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“Klassisches deutsches Brauhaus. Zwei eigene standard Biere und ein Saisonbier vom Fass. Deftige Küche. Sollte man in Fulda vorbei schauen.“
DrNosha 1211 days ago
74 /100 KUNZELLER STR. 5
“Ausgezeichnete, in der hessischen Provinz völlig unerwartete Auswahl guter fränkischer Biere, auch von kleineren Brauereien, dazu lokale (HBH, Pax, Oberländchen) und internationale Craft-Biere. Erspart glatt eine oder mehrere Bierreise nach Franken. Die Adresse ist übrigens Künzeller Straße, nicht Kunzeller.“
Moravius 1479 days ago
76 /100 FLORENGASSE 3-5
“Brauhaus in der Altstadt. Moderner eingerichtet. 3 Biere vom Fass. Dazu Flaschen. Hessische gute Küche. Für einen Stopp auf der Durchreise ok.“
DrNosha 1575 days ago
70 /100
Q-Stadl (Bar)
“The Q-Stadl (cowshed) is located at the Bäder Park Hotel at Fulda/Künzel. Open to everyone, this bar looks like a ski-lodge. 4 beers on tap (Hochstift & Will Bräu), one exclusiv for Q-Stadl. Prices are ok, Stuff very cute. Worth a visit.“
dunklermessias 1693 days ago
66 /100 FLORENGASSE 3-5
“Visited on fridays noon. Nice place, modern with typical Brauhaus interieur. Very frinedly stuff, unfortunatly no IPA or Pale Ale at the moment. 4 beers on tap, 3 bottles left. Nice place at the middle of Fulda.“
dunklermessias 1694 days ago
48 /100 LEIPZIGER STR. 12
“Typicall old fashioned Brauhaus close to one of the Brewery facilities. Wooden interieur remembers to the old 70th. Staff is more interested in their cellphone. No bottles to take away (you will get them at nearly every place in town). Not worth a visit (again).“
dunklermessias 1694 days ago
74 /100 FLORENGASSE 3-5
“Visited on a Wednesday night. We were planning just to try the beers and then go somewhere else for dinner so we sat at the bar. 4 beers on tap (the classic ones) and 4 beers in bottles. You can ask for a taster of 4 (either the classic ones or the bottled ones). We asked for both. The "interesting" thing is that for the taster of the "special" beers they might pour beer from already opened bottles. For example the bottle of the IPA it seemed that it wasnt closed properly and that it was maybe opened some days ago. The beer was quite bad. When later I asked for a full bottle the beer was very good. A friend of mine ordered a bottle of the Pale Ale and he got by mistake a bottle that was already opened and the half beer was missing! :D Apart from that we liked the place a lot. Nice modern brewpub ambiance, service was good, food was very good, most of the beers were OK to good, prices were OK.“
rouhlas 2043 days ago
“Visited the place on a Wednesday night. There was a big screen showing a Champions League game in the room were the centra bar is and in the same room there was live music and people dancing. I selected to sit on a table in the next room which was more quiet. The ambiance in the room were bar is seemed better, more dark and cozy. Nice wooden tables and stands in the room that I sat. There were two (or three) beers available, I tried the Mühlen Dunkel which was very good! It was quite late so I didnt see people eating. The service was good and beer prices were good too.“
rouhlas 2043 days ago
72 /100 FLORENGASSE 3-5
“Located just off the Old Town, this modern brewpub is a good place to stop and relax at while visiting the city. It offers eight different beers brewed on location (also in two sets of flights), as well as decent food and several variants of good fassbrause made there. Polite staff. Not exactly cheap but definitely worth a visit, as the beers are above the average.“
Bamsen78 2123 days ago
58 /100 KUNZELLER STR. 5
“Mostly german weizen and pils. But this place has a decent selection of local beers from for exemple Pax Brau and HbH beers. Small selection of international beers.“
Bosbouw 2495 days ago
54 /100 LEIPZIGER STR. 12
“The biggest Fulda brewery. 5 very nice taps.“
Sokolov 2611 days ago
46 /100 FLORENGASSE 3-5
“4 taps, not bad, but no stars either.“
Sokolov 2611 days ago
“Light & dark.Nothing interesting beer-wise, yet place is very nice.“
Sokolov 2611 days ago
“2 beers avaliable. Lovely surroundings in great nature and actually in an old mill. A bit diner like feel though. We didnt want to eat. 2 average house beers which was a bit greasy. Not very touristy and not very helpfull or kind staff on our visit. Bland!“
Dedollewaitor 2856 days ago
60 /100 FLORENGASSE 3-5
“Modern style midcity brewpub with a tap list of 4-6 beers. Very friendly. The beers are average at best. If youre passing by Fulda of course but pretty forgettable like the other brewpub in town - Wiesenmuhle.“
Dedollewaitor 2856 days ago
64 /100 FLORENGASSE 3-5
“Nice cosey restaurent. Modern style. They had 5 taps. Friendly but a Little slow and confused staff. Food was excellent and cheap. Nice stop in Fulda. 3 alc frei bottles.“
HenrikSoegaard 3334 days ago
“Nice hotel and restaurent. Slow but friendly service. Food Came very QuickLy though. Nice beers but only two ón tap. NiCe place to stay while drivning through germany.“
HenrikSoegaard 3606 days ago
“This is a great representation of a true german brewpub. Excellent quality lager, local pride and charm, good hearty tucker, cheap, and a nice beer garden with a family friendly atmosphere. Euro 2012 on the big screen was a bonus, and the guesthouse was good.“
foles 3618 days ago
62 /100 FLORENGASSE 3-5
“In a modern looking building on the edge of the old centre. Inside is a mix of traditional and modern, quite well done. Outside terrace. Food is quite good, the beers are drinkable to decent.“
TreinJan 3811 days ago
“Brewpub (and hotel) that serves two beers at the time. The Wiesenmühlebier with is a Pils + one seasonal. The two beers I had where intermediate, but the place is quite nice. The brewery, pub, restaurant and hotel are all located within the old Watermill, that still runs and provides the place with electricity. It is not really worth the journey, but if it is on your route it is worth the stop, especially if you need a place to sleep.“
henrikb 5775 days ago
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