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40 /100
Bierbude Duisburg (Beer Store)
“Small place with some Locals and a mix of styles from different countries, prices are a bit steep for some local brews, selection is minimal.“
ShivanDragon 520 days ago
64 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“Rather large pub with various rooms, the bit that I was sat in was rather noisy and quite cold / draughty. Massive selection of beer but unfortunately lots of rubbish. A few gems to be had but you certainly have to look for them. I had a great Founders Breakfast Stout from the tap but the other draught beer that I had was well past its best. Beer not always served in appropriate glassware. Service was pretty good otherwise. Didn't eat anything but they do have food. Worth a visit but would be a bit wary of the stuff on tap.“
UKBeerGeek 896 days ago
46 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“30 taps and 250-ish bottles. That looks pretty interesting on paper but alas, the interest fades quickly once you step inside, as the selection is so much run o' the mill that it is not possible to feel let down. Lots of corporate beer on those taps, even Heineken or Budweiser, the occasional gem (Aventinus and Founders Breakfast Stout) on just a few of them but ultimately I was shuffling through their eye-catching menu with the vain expectation to find something at least decent. And that being said, I am a fan of German classic beers, just the selection seemed somewhat haphazard and definitely not focused on quality. Now to the bottles. Instead of a well thought over selection of craft and classic beers from different countries, you get some neat classics, a lot of boring ones and a selection of macrolagers, whose only merit is their exotic origin. Almost no German craft beer, so if you're hunting for those, this place might not suit you. The interesting, or at least tasty stuff? Some well known Belgians, Fullers and Founders beers, a couple classic German beers but not really many of the good ones among them. The atmosphere on a Saturday evening was pretty vibrant, full house to say the least, with the age spectrum ranging from just-legal-to-drink to one-step-away-from-the-grave. Not really the feel of a students bar, I suppose. No eye-catchers in this regard as well, if you know what I mean. The service was matter-of-fact, as is so often the case in the Niederrhein area. Their house beer is a waste of money and the staff wasn't able to tell me where it hails from exactly; not even whether it is local or imported. Didn't have the food. The price range is about 3,5-6 euros, which ain't that bad, especially for a half liter of said Breakfast Stout. I don't know Duisburg too well and it might well be one of the best bars in the city, but compared with similar places in Europe, Western or Eastern, that have such an amount of different beer, the selection is nothing to go out of the way for - it might be informative about the nature of local patrons, though.“
ElDesmadre 900 days ago
88 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“Grunsätzlich sollte man sich doch freuen, wenn man in einen Laden kommt, der eine solche Bierkarte hat. Ich tue das, vorallem weil ich gestern woanders nur die Wahl zwischen Bitburger, Peters Kölsch und Erdinger Weissbier hatte. Dieser Laden ist mit einer der Vorbereiter für eine vielfältige Bierkultur, es geht hier nicht ausschließlich um Craftbier, sondern um Biere aus der ganzen Welt.“
doldenjuenger 1271 days ago
80 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“Ive been to this place a few times now... it never fails to disapoint....“
Wirralbeerveg 1283 days ago
72 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“Schöne Kneipe gute Auswahl, Preise sind gut. Leider wurde mir ein Bier das als 0,5l auf der Karte stand im 0,4 Glas gebracht und zum selben Preis abgerechnet, mit der Begründung es gibt gerade keine 0,5 l Gläser mehr,...dafür gibt es Abzug!“
MBlessing 1462 days ago
80 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“Studentenkneipe am Rande der Duisburger Altstadt. Über 10 Taps und über 200 Flaschenbiere. Tolle Auswahl und günstige Preise. Hingehen!“
DrNosha 1463 days ago
76 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“Brauhaus mitten in Duisburg. Viele Plätze im Freien. 4 Biere vom Fass inkl. Ein Saisonbier. Essen sah gut aus, habe aber nichts versucht.“
DrNosha 1464 days ago
86 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“So far the best place I’ve been in Germany. Great selection, staff is friendly and most importantly to me speaks English, prices are decent. Great place.“
g_georgiou 1804 days ago
64 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“A large and fairly comfy looking brewpub. More concentrated on food and brunch and families than the beer, but that’s alright. The beers were alright quality. Food was rather pricey - Or I tried the brewhouse tapas which were overpriced for the small portions. Not really worth a detour, but if you’re in the vicinity, why not.“
Erasmus_ro 1823 days ago
66 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“Visited on Sunday 13th December 2015. It’s a large venue about 15 min walk from the Hbf tucked away on the edge of a quiet square. Wood panelling prevails, plenty of tables to sit at. Place wasn’t too busy and the service was good. Large beer was the same price as a small, which seemed odd but a taster flight is available so it seems. Beer was OK, now I’ve tried it I wouldn’t rush back!“
WingmanWillis 1965 days ago
