a bit away from other beery places (except BRLO tap room, which is short walk away). Only 1 tap with warnsteiner. Some crafty bottles. Food is good. Not cheap, but at least food portions were huge. Ok place to go for food, not really a beery destination.“
martjoobolut 96 days ago
88 /100 SELCHOWERSTR. 20
“Surprised that there are only 2 reviews before mine... Maybe because it is away from major beer place... although muted horn is not too far. 10 taps from their own brewery, all in good condition ans different styles. Including some styles you see less in Germany like triple. Barman was a bit airheaded, but otherwise nice service. Very fair prices for the flight. Better than many places in Berlin.“
martjoobolut 97 days ago
76 /100 HASENHEIDE 69
“Brewpub a bit away from other beery places. 4 own beers from tap and a couple of bottles. Good service and prices.“
martjoobolut 97 days ago
26 /100
altrovino (Bar)
“Why is this in ratebeer?! It is a wine bar with 3 widely available beers you can buy on the patio. Service seems to be ok, and prices are not too crazy, but again this is not a beer place. There are a thousand more beer-y places in Berlin. This should be deleted.“
martjoobolut 97 days ago
“Located not far from hisptery part of town. Bar itaelf looks like it has seen better days... but i like these kind of "peldiks". 6 or so own beers on tap. Condition so-so or possibly not create beers to begin with. Friendly service. Flight offered. Prices are cheap.“
martjoobolut 97 days ago
88 /100 ORANIENSTR. 185
“Modern craft beer bar in the hipster town. About 20 taps and bunch more from bottle, including vintages. No flights :( 250ml portions available, but not for traditional stuff (aka the ones i really wanted to try... ). Service good, prices ok. Definitely one of the better craft beer places in Berlin.“
martjoobolut 97 days ago
74 /100
Biererei (Beer Store)
“Small bottle store in the more hipster part of the city. Selection is good, but not mind blowing. Prices are ok, service is good. Can drink the beer outside. Worth a visit when in the area.“
martjoobolut 97 days ago
72 /100 EISENBAHNSTR. 42-43
“Small stall in a market. Few taps and about 10 bottles. Can drink on the spot. Beers in good condition. Decent service and ok prices.“
martjoobolut 97 days ago
“Lively beer bar with bunch of taps. Lambrate beers mostly, but some guests. Good service. Prices are not cheap. Not a bad place to have a pint, but bring your wallet...“
martjoobolut 98 days ago
76 /100 METZER STR. 30
“Bar not too far from the hip bars (mikkeller, brewdog). Offers exclusive wanke beers. 3 and one special from tap. Prices are reasonable. Food is decent. Worth a visit, especially if planning to eat.“
martjoobolut 98 days ago
“Belgian bar, like there are many in the world. Went there, waited forever to be served and wasn't. It wasn't especially busy and the guy saw me, because he cleared the table for me. So no excuses. Prices also expensive - Orval 6.20E. Honestly there is no reason to go there unless you crave for some over priced Belgian classics....“
martjoobolut 98 days ago
86 /100 TORSTRASSE 102
“Mikkeller bars kind of look the same, but i guess that's the point... This has rather good location, selection is about 20 taps, but quite boring. Prices are not cheap, but could be worse. No flights like always. Worth a visit i guess.“
martjoobolut 98 days ago
54 /100 MUNZSTRASSE 1-3
“Only 1 own tap beer and very limited selection of others breweries from the bottle... I know it's corona time, but this is by far the worst of Berlin brewpubs i have visited this week. C'mon even the beer mat looks like it has been used a million times before.. This looks like a dying place.“
martjoobolut 98 days ago
30 /100
Barrio Weine (Beer Store)
“3 fullers beers, been sitting on the shelf from 2013 probably... So good news! You can get store aged Fullers vintage 2013 for about 12E. But i agree with others, this place shouldn't be in rb.“
martjoobolut 98 days ago
88 /100 DIRCKSENSTRAßE 143
“Beer garden in the center. Flight of core available and only 10E. 10+ taps and bunch more bottles. Beers in good condition. Good service, decent prices. Food looked delicious. Would go back.“
martjoobolut 98 days ago
“Beer garden at the market. 8 beers on tap + 4 bottles. Prices are touristy. Food was ok, but expected more. Services is also fine. Worth a visit when in area and if you enjoy weihenstephaner beers.“
martjoobolut 98 days ago