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54 /100 621 21ST ST
“Brewery closed now, just running a sports bar with lots of taps. Attached to Meriwether's a restaurant, both in the Red Lion. Beers can be ordered at Meriwether's too.“
stevoj 1523 days ago
80 /100
Zany Graze & Z Pub (Restaurant)
2004 19TH AVE
“Zany Graze is the restaurant side of the space, recently remodeled to add a huge pub area called Z Pub. Food is excellent; a pretty eclectic selection from steaks to burgers to sushi or Tex Mex. Atmosphere in the restaurant is very family oriented. On the pub side there are 24 solid tap offerings and lots of TVs. Very impressed with the remodel, I will definitely visit again next time I’m in Lewiston.“
jake65 2160 days ago
68 /100 134 THAIN ROAD
“Little hole in the wall with a good selection of bombers and standards on their beer wall and hops if you ask but it would be nice if they had better storage and rotated stocks every once in a while. They regularly have beers sitting on hot shelves for months, everything is unrefrigerated and exposed to light all day; the bottles near the lights get pretty hot even! Nice people but don’t exactly know how to care for their beers. Lots of tobacco, macros and wines if you want any too.“
persevereinbeer 3325 days ago
74 /100 134 THAIN ROAD
“Don’t let the exterior fool you, it is well worth walking past the cartoons of cigarettes and cubes of Busch Light to check out their wall of micros. At least 75 bottles; half 12oz’ers and half bombers. Mix you own six pack for a pretty reasonable price. Lots of the typical PNW micros, as well as a few from Avery, Goose Island, DFH, Great Divide, and even one from Midnight Sun. Very few imports. Check it out if you’re in the area, it has been getting better steadily since my first visit in November ’09.“
jake65 4757 days ago
58 /100 621 21ST ST
“Attached to the Red Lion so the location was great. They had a great selection of beers on tap (theirs, guests and BMC) and a full bar. They called last call when I walked in the door so I only had a chance to try 2 of their beers, they were average. It was a different environment than most microbreweries that I have been to. It was packed with drunk college students. Lots of sticky beer on the floor and cigarette smoke in the air. If you have a chance to stop in, do it. Maybe early in the night it is quieter.“
Sledutah 4759 days ago
60 /100 621 21ST ST
“This is the only option in the area and is worth stopping by. It is great to get a room at the attached hotel so that you can walk home from enjoying the beers.“
pdxmickey 5540 days ago
58 /100
Gift World (Beer Store)
“Lots of gift items, primarily cigars, clocks, and wine. There is a small offering of beer in the cooler and out. Some macros, but mostly micros and imports. Most of the micros can be found in the local grocery store, but there are also special releases and a few imports that are above average. Unable to break up sixers at the time, but there were some 22oz. bottles of better brews. The guy who runs the store is very nice and also very knowledgable about everything he sells. I’ll stop in from time to time, but it is probably rare to find something here that isn’t available everywhere.“
jake65 5854 days ago
62 /100 621 21ST ST
“We were staying the night at the Red Lion so it was easy to get down to this place. Unfortunately (or maybe it was fortunately), we stayed on a Sunday and they’re closed. The Exchange, which is the stereotypical hotel lounge bar, was open, and they served all the MJB beers anyways. We got a tour of the actual MJB pub and were glad it was closed. Lots of open seating with a lingering smoke smell from the night before. Pool tables, jukebox, a plain view of the brewery, it was most certainly a roudy place at night. The exchange on the other hand was tame and nearly deserted, so we had the whole night to ourselves there, trying beers in a smoke free environment. The beers were all average, they also had on a bunch of AB beers, Bare Knuckle and that spicy wheat one. Ugh. Got to try the Summertime Citrus the next day once we met the brewer and it was probably my favorite of the day. The Red was super boring. Very helpful service.“
BückDich 6062 days ago
70 /100 621 21ST ST
“When I lived in Lewiston, we would go to Barleys for Monday night football or just to shoot pool. Kind of dark like a pub, but there are some great micros for $1 per pint! Excellent food is available and the service was always above average.“
jake65 6133 days ago
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