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“Visited 31/7/2020 during corona season. Weather was sunny, so I had my beers in the Biergarten. They did a flight of 4 set beers, which included their own 2 beers and the others were a Radeberger Pilsner and a Braufactum Progusta IPA. Food and drinks were all standard quality and price for a German Brauhaus. Nice visit.“
saxo 209 days ago
32 /100 ENGESTRAßE 2, 19055 SCHWERIN
“The smallest café in Schwerin is also located in the smallest street. There is a regular range of beers and soft drinks. Small dishes are available, often depending on the season. In addition to the regular range, handcrafted beer is also offered.“
BierDudeOtto 255 days ago
“Big brewpub at a busy street in the center of town. House beers on tap, fair quality. Service a little slow, even as i visited just after opening so few other custumers. Didnt try the food.“
Camons 742 days ago
“Nice small beershop in a small street in the old part of town. Easy and free parking at Lidl close by. Good selection of both locals, some of the bigger german players and imports. Friendly service.“
Camons 742 days ago
“Located in the centre of Schwerin, very close to the Old Town, this spacious restaurant-and-brewpub is probably the only brewing venue in town and thus worth a visit. The selection is, well, rather limited, the options being the dunkel and the helles made on location, as well as Braufactum’s Progusta IPA. I had the former and it was drinkable but not top notch. The same applies to the food. Nothing wrong with it as such but I have tried much better brewpub food in Germany. The staff are friendly, but beware of saying anything when you hand over cash upon the end of your joyful sojourn there; any word is interpreted as "keep the change". As if the prices were not high enough to begin with (by German standards). Veni, vidi, bibi. That’s enough. I’d rather find their other beer somewhere else.“
Bamsen78 1666 days ago
“Big place but nice atmosphere. Only three beers available, their own two and an IPA from BraufactuM. Their own beers where a bit rough but the IPA was nice. Friendly service and they knew some swedish phrases (almost all the guests where swedish on my visit). The sausage and saurkraut was very nice, the bbq ribs where decent. Worth a visit if you are in town.“
olsvammel 1689 days ago
“Nice small bottle shop. I was in Hamburg just before this and I found the same beers here and actually more for a much better price (2 euros here was 3 euros in hamburg). Allot of local micros and I even found some rare stuff from Schorsbräu, for instance their 57% beer. Friendly staff but she hardly spoke english. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.“
olsvammel 1689 days ago
38 /100 ENGESTRAßE 2, 19055 SCHWERIN
“Something must have changed over the last couple of years. They had 1 tap with a lager that the bartender had no clue who had brewed or what name it had, just their hausbier. They had a beer list outside on the wall next to a table (only place they had a beer list according to the bartender), so you had to lean in on the people sitting there to read the list. Smoky inside even though they only had one guest. Very unclean as well. The selection was about the same as all the other pubs and restaurant in the area. Still, it was nice to sit outside in the shade and drink a beer. They don’t have any food so the restaurant part in the name here is missleading. The restaurant next door belongs to the same owner though.“
olsvammel 1689 days ago
“Small shop in Schwerin (the state capital of Mecklenburg). Good selection, incl a lot of UK and US beers. Lot of craft beer from northern Germany too (incl the new Hamburg and Berlin breweries). The shop is the outlet of Bierpost ( the online beer shop run by the same guy, which explains the selection. Many shops in bigger cities offer less, so you will always find a beer you never tried before. Worth a detour“
lberges 1790 days ago
“Nice brewpub in the heart of Schwerin. Only two beers available, but both in good conditions. Food is simply delicious. Service a bit slow, but ok.“
rauchbierlover 2318 days ago
54 /100 ENGESTRAßE 2, 19055 SCHWERIN
“Small bierstube with several local beers. Only 4 taps but around 15 beers on bottle. Friendly atmosphere to visitors.“
TEJA 2350 days ago
“Fairly large restaurant with vaults and dark brown interior. The service was decent. They have two tapped beers of their own and both were solid plus a couple of bottles. The food was okay and the servings were proper German size. I talked to the waitress who told me, that their beers were made possibly at Rostocker, but I can’t remember for sure.“
Rasmus40 2536 days ago
“Seems like I’m the only one who actually visited the store, which isn’t the same as the website, so maybe that should have a separate entry. This is a small and cash only store. Fortunately there is an ATM a couple of minutes walk from the store. It’s possibkle to pick up beers ordered online at the store, but you have to order two weeks in advance, so I just made a gross list based on the website and picked up as much as they had from the list. The service was very good. She helped me find the beers from my list. They have lots of different beers with the main focus obvioulsy on German beer but they did have a few exotic countries as well. The selection was really good for a German store.“
Rasmus40 2536 days ago
“Gothic vaults, but a bit too much old fashioned. They have 2 good beers.“
fiulijn 4296 days ago
“Small brewpub in Schwerin . Average pub interior, some old stuff mixed together. Staff is very friendly and helpful. They brew two beers and have them on tap there. You can also buy them to go in bottles. The food is the average German pub food, like french fries, sausages of course (Currywurst) and some local Mecklemburg-Vorpommern food (Grützwurst) I didn’t touch. Overall worth a visit while there anyway.“
YogiBeera 5586 days ago
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