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“Spruced up a bit with the new owners, and somehow seems a bit more vibrant. Usually 8 of their own taps, and tey're been putting out very decent beer lately. Food trucks are common at this location. There's a slo a sandwich shop next door, and two wine tasting rooms. Plenty to eat and drink.“
stevoj 12 days ago
“3rd try is a charm hopefully. This location has been 3 different breweries in the past handful of years. I have high hopes this time, the brewer is doing some very good stuff right now. The place has been refreshed a bit and has always been welcoming. Good luck“
BuckeyeBoy 13 days ago
56 /100 111 W. 33RD STREET
“This place has tons of potential. It's pretty big, branded and has a nice store. But when you show up to a totally empty brewery before 4 PM and they have stopped allowing kids in, it sucks. I get after 8 or 9. But it's absurd when literally the brewery as empty of patrons. The whole place seemed cold and a bit pretentious. Very expensive. I just don't get it. Otherwise, lots of potential.“
douglas88 302 days ago
56 /100 111 W. 33RD STREET
“A nice place with Western decor. The beers was average. Not too impressed with the bartender. A quick flight and we left.“
Sledutah 320 days ago
52 /100 111 W. 33RD STREET
“I undetstand theyre brand new, but they took a decent taproom and gutted it. 2 taps and cans served from a lukewarm coolet. Beer garden is picnic tables with umbrellas and misters, neither very effective. Plastic cups to boot. A long way to go to make this tight.....“
stevoj 707 days ago
56 /100
Push & Pour (Restaurant)
“New coffee shop in Garden City, also has 4 taps for beer. Open and friendly, one block from the Greenbelt. Perfect for me as my wife is a coffee junkie.“
stevoj 776 days ago
80 /100 5242 CHINDEN BLVD
“Visited during RBSG, we certainly got the VIP treatment too. The space is relatively small and quiet, but comfortable enough. Cider selection was bigger than I had expected, several bottles were available and about a half dozen on draft. Really a neat experience in my first cider bar. I’d heard about this place a lot from the other locals and it lived up to the hype. Can’t believe it took RBSG in Boise to get me down here. Conveniently next to Barbarian too.“
jake65 1016 days ago
66 /100 9719 W CHINDEN BLVD
“Made the visit about six months after the grand opening, during the week when it was relatively quiet. Still a few folks in and out, which is a good sign. The interior, and exterior for that matter, of the building is nicely done. Feels like you’re on vacation at a small town Idaho resort, not in the middle of Boise. As Rich said the coolest part is probably the cutout keg for a urinal in the men’s room. The staff was relatively mute during my visit, but access to beer was easy enough. So far their beer has been hit or miss for me, with about 2 misses for every 1 hit. Word on the street is they are improving and at this point still a couple months shy of being open a year. I’m surprised to see as much of their stuff in bottles and cans at this point… I’ve been a little shy to buy even though the prices are generally okay. Overall I’m cautiously optimistic about them growing into a position as a decent neighborhood brewpub, but with 2-3 solid brewers just down the street they’ve got their work cut out for them just to keep relevant with the local scene.“
jake65 1022 days ago
86 /100 5242 CHINDEN BLVD
“Visited with the RBSG group. In a strip mall area so there is sufficient parking. Outside, they had a standing area, primarily for smoking, but you could just stand out there if you wanted, I guess. Inside is sort of small, but they have a made it really nice. The bar could host about 10 people easily and there were a couple other seating options of that didn’t suit you. During my visit, they had 6 ciders on draft and a cider slushy. Fuck that was good. It isn’t a rateable drink, but do it. It was awesome. It really hit the spot in the heat of Idaho summer.“
JStax 1061 days ago
80 /100 5270 CHINDEN
“Visited during RBSG with the group. The place is located in a small strip mall, so there is parking available. At the time of our visit, it seemed sufficient. Inside the place was hoppin. Lots of people in there, but the bar tenders kept up and were pretty happy. I only ordered 2 beers during the visit, but they were both pretty good. Sampled a few others from the other RB guys, and even talked to a few of the locals for a little bit. This place is worth visiting, especially when you consider Meriwether Cider is about 20 yards away. Two great places pretty much right next to each other.“
JStax 1061 days ago
82 /100 5270 CHINDEN
“Small space in Garden City, but way better now than when they first opened (seemed like they had 9-10 seats and one table, IIRC). Now there is room to hang out and enjoy some beers without being right on top of one another. Service is friendly and the beer selection is always 12+ taps. Currently no food available, but they do get food trucks from time to time.“
jake65 1064 days ago
70 /100 9115 W CHINDEN BLVD #107
