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60 /100
Brause Syndikat (Beer Store)
“A bit run-down street-corner shop, a bit off the city centre, but only a 12 minutes walk from the Hauptbahnhof; on the wooden shelves - during the time of my visit (3/16) - quite a limited selection of local beers, bavarian beers and craft-beers (plus a wider selection of limonades, as the name "Brause-Syndikat" indicates).Not overly impressive...“
pivnizub 2191 days ago
“Endlich mal ein Bier was Perfekt Zwischen Pils Und Craft bier liegt“
danielw 2224 days ago
“Cozy little beer shop near Bielefeld center with not a huge but a fine selection of beers, (special editions of Beavertown, some of the harder to get Pöhjalas, To Ols, Victory Arts Brewing); the local beers had already been sold out (on Christmas Eve). Friendly and competent shop owner. Glad we went there for grabbing some treasures for getting around a Herforder Pils Christmas.“
bastarda 2277 days ago
70 /100
Plan B (Bar)
“This is the only place in Bielefld that I found with a pale ale on tap, hence why I am listing it here. This is a modest sized music pub on the outskirts of the town centre. Selection is not astounding, they have four taps, one of which is permanently dedicated to the local craft brewery, Braustube Bielefelder Biermanufactur. When I was here they had a Citra pale ale on, which I thought was great. All of the taps apparently rotate, one of the other beers on was the Granat lager from Staropramen. The bottle fridge contains 10+ beers but most / all are industrial lagers. Service was friendly. Prices were good. Nice atmosphere. Not an absolute must but worth a visit if you are in the area and desperate for a decent beer from the tap, which I was on this occasion.“
UKBeerGeek 2437 days ago
“Nice place with godo beers. I tried their helles and their dunkel. The helles was very good, dunkel just average .Good food with fair prices“
rauchbierlover 2475 days ago
88 /100
Brause Syndikat (Beer Store)
“A great and full-packed bottleshop in Bielefeld near to the Autobahn (B61). Very friendly service with a nice and always changing selection of "modern" craft-brews and traditional Bavarian ones together with lots of lemonade as well. The sell some local craft-beers (Thombansen, Bielefelder Braustube) as well.“
Erzengel 2795 days ago
“Fairly decent part of the chain, more foody than beery when I visited.“
sic1314 3277 days ago
“Visited late January 2014. Messing, Kupfer, Weisse and Leineweber all on tap. None outstanding but all decent quality. My food was a grill-pan with potatoes, three (!) big schnitzels, vegetables and a fried egg on top! So huge was the portion even I could not finish! Beer wise the only interesting bar in this town I saw.“
b727trijet 3340 days ago
“Nice brewpub in the center of Bielefeld. Three standard beers and three seasonal beers. Food is Brauhaus-style and nice. Service is good!“
Erzengel 3405 days ago