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62 /100 SEESTRASSE 14
“Making own beer (Kellerbräu) is just a hobby of the owner. Fortunately the beer was available on tap when we were there. The place is not a cosy one. They serve Lübzer Pils and other stuff too. Drop by only when you are on the island on holiday - or a beer hunter looking for the really rare ones.“
lberges 3842 days ago
44 /100 SEESTRASSE 14
“Nice looking hotel, the single beer that’s brewed here is good, makes a visit worthwhile, but only if you are in the area. Food was available but not taken. Found the service a little offish.“
StueyD 4330 days ago
38 /100 SEESTRASSE 14
“No beer made on the premises, only the usual local choice of pilsner. Tried their burgers, somewhat pricey menu. Excellent location, right by the seaside promenade - meaning it’s smack full of tourists. Somewhat slow service.“
Skakapa 4353 days ago
46 /100 SEESTRASSE 14
“I was here when I drove through Heringsdorf. Wasnt easy to find a parking place there. Only tried their beergarden. I only made the way to try their Kellerbräu but then was told they dont have it. Very disappointing! So if you wanna go there to try their beer call before! But I have to say the service was very friendly.“
kappldav123 4751 days ago
48 /100 SEESTRASSE 14
“The interior is strangely decorated as a fishermen’s place, with fishing nets and plastic seafood; it also smells fish soup; it gives me more the impression of a bar where people get drunk at the end of the evening than a brewery. They have only one beer, not impressive.“
fiulijn 5534 days ago
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