“A little local spot in a strip mall. They had shuffleboard and a basketball game, but honestly I can’t remember much more. Service was decent and selection was OK. Dark beers were solid but everything else was just middling. Flights and wifi available.“
Ferris 1066 days ago
80 /100 9165 W CHINDEN BLVD
“Visited while the RBSG group was next door at County Line Brewing. They do have a lot of homebrew stuff, but what caught my attention was the wall of beer and other drinks available in the coolers lining the wall to the left of the entrance. I was able to put together a mixed four pack of Wyoming beer for a decent price. Friendly cashier hooked me up with a plastic can topper thing to hold the beers together at checkout. I would check this place out if nearby, even if you are not into homebrewing.“
JStax 1068 days ago
68 /100 9115 W CHINDEN BLVD #107
“Visited with the RBSG Group. It was about mid afternoon during the visit. Sort of a small seating area with maybe 5 tables and one you could stand at. They had 6 beers on draft and then a cooler with some bottles of other stuff. The group tried all their beers and a bottle. The beers for the most part could use some work. Staff is friendly. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed. I enjoyed the basketball thing in the corner.“
JStax 1068 days ago
78 /100 5242 CHINDEN BLVD
“A comfy and very family oriented spot with a small standing outdoor area. Owners are quite nice and doing some interesting ciders. Friendly and passionate. Selection is quite large with lots of bottles and decent tap list. Prices are decent, but no Wifi. Great spot and across from Barbarian.“
Ferris 1069 days ago
80 /100 5242 CHINDEN BLVD
“Really nice cider bar, much brighter and more open than the old Crooked Fence space. Cider slushies in the desert heat are also a nice treat. Food trucks some of the times, and proximity to Barbarian are a nice touch.“
stevoj 1071 days ago
82 /100 5242 CHINDEN BLVD
“RBSG stop. Great service, they opened up the back with a huge selection of ciders. They are putting out some great and unique ciders.“
Sledutah 1071 days ago
70 /100 9115 W CHINDEN BLVD #107
“RBSG stop. Cool place, layed back in an industrial building. Good service and prices. Solid beers. Worth a stop.“
Sledutah 1071 days ago
74 /100 5270 CHINDEN
“A strip mall brewpub that is very local and comfy. Service is at the bar and they were busy so hard to say much about it. Selection was pretty vast and went from horrible to great, so worth a stop as you may get lucky. Wifi and flights available.“
Ferris 1072 days ago
82 /100 5242 CHINDEN BLVD
“Within the same parking lot as Barbarian you have a wonderful Cidery putting out over a dozen Ciders, some traditional, some fruited, spiced, or both. The quality is great and service attentive. A bit more relaxed than Barbarian with more of a cozy coffee shop feel.“
BeerandBlues2 1073 days ago
78 /100 5270 CHINDEN
“This stop on our tour offered a cramped tasting room with a dozen or so tap offerings. All beers were good quality. A relaxed staff despite the throngs of patrons fighting for beers; great service.“
BeerandBlues2 1073 days ago
68 /100 9165 W CHINDEN BLVD
“Next door to County Line is this home brew shop, also offering tap beer to go and cold bottled beer (and Mead). The selection is mostly local with some regional stuff. The home brew side had a good equipment and ingredient selection.“
BeerandBlues2 1073 days ago
72 /100 9115 W CHINDEN BLVD #107
“County Line welcomed us with open arms and a selection of fresh tap beer. The beers are good and the tap room large enough for a raucous crowd. I don’t believe they serve food.“
BeerandBlues2 1073 days ago
84 /100 5242 CHINDEN BLVD
“Right next door to Barbarian. Just amazing service. The ciders were top notch, all had a ton of passion and were flavorful and smooth. Smaller place but nice and relaxed. Great. One of my favorite cideries for sure.“
douglas88 1075 days ago
80 /100 5270 CHINDEN
“Very cool place. Great service despite being very busy. The beers were well above average and this might have been my favorite stop. Very relaxed. Not sure about food. Nice samplers of nearly everything.“
douglas88 1076 days ago
74 /100 9115 W CHINDEN BLVD #107
“Cool place. Big, open bright feel. Not sure about food. Great service. Had a good selection, all brews were quite nice. Not too fancy, which I always prefer. Really took care of us for RBSG.“
douglas88 1076 days ago
86 /100 5242 CHINDEN BLVD
“In the door a quarter to five on the RBSG17 bus tour. We got set up in the back room where they totally hooked us up with everything they had, and Toby supplied a bunch of older bottles. Front room was full of happy locals. Staff here was great. Ciders were amazing. Additionally, they had some sort of sangria cider slushee with a basil infused vodka. That stuff was amazing as well. Highly recommended. On top of that, as a bonus they’re in the same lot with Barbarian, which had some of the best beers of our local brewery tour. “
j12601 1077 days ago
84 /100 5270 CHINDEN
