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72 /100 MAINSTR. 6
“Visited for dinner just before they close the kitchen on a weekday of summer 2018. Sat at the terrace. A lot of seating at the terrace an d it look quite big inside too. I had a very nice burger and their beers on flights. Beers were interesting. Service was a little bit slow but very helpful. Good prices.“
rouhlas 1266 days ago
68 /100 AN DER WIED 1
“Visited for lunch. Not busy at that hot day. I stayed inside. Service was OK, beers were better than what I expected. Food was so and so. Good prices. Nice ambiance. “
rouhlas 1266 days ago
74 /100
Globus - Rüsselsheim (Grocery Store)
“Visited this store several times on my most recent trip. This store is like a high end big box store. They carry about everything, but with seemingly an emphasis on quality, at least as far as food and drink are concerned. The beer section is by one of the main entrances. There are stacks of crates sorted by brand and style, as well as a small section of what they consider Craft. I took this to mean newer brands making less traditional styles. Prices werw great. Usually around €1-1.5 per bottle. Never more than €2 regardless of bottle size. I would stop in again.“
JStax 1286 days ago
82 /100
Getränke Wolf (Beer Store)
“Excellent beer store in Rüsselsheim. 10mins from the airport in Frankfurt so also interesting for travellers with a rented car for example. Many german beers by crate and singles. Lots of local South Hesse breweries. Good selection of German craft aswell some belgians. Many Applewines from the region. All to fair german prices. Definitely worth a visit.“
rhoihessegold 1531 days ago
58 /100
trinkgut (Beer Store)
“Another store of the trinkgut chain of supermarkets. Easy to get to from the Autobahn. Parking in front. Classic german beers with a broad diversity of the better distributed breweries. Good selection of local Applewines aswell.“
rhoihessegold 1588 days ago
52 /100 AN DER WIED 1
“Visited Saturday evening, 9th december 2017. Outskirts of Rüsselsheim, 15min by bicycle from Rüsselsheim Train Station. Classic german Brewpub. Packed with locals on saturday evening. Got a plce Close to the bar. Attentive Service. 4 beers, one of them a seasonal. Beers are solid, but average.“
rhoihessegold 1660 days ago
56 /100 MAINSTR. 6
“Visited saturday evening, 09th December 2017. New place in Rüsselsheim. 15mins by Train and 10mins by foot from Frankfurt Airport. At the river. Connected to a Hotel. Same Setting as Schiller-Bräu in Munich. Large open sapce, Second Floor. Brewing tanks in the middle of the room. 5 beers on tap. You can order a tasting flight with all 5 beers 125ml each for just 4,50€. Good deal. They are served in labeled Rastal tasting glasses. Service was average but attentive. One critic: they advertise a local Rüsselsheimer Apfelwein but served me Possmann from the bottle. According to the bartender they were just out this day, let's hope it is true.“
rhoihessegold 1660 days ago
48 /100 AN DER WIED 1
“4 brews, nothing special. The best part about this place that it’s within 10 minutes ride to Frankfurt airport - so if you have some time before your flight - this might be the right option.“
Sokolov 2651 days ago
42 /100 AN DER WIED 1
“Not a big fan of their beers, are a bit sweet. Food also below average.“
Schlenkerla 3411 days ago
58 /100 AN DER WIED 1
“A normal German Brewpub. Food is normal easy to make stuff for Germany. Service was very good. The beers were ok. It is more of a night place that is for sure. The main let down is it needs a good cleaning. Not a bad or a great place. would recommend it for a night weekend visit when more is going on.“
Bierkrug 3797 days ago
60 /100 AN DER WIED 1
“When here with Bierkrug. It is a normal German Brewpub but I would like to come back in the night. They have live music and lots of parties. Food was normal fare and service as well. Not a bad place.“
Indutiomarus 3798 days ago
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