“Have been there together with McTapps. As a place to drink a beer it is too "luxurious" and you would not be surprised to meet a CEO or the chairman of a high profile footballclub here. Beers were still fine but the meals were to expansive for its average quality. But what really pissed me off was that shitty service. I mean, it seems that husband and wife are running that place. And they have definitely never worked in that gastro / food / service business before. It´s like making your hobby your real life work. My hobby is football. Imagine playing for Manchester United. Yeah, right. Whole England would hate me.“
MichaelAwesome 2106 days ago
“We went there on a beautiful summer Sunday. The place is very well hidden, but located beautiful in a little forest. It seems like the restaurant is also the owners home. Very lovely location, very homely, lots of atmosphere. The beers were super tasty. Unfortunately we would never come back because the service was so slow that we had to wait 15 minutes until we could order our drinks und 10 further minutes until we even got the menue (and the drinks). The food took 40? minutes. Worst thing is that they were open officialy until 2pm but at 1.40 they appearantly declined paying customers. Okay, they had a small function there and had a lot to do, but if you are not able to handle the business then you must pay for getting an extra worker to help you. Beer prices okay, beer very tasty, food was okay and very overpriced.“
McTapps 2111 days ago
60 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“Visited on a sunday afternoon. Had some satisfying food to go with the beers (Blond, Weizen and Schwarz) I drank. The beers were nothing special, but pretty decent. Brewpub looks quite nice inside. Not a bad place to stop for a couple of beers.“
tricksta_p 2218 days ago
48 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“Light & brown - very nice, but very typical.“
Sokolov 2244 days ago
72 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“3 beers on tap, Weizen was the best. Nice place to sit outside in the summer, crowded when it gets worm.“
lberges 2439 days ago
78 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“What a surprise! Saw this show up on the Ratebeer map when I was doing a scan of the area, thought "why not?" and discovered an excellent beer bar with a very nice selection of international beers, totalling 222. I had a number of US IPA’s I hadn’t tried yet, which was a pleasant surprise. I also ordered a chilli burger, which was delicious. Staff consists of young and friendly people, it’s a bit of a hip place even though we saw people of all ages there. Will definitely return to Duisburg just for this bar.“
tricksta_p 2451 days ago
60 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“We have been there to lunch - without reservation on Easter Monday ( Easter Monday brunch at the brewpub) at 1 pm. The waitress seemed to be quite stressed but we got the only free table without any big deal. There were four beers on tap ( Blond, Braun, Schwarz and Weizen) which made us quite happy . We couldn’t decide what to order for lunch - normally I prefer local specialities which aren’t very expensive (like a special brewpub soup or brewpub snack) but it was quite difficult to decide on their menue ( I am not a big eater anyway) - so I have chosen the Leberkäse on Treberbrot with cabbage salad. It was "ok" but I know Leberkäse way better and not that salty. The bread was ok, but far too thick sliced - I didn’t need any more food for the rest of the day. The beers were all drinkable and solid, served perfectly. The service got nicer with the time staying - our girl even got a chocolate easter bunny and easter eggs for free- but she remained neutral and busy. The atmosphere was busy but nice - the other guests were very friendly and well dressed. The interieur is classy and traditional - but not that comfy like wished. Prices were ok but maybe a touch too high compared to other brewpubs in the area. Will go there again for getting two something more ticks but that’s it probably.“
McTapps 2582 days ago
56 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“Even if I live in the Ruhr Area I was surprised which bad location they chose for their brewpub. Grafitti-domnated buildings nearby and two streets down your way you will find something like a red light district. The place itself is quite cosy with more or less nice service. Price for food was not really reasonable and the meals are also not that fine as you might expect from a standard german brewpub. Two beers are always on tap and you will always get your Leberkas or Haxn accompaniyng the piwos. This makes that one a bit below average, but still nice and cosy brewpub.Will visit a second time. Will again use car to not get robbed or whatever in the trains.“
MichaelAwesome 2582 days ago
70 /100 RÖMERSTR. 109
“We have been there for our first visit on a Sunday lunch and it was surprisingly empty. The brewpub seemed to be new / redecorated (?) with dark woods but lots of windows - therefore it was light-flooded and warming. There are always two beers on tap ( Hell and Dunkel) plus a seasional one as well. The service was nice but quite unsecure (as the waitress being a trainee) and the beers were nice but unspectacular. The whole place was very clean and the atmosphere nice - the locals welcomed us warmly and we felt very good being there. The brewpub is very childfriendly - children up to 12 years get their non-alcoholic drinks for free and our little girl even got her own paper and pencils to draw - very nice and very commendable! I had a soup out of the seasonal menue (I just love seasonal foods and drinks): Mussels soup. It was quite nice but I know this soup tastier - but that doesn’t mean that it was bad. It was okay - nothing more and nothing less. Good thing is that you can buy their two main beers in 1 l bottles for taking home ( the waitress-in-trainee said that seasonal beers to take away must be ordered...). To sum it up I must say that I really enjoyed the visit to this brewpub and I am sure I will come back for the next seasonal beer.“