“In the door at about 4pm on the bus for RBSG17. Busy already with a good sized crowd. Bar staff was friendly and helpful. Beers here were among the best we had from the local breweries. Would have liked to have spent a little more time here, but the other awesome draw this place had going for it, was they’re in the same industrial park as Meriwether cidery, which was our next stop. And you should certainly go there as well. Very much worth a visit. “
j12601 1077 days ago
78 /100 9115 W CHINDEN BLVD #107
“in the door with the tour bus at about 3pm during RBSG17. Calm open space with a shuffleboard table as you walk in, a double basketball thing that fascinated many while we were there. Six beers on tap, though there was a secret sour tap as well, which was by far their best thing on tap. Someone also got a bottle of their bourbon aged imperial stout, which was also pretty great. Friendly place, nice to hang out in. Not necessarily my favorite beers of the local brewery stops, but might be one of the places I’d most like to hang out in if it were down the street from me. “
j12601 1077 days ago
84 /100 5270 CHINDEN
“RBSG Boise
Small two room with a good good list. Of to the side of the trail room is a big room with couches and a few tables. Good service and beer.“
Sledutah 1080 days ago
78 /100 9115 W CHINDEN BLVD #107
“Stopped in on a Saturday and quietly enjoyed a few samples. Nice interior and open setup with a view of the equipment. All of the beers I’ve had so far have been good and a few have been really good. No food service. Got to chat with one of the owners who was very personable and welcoming. Nice place overall.“
jake65 1114 days ago
70 /100 9719 W CHINDEN BLVD
“Opening night, and a few kinks in the hose, so to speak. Overcrowded, bar staff had tough time accommodating the crowd, and engaged in conversation with patrons, despite the long lines and wait time. Only four taps available, some room for growth here Nice hunting lodge feel to the place, knotty pine and such, some German influence.. Will re-rate again after they’ve settled down second visit. Much more relaxed and better service, but beer is still iffy.“
stevoj 1247 days ago
82 /100 5270 CHINDEN
“Another small brewery in the GC. They did a nice expansion to open up some much needed seating. The staff is always very nice and on top of things. They always have a nice board up. My only issue is the price is a little high for the location. If they were in downtown boise they could get away with $5 or $6 pints but in the GC I think it’s a little high.“
BuckeyeBoy 1297 days ago
86 /100 5270 CHINDEN
“Definite surprise on my Boise craftbeer tour...didn’t expect this place to be so good. Locals at Woodland & Sockeye tipped me off to this place...thankfully! Small but very likeable taproom (unless I suppose you arrive when crowded). This is a relatively new place and they are already doing sours and barrel aged. They have 15 taps...but it seemed only 11 were pouring the night I visited. Loved the Little Wolf IPA and the Big Bad Wolf IIPA (with healthy doses of El Dorado, Mosaic, Centennial, and Chinook). Also notable...the Beta Wolf 3.0 experimental "sour" IPA, and the Sour Noir dark brett saison aged in a merlot barrel. I am really looking forward to checking up on this place in the near future...lots of potential. In the meantime...please check them out.“
PRBeer 1356 days ago
68 /100 314 E 35TH ST, BOISE
“A new watering hole in a great location right off of the Greenbelt. Boise’s surfer bar. Limited selection, but made up for in beach vibe atmosphere. Food truck on site. Taps include one cider. “
stevoj 1406 days ago
68 /100 2900 W CHINDEN BLVD
“Not much on beer selection, but the few taps they have are pretty good, emphasis on local brews. Perfect location, right on the Greenbelt, nice views of the river, and free live music most evenings. Good burgers too! Only open during the summer though.“
stevoj 1412 days ago
70 /100 5181 GLENWOOD ST
“Cool little place just north of central Boise. It’s located in a big strip mall off a main street. We visited on a Sunday morning when it was pretty quiet. Very cheap flights / samples available of all their house beers. Beer quality was decent, with a standout or two. Very friendly service. Fun little stop but nothing mindblowing.“
mcberko 1440 days ago
74 /100 9115 W CHINDEN BLVD #107
“on the end of a little strip mall. this location once was Kilter Dragon. I have been in a few times and the beers have been solid. A husband wife team are doing pretty much all the work and still have full time jobs. Thy seem very nice and willing for feedback. The beer is good and they just need to get a little around town distro going. Not to mention FREE POPCORN!!!! Now thats what I am talking about.“
BuckeyeBoy 1640 days ago
50 /100 9719 W CHINDEN BLVD
“I stopped in for the first time last week. I had not even driven past the location since they built it. On the outside it looks great lots of space. Inside is a big cabin feel with lots of open space. The sad thing is at this point the beer is pretty bad. Maybe with time and work the brewer will learn the system and start doing good stuff. They pumped a lot of cash into this place. Now they just need some good beer and they will be set.“
