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“Visited on 27th January 2017. Brewpub around 15 minute walk from Sud station. Nice place with plenty of room to relax in. Decor is traditional brewpub with wood and local beer adornments. Beer range is decent enough with4 regulars plus a new winter seasonal on. Service was good, prices decent. A good venue.“
WingmanWillis 2024 days ago
“It’s a nice countryside brauhaus, cosy; quiet; but there are suspicious fruit flies around (hygene?). The waitresses don’t speak English; the one at the tables is trying to smile and help, the one behind the bar couldn’t be bothered.“
fiulijn 3202 days ago
“Zwei Mal besucht und zwei Mal mit einer Fresse rausgegangen. Die Mädels am Tresen sind dermaßen unfähig und ahnungslos, dass man sich nur noch an den Kopf packt. Das Wort "saisonal" scheint gänzlich unbekannt zu sein, ebenso ein Lächeln oder der Wunsch eines "Guten Tages". Bierchen gezischt ? Rechnung ? Wenn sich denn jemand doch mal bequemen würde, könnte das was werden. Kurzum -> Besuch Nummer 1: Biere sehr ordentlich, Atmosphäre durchschnittlich, Personal beinahe dumm und dazu unfreundlich, Küche grandios. Besuch Nummer 2: Biere wieder ordentlich, Atmosphäre nicht vorhanden, Personal unfreundlich und ahnungslos, Küche unteres Mittelmaß. Ich gehe nur noch hin, um mir die noch fehlenden Piwos zu zischen, danach hat sich das mit Castrop.“
MichaelAwesome 3318 days ago
“Brewpub with dark wooded interior and uncomfy benches / chairs but with a nice old-school character. Service staff was quite unwelcoming and it needed some more precise questioning until I got told the seasonal beer. There are four beers available at any time and probably one for the season. Food selection is good and well sorted. I ordered one Westphalian Pumpernickelsoup and it was very delicious and well-made. The beers were served way too cold but got down easy and nice. Probably the worst brewpub I’ve been until now but would go there again for their other beers. But the service staff (well at least the girls at the Sunday lunch shift) needs some schooling about beer, service and friendliness.“
McTapps 3360 days ago
“Small microbrewery. Nothing special. Beers are below average. Not really worthwile a visit.“
Schlenkerla 3459 days ago
“All in all not much more than a polished neighbourhood pub in the former miner’s town of Castrop-Rauxel, ornated with some copper and some empty Weyermann sacks; the house-beers are not really worth a detour, the meals are interesting for those, who are keen on german boring convenience food…“
pivnizub 3873 days ago
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