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46 /100
Quodlibet (Bar)
“Beer is almost exclusively from big Bavarian breweries. So as a Bavarian myself I did not find anything interesting here. Apart from that it is a nice beer garden.“
Ritzn 903 days ago
30 /100 STEINWEG 45
“Brewpub with the only one beer in the menu. An interesting approach indeed. Quite good food, prices quite average. Nothing special.“
peponi 2221 days ago
66 /100 AFFOELLERSTR. 86
“Nice variety of German local beers from Hesse and other places. Prices are quite reasonable and there is a refrigerator from BraufactuM, so you can buy some American beers like Firestone Walker.“
peponi 2335 days ago
78 /100
Quodlibet (Bar)
“Somewhat outside the old city centre (nothing unmanageable), but on a spitting distance (on a really strong wind) from the town’s Jugendherberge, this pub, larger than most, with what seems to be a nice patio in the summer seems to boast a store as well, and a grill I guess. The inside seemed a bit dark, with a lot of beer paraphernalia around. Visited in groups before, a huge one at first, then a smaller one later, and we all fit in, but it does seem to attract a fine crowd. The beer selection is the best of those I’ve seen around the town - 4 relatively local beers on tap, relatively rare, a selection of the same in the bottles (most of the Rheder range), the entire Schneider Weisse range without the Tap X beers, and two Höhl ciders/apple wines. Impressive enough, and, as I said you won’t find most of it elsewhere in town. Unfortunately, they were out of the Rheder Bock that they advertised heavily. The service was great really, helpful, friendly, did make mistakes when faced with a shitload of orders (from people who don’t read German names well), but we were served fast and those who got their orders mixed up were treated really well. In any case, a huge plus in that department. The problem would be that the beers from the region are mostly tasteless crap (Rheder, Stauder etc.), but the Schneider Weisse selection more than makes up for it. Pizza, which smelled great, is served, slightly cheaper than the average I guess. They have free table football, but I’d avoid it - the surface is screwed up in some way so the ball moves in bizarre ways. No wifi unfortunately. Really good to see a pub that’s into beer this much!“
Marko 2963 days ago
64 /100 STEINWEG 45
“Facing an ISHA seminar in Marburg, I checked the places list, noted down what’s interesting, did some researched where the stores were located and saved it. Just before leaving, I rechecked the list, and then managed to be sufficiently shocked to see that I’d actually had a beer from this brewpub before - the Maibier, which I loved, brought by asheft to Plzen, and suddenly I was even more excited to visit it. After an abortive attempt around midnight, when for some reason an inebriated friend managed to be unable to open the door, which convinced us that it was closed, we visited it after workshops on the next day just around the opening time of the Braukeller. Yeah, it’s right next to the Elisabethkirche, roughly halfway between the main train station and the old city center, far enough from the plethora of pubs in lovely old buildings located in the latter, not that there’s much to complain about the look of this one. We just visited the cellar, and it’s more or less typical vaulted copper-kettled fare, but the atmosphere in the pastel-coloured interior is a touch more pleasant than the average. The service was good and fast. The beers fine enough, far above the average of the bottled stuff of the region. That "puking sink" in the toilet is a nice touch, though it didn’t seem to me that the pub’s getting a ton of visitors who drink themselves senseless usually - might be wrong. A must-visit when in town... bit sad they were out of the Christmas seasonal though.“
Marko 2963 days ago
70 /100 STEINWEG 45
“Great little brewpub with a breathtaking view of St. Elisabeth. Not many beers on tap, but it was fairly new when we visited. Would definitely visit again when we come back to Germany!“
jjking01 4090 days ago
“I decided to put this place on the map since it carries a diverse selection of rare-ish "organic" German beers that are generally not available at the local Getränkemarkts.“
asheft 4098 days ago
64 /100 STEINWEG 45
“I was so happy that a brewpub opened in my town here, I’m likely to overrate the placeI was getting so sick of the usual German beers! Excellent view of the Elisabeth church from upstairs. Smoke is not an issue and is only allowed downstairs. Really cool, extremely old cellar houses the brewery in the cellar. The owner/brewmaster game me and my colleagues a comprehensive tour of the brewery. Only two house beers available, but the place has only been open a few months.“
asheft 4855 days ago
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