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80 /100 513 OAK ST
“Got a sneak peek at this place, and its going to be awesome. A lot of thought went into the design, and a lot of care is going into the brewing of the beer. Lovingly restored railroad warehouse, big open space. Food will be available“
stevoj 1362 days ago
74 /100 214 PINE STREET
“Not at all what was expected, based on the website. Newly remodelled taproom, wood and steel. Open to brewing area.. 6 house taps, neighborhood vibe. Pretty cool place.“
stevoj 1363 days ago
78 /100 220 CEDAR STREET
“Nice, big open place in town, parking not an issue. Indoor and outdoor seating. Laid back vibe. Flights available..“
stevoj 1363 days ago
100 /100
219 bar (Bar)
219 N 1ST AVE
“The 219 Lounge is a great bar! The staff is fantastic and they are very aware of their surroundings. Fast, friendly service. A lot of fun events such as karaoke and live music, Monday night football etc. Always have a great tap list. Highly recommend.“
FoamChamp23 1368 days ago
76 /100 312 N FIRST AVE
“Stopped in with my family. Very kid friendly. Good food. Great, friendly service. Reasonable prices. Good beer. I highly recommend the beer sampler (8, 5oz samples of their beer for $14). They even make their own root beer, which my 8 yr old son loved. A great place to stop when you’re in Sandpoint.“
cmacklin 2183 days ago
76 /100 203 CEDAR ST
“Pretty cool layout. This place is a combination beer cafe and bottle shop. Six packs were displayed on shelving on one wall while singles were in a cooler on opposite wall. Middle of room was tables and chairs where you could enjoy a beer and some deli type snacks. Service was friendly. If I could not find what I wanted in singles they offered to break a 6. Good selection and reasonably priced. Best place in Sandpoint. “
cmacklin 2509 days ago
76 /100 203 CEDAR ST
“Neat spot that is literally a 2-minute walk from MickDuffs. A combination of beer cafe with about 6 or 8 taps, and bottle shop with a funky layout along one wall and a standard cooler full of cold singles along the opposite wall. Prices are high but selection is good. Service is friendly and attentive.“
DuffMan 2655 days ago
84 /100 220 CEDAR STREET
“Well, if you’re pressed for time and must choose between this place and the original brewpub/restaurant, then choose this place. Much cooler layout, better beers on offer (WAY better), foosball, darts, pool. While we were there they had a solo acoustic act that was fantastic too. Very welcoming and enthusiastic, even gave us a quick tour of the new brewing facility (the old equipment is being sold to Zythum brewing in Fairfield). It should be noted that other than free popcorn, no food is served (although they encourage you to order in or bring your own). I really hope to return some day.“
DuffMan 2655 days ago
76 /100 312 N FIRST AVE
“Nice standard american brewpub. Worth a stop if you are near“
macdeffe 2802 days ago
96 /100 203 CEDAR ST
“Wonderful addition to the Sandpoint beer scene. Only knock would to increase the variety of taps so you have some beers with a bit lower ABV available at times. The beer cooler arrangement could also be a bit better.“
beerbrat99 3225 days ago
100 /100 203 CEDAR ST
“Awesome place! Sandpoint has needed this kind of place for a long time now. The tap selection is really good and constantly rotating. Awesome place to try some new beer and pick up stuff you haven’t seen or been able to find in the area.“
MrMcDo 3298 days ago
62 /100
219 bar (Bar)
219 N 1ST AVE
“This place is a dive but a very inexpensive one. Some decent, though non spectacular, craft drafts can be had here for $2/pint. I come in here to drink Freddy’s (Laughing Dog) 219er Pilsner and munch on my snack foods I bring in. There is a neurotic Boston Terrier that comes equipped with a tennis ball he insists you through for him to continuously fetch. The only drawback for me is the cigarette smoke. but they have tables to get away from the smokey bar. 12 taps with Odell 90 Shilling, & Firestone Double Barrel Ale ($3) on today.“
billk 3573 days ago
68 /100
Gourmandie (Beer Store)
“Small market specializing in high end grocery items for rich ski freaks. Limited wine and beer selection, but very carefully selected to ensure quality and variety. You can build six packs, but at a steep price-- $3 per bottle! Big bombers ranged from $8 for Deschutes Hop In The Dark, $12 for some Allagash choices, to $20 for Black Butte XXIII. Still, it’s nine miles up the mountain, and if you’re craving quality beer, it’s nice to have some choices on hand. Butyou WILL pay for the convenience!“
DuffMan 3967 days ago
78 /100 312 N FIRST AVE
“nice selection in downtown Sandpoint. The beers were good and a couple were great but this pub did not quite leave a lasting impression.“
soul11man 3974 days ago
74 /100 703 LAKE ST
“Just found this place. Pretty decent selection of beers. Lots of Alaskan, some Midnight Sun, few Belgians, plenty of NW micros. Store is fairly small and so is the beer selection. I still found some good stuff though.“
Beerona97 4191 days ago
76 /100 312 N FIRST AVE
“Average “ambiance” for a brewpub – nothing special but I’ve been in much worse. Some good beers – I almost always do a growler fill of their Strom Hammer IPA. Decent food with an above average staff. Always good service when sitting at the bar.“
rm0312 4209 days ago
78 /100 212 CEDAR ST
“Nice small place with about 20 taps. Very good selection and they do 4 oz samples, 1 for 1.25 or 5 for $5. Waitress was friendly and knowledgeable.“