McTapps 2660 days ago
54 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“It was Oktoberfest time during our visit; luckily, the Bavarian schnulzen faded off a few seconds after their onset. No music in a restaurant can be a bit problematic but it was rather full and noisy, so it didn’t matter. Waiting was so-so. The waitress ostensibly didn’t like her job and we were served after some guests that arrived after us. The food was lovely - the best pesto I’ve ever had and one of the two best pork knuckles. The beer - some of it was flawed, the altbier was a letdown but the weizen was very good, if predictable. Recommended if you are in town by some chance. Eat their lovely food, wash it away with their weizen and move on.“
ElDesmadre 2715 days ago
58 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“It should be a classic setup, it ends up being a bit chaotic; playing folk German songs is almost suicide. I appreciate that they have tasting glass without having to beg; friendly service. The beers are ok, the Blond is the best, with nice grassy hop touch, but all of them suffer from not being enough bitter.“
fiulijn 2747 days ago
62 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“According to the bar itself, this is the one with the largest choice of beers; yet they don’t choose very well; too many similar beers, too many beers that are there just because it’s funny to have a beer from Perù, and not enough attention for the growing German microbrewery scene (apart from one Camba Bavaria and two Propeller, and a couple of Austrians). Helpful and friendly service.“
fiulijn 2747 days ago
76 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“Last night was my second visit to Finkenkrug. They have 20+ taps and a lot of bottles and like pivnizub below mentioned not a whole lot for a very experienced taster as far rarities. They do have enough classic beers though and I had Schneider Hopfen-Weisse from the bottle and Schneider Aventinus from the tap both of which are great. They also have Orval as well which is a great treat. The burgers and pommes were very tasty. It was a pretty busy Saturday night with music playing and a friendly vibe.“
ThirstyBird 2884 days ago
60 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“I have been to this brewpub a few times now. It’s a rather traditional pub with about 150 additional seats available outside when the weather is nice. Their food has always been nice. The service good. They always have their blond and braun on tap and usually a seasonal - on this visit it was a weizen which was the best of the three beers.“
ThirstyBird 2884 days ago
70 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“Students’ pub in the eastern suburbs of Duisburg, one "classical" tap-room plus an adjoining light winter-garden-like room; almost incredible - by german standards - selection, 20 taps and over 100 bottles…, but the experienced beer-hunter will not find here too many rarities; the waitresses are friendly, do not seem to know much about the beers they serve. Worth a detour, by all means!“
pivnizub 3158 days ago
76 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“Didn’t expect such a pub in Duisburg at all, found it only through ratebeer. Most noteworthy for the very large selection of beers available (21 regular + 2 changing taps and more than 200 bottles). The offer includes German and foreign beers that range from outstanding to awful and are brewed by very small to industrial-scale breweries. So you need to chose wisely, it might take some time to go through the beer menu and pick the gems (it’s online, you can check before going). Ambiance was ok, though I hated having to walk through the smoking section to reach one of the quieter smoke-free rooms. Prices are very reasonable, though of course higher than what the average German is used to paying for a random local beer. Staff was very friendly, attentive and fast. Food was ok, nothing fancy.“
brugmanneke 3351 days ago
76 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“Very pleasant visit. Found this place thru ratebeer.com and decided to drop by. Was very quiet at 18-19 on saturday, but started packing up pretty fast. No music, just a TV showing football. Staff at the moment was very nice and also spoke english. They also seem to sell beer to go. Haven’t found a similar beer oriented pub in Ruhrgebiet.“
raymondwave 5223 days ago
78 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“What a great place for the Ruhrgebiet! Not too far from the Hauptbahnhof, about a 15 minutes walk in the opposite direction of the city center. 20 taps and 200 bottles available. Most beers are from Beers of the World in Essen, but there are some gems available. I had the Schloss Eggenberg Urbock 23 and the quite delicious Schneider Aventinus Eisbock, served for only € 3,50. Smoky, but friendly service. A must if you visit ugly Duisburg.“
bierkoning 5263 days ago
54 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“Good looking and well looked after brewpub with fast and friendly service. Beers were rather mediocre, I’m afraid.“
bierkoning 5263 days ago
64 /100 DELLPLATZ 14
“Typical pub with traditional German fare. Sampled the three beers they had available. Service was quick and friendly. The only brewpub I found in Duisburg, and worth hitting if you’re tired of drinking Koenig Pils or Diebels Alt, the two most common Duisburg offerings.“
Nate 6034 days ago
78 /100 71-73 STERNBUSCHWEG
“A bit loud and smoky, depending on the time. Patio in good weather. Nice tap selection and bottles, too. Recommend the spaghetti mit kase uberbacken. Where I had my first Rochefort, in 1993. Not much has changed by 2004, except for the prices.“
Nate 6316 days ago