BuckeyeBoy 1640 days ago
54 /100 9719 W CHINDEN BLVD
“The decor in this place is weird. It’s trying to look like a rustic cabin with animal trophies on the wall. There is a lot of fake wood panels. Looks like they put a lot of time in making it look like they paid a lot for the decorations, even though close up you can tell its cheap. The coolest thing about this place is the urinal is a cutout Budweiser keg, which I think is trying to be a joke on Bud being piss water. I find the joke funny, but when your beer is shittier than Budweiser’s you probably should not make jokes. I tried most of the beers on tap and they were all horrible. Heavy diacetyl in most of the beers. The IPA had no hops character at all. But hey if they can get their act together and make good beer it will make a great location for another Vista pawn.“
boisebeerguy 1643 days ago
86 /100 5270 CHINDEN
“Cozy tasting room but quite small. 9 taps and expanding soon. Beers are very good even as new as they are. They have a pretty wide selection of styles on tap. Member only taps which are cool since I purchased a membership. Staff is knowledgable and friendly. My favorite new place“
Syndicate 1681 days ago
82 /100 5270 CHINDEN
“Very cozy, little place, with plans for expansion. Nice selection of taps, pretty well rounded for a new place. Good quality as well. I sense good things from these guys.“
stevoj 1710 days ago
68 /100 9115 W CHINDEN BLVD #107
“New kid on the block in Boise, small lineup with some surprising genre bending brews. Took over the old Kilted Dragon space on Chinden. Excellent bottle shop next door.“
stevoj 1889 days ago
68 /100 9165 W CHINDEN BLVD
“Remodeled a couple months back and moved about 90% of their beers into coolers. Pretty decent selection. Taproom has mostly locals with an occasional decent beer on tap. Most of the time I check the tap list and move on. The gem of this place is the homebrew supplies. Great selection of specialty grains with the option of buying a virtual bag pretty cheap. Plenty of brew kettles, kegging supplies, and the just about anything you would need to homebrew. The true downfall of this place is a staff that is sometimes oblivious of what they have or really much knowledge of the homebrew products they sell. It pretty atrocious actually and the owner really needs to address this.“
Syndicate 1970 days ago
80 /100 5181 GLENWOOD ST
“The food here alone was worth the stop, also a cheap $4 flight of house brews. A couple guest taps and several bottle options. A nice vibe, decent service, and average pricing. I could see being a regular here for lunch... kind of off the beaten path for me, but worth a stop when in the neighborhood.“
jake65 1989 days ago
66 /100 9165 W CHINDEN BLVD
“This is a good bottleshop option for me, a little further west and not too far from several of the local brewpubs. Prices are on par with the valley, maybe a touch lower. Selection is good and a mixed-six option is there. Not sure on the draft beer, looked like they had 10-12 taps, but on my first visit they were monkeying around and had it pretty well torn apart. My only negative would be the service… they didn’t seem to notice I was there (and I took my time looking around) or offer much of a welcome at the register. **Follow up visits revealed there is a 10% discount when you purchase any six beers, which is sweet. I also discovered the price tag doesn’t always match what comes up at the register... hopefully this isn’t a common issue.“
jake65 2081 days ago
62 /100 5181 GLENWOOD ST
“Finally went here after hearing mixed reviews. I was not impressed. Our service was horrible, took 30 min just for the waitress to take it. Then took forever to get it. Food was decent, they have a large selection, and even frog legs. The beer is mainly from crooked fence, so if you like that stuff then you might like it there.“
boisebeerguy 2359 days ago
62 /100 9165 W CHINDEN BLVD
“Not sure what to say about this place. I stop there fairly frequently. But have been VERY disappointed lately. Old bottles by the cases on warm shelves... Lately I have been on a Belgian style kick and have not had a decent bottle from HBS. Avery Reverend, Midnight Sun Fallen Angel, couple different Lost Abbey brews ALL were way oxidized messes ... Let alone the 1 year old Midnight Sun DIPA I should have researched before buying. If you KNOW what you are buying is fresh, then you can get a good beer at a good price. Tap beers don’t rotate that quickly either... Service is iffy... I watched one of the guys there tell somebody a Chapeau Banana was a good lambic... and a different time one guy described an Imperial Pilsner like a "full bodied Coors"... No shit. I know they are a homebrew shop predominantly, but buyer beware on any help from the salesmen on the bottled beer.“
JohnGalt1 2362 days ago
76 /100 5181 GLENWOOD ST
“Roadhouse feel to this restaurant, associated with the Crooked Fence brewery down the street. Offers $4 flights. A wide range of menu items, plus guest taps also. No longer affiliated with Crooked Fence brewing.“
stevoj 2446 days ago