Beerona97 4360 days ago
70 /100 312 N FIRST AVE
“Cozy-but-plain place that has about a dozen tables in addition to the long bar that has about a dozen taps of their own product. No guest taps when we stopped in. No time for food or tastings unfortunately, due to the long drive ahead of us. Disappointed that they only bottle the Paddler Pale, as it is excellent! Will make a point of stopping longer next time!“
DuffMan 4396 days ago
80 /100 312 N FIRST AVE
“Cool place, brewing eqipment is right at the front of the restaurant so I talked to the brewer which is always cool. It took a while for the one bartender to pour me a flight since she was doing about 18 other things. Other than that everything was nice... Been here a few more times now. Seems like there is always a new beer. Very relaxed atmosphere.“
Beerona97 4428 days ago
82 /100 212 CEDAR ST
“This was a surprise. I had bypassed on the first couple of trips through. Very freiendly good food and great little selection! I had Celebration and Bigfoot on tap!!“
presario 4737 days ago
80 /100 312 N FIRST AVE
“Right in the center of town. One small and one large TV. Not terribly large, many people left when they could not get a seat. Good beer cheese soup. Asparagus was way over steamed. Had a thick piece of meatloaf with porter gravy. Brew tanks left of the door in front of the bar. Moderately noisy when full. Lots of beers to sample. Tray of 6 was $8 and a couple more samples were not charged.“
presario 5211 days ago
78 /100 312 N FIRST AVE
“Great place to hang out and watch the Cougs, test your knowledge in some trivia, or have a good beer or three. Food has been very good each time I have visited. Be sure to try the burbon stout and the dunklewiezen.“
Scoutman 5383 days ago
74 /100 312 N FIRST AVE
“If you are in Sandpoint and you like beer and good food, then you need to stop in at Mick Duff’s. We stopped for lunch and the sandwiches were great! The young guy that waited on us was very friendly, but I gave an 8 because of the girl that was working when I stopped in the day before and only had one beer at happy hour, she didn’t seem too friendly and the place was not busy enough to be an excuse. I love their homecut fries with the skins, we had an amazing spicy hommus as an appetizer. The beers that I had were very good. They even let me have a couple of free beer samples to help me decide what I would order. In early July, 2007 they had an organic IPA called Shillelagh and a Huckleberry Blonde (both seasonal). Would love to be here on St. Pat’s Day! My kind of place.“
Moondog 5465 days ago
78 /100 312 N FIRST AVE
“May 2007: Dinner and a couple beers, served by brewer-owner Mick himself (Duff appeared with friends later) -- very cool that two young brothers have got this place going. It’s a neat little place with a giant chalk board behind the bar which overlooks the brewhouse. They had an impressive lineup of beers available. Unfortunately, my liver was already maxed out, so I could only sample two -- both of which were excellent. Our food was good, the beers were good, the service was good, what else can a beer drinker want?! The Sandpoint area was a great beer stopover!“
Braudog 5523 days ago
82 /100 212 CEDAR ST
“May 2007: Awesome little taphouse pub in Sandpoint. Great regional lineup of taps. Didn’t eat, but it looked good. Friendly bartender. Cool collection of taps cover the entire ceiling. Highly recommended stop.“
Braudog 5523 days ago
90 /100 212 CEDAR ST
“Great pub atmosphere. Very good tap beer selection and food.“
npo 5615 days ago
80 /100 212 CEDAR ST
“Whenever I come to sandpoint I always hit up this place. Best beer selections in town with rotating taps. Garlic fries are awesome. Live music at times, monday night is blues jam night. love the feel and decor of the place.“
Maxamillion 6031 days ago
58 /100 212 CEDAR ST
“This is surely the best bet in Sandpoint for tap beer. Rogue Brutal Bitter (one of my favs) always seems to be on tap here and is one of their best sellers. There are about 16 or so beers on tap and they have an awesome handle selection hanging from the ceiling for their constantly changing line up. The building is old with a comfortable ambiance. I only had a basket of fries so far off the menu, but will have to sample some of their plates as well. 9/4/05 tried their garlic herb fries last night. They didn’t work for me. Tasted like they were loaded with that bulk raw garlic that comes in the big glass jars with the preservatives. 9/9/05: Had their regular Caesar salad yesterday and wasn’t impressed. Reminded me of those crazy garlic fries. Had a Full Sail strong ale too and it was definitely infected with something and it didn’t taste yeasty although it was hyper cloudy. 9/15/06 I always stop by here while in Sandpoint to see what’s on tap. Often I get a pint or two of something interesting. (8/23/08) This place is quite hit or miss anymore. I don’t think they are properly caring for their taps and or the tap beers are served until they are empty regardless of age. I do NOT go here anymore.“
billk 6170 days ago
88 /100 212 CEDAR ST
“This is exactly the kind of place I would want to open; if I had known what that was before going there. (if I was in fact opening a restaurant, which I am not.) Great beer and menu that is always changing, Great atmosphere; for kids as well (seriously) sometimes live music and coffee too. All nights are now smoke free acording to state law.“
Rentalman 6409 days ago
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