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52 /100 AM PAULSHOF 32-38
“Very large, typical Getränkemarkt with lots of crates. More or less the same selection as the trinkgut in Boele, mostly macro stuff but also with a few smaller breweries from the region and some less common beers from the South and seasonals. Good prices, lots of parking space.“
Zlotta 1539 days ago
68 /100 DAHLER STRAßE 61
“Rather large, traditional restaurant located on the main road in Dahl, just around the corner from the brewery. Just visited it for the first time in years, but I remember it as the location for the Christmas partys of our local football club when I was a child. The interior is a bit old-fashioned in a boring way, white walls and a bit of wood everywhere, but still cozy nevertheless. At the back, there is a patio or beer garden decorated with growing hop plants, and from here you can see the brewery. They serve most of the Vormann beers (and apart from two non-alcohol beers nothing else): Pils and Alt from tap, Vorder, Helles as well as Dunkles Weizen, Malzbier and Doppelbock from bottle. Good prices, and served in proper glassware. The food is very hearty, Yugoslavian style, and although it is not particularly cheap, the portions are massive. Not very sophisticated, but decent enough to make me happy. The service was good, since although it was a bit crowded, we never had to wait too long for anything and the waiters were very frienly and patient. Overall a nice place to try the beers accompanied by a good meal or to only drink the beer in the beer garden.“
Zlotta 1669 days ago
42 /100
Trinkgut Dicke e.K. (Beer Store)
“Just one of Your average german drinks-markets. The same Trinkgut selection as everywhere. Not worth a detour.“
pivnizub 1837 days ago
72 /100 BRAUGASSE 5
“Small traditional brewery in the village of Dahl ( which is located very far from the Hagen city centre); the beers are sold directly in the brewery by the the talkative and friendly owner Christian Vormann or his chatty wife; besides the whole range of the brewery’s own beers You can get there some bottles of the - on the premises - contract-brewed stuff of Ale Mania (a.k.a. Fritz Ale) and Sebastian Sour (The Monarchy and others). Worth a visit!“
pivnizub 2230 days ago
72 /100 BRAUGASSE 5
“This is the brewery I drank my first beer from as I grew up within walking distance. I still remember visiting it as a child when my parents bought their beer there. Thanks to the ratebeer community which made me discover that they also sell craft beer, I was really excited to visit it now again. Located in the heart of Dahl, it can easily be reached by car, bus or train. The car can be parked in the yard. As soon as you enter the brewery, the owner will welcome you and answer all your questions patiently. Although it is possible that you have to wait a while before getting his attention, he is very friendly and not only competent but also open-minded. The selection ranges from their classical German beers to some very interesting craft beers. The prices are okay considering the high quality of the brews. I really enjoy my visits there and I will surely come back again more often. If you are around or don’t live away too far it is absolutely worth a visit.“
Zlotta 2261 days ago
52 /100
Trinkgut Dicke e.K. (Beer Store)
“Although it is quite a big store, they do not have a great selection of German or Bavarian beer. I would rather call it average. Only a few Belgian ones. At least they have Chimay and Grimbergen. Prices are good.“
Zlotta 2367 days ago
78 /100 BRAUGASSE 5
“Little brewery in Dahl without brewpub or something similar, but therefore with a "Hofverkauf" and a cool guy getting me all the different bottles I wanted .... I got 17 new ones, and some of them highly intersting ( Gose, Sour Porter, Smoked Gose..). He (the man selling) was highly competent and quite nice and I even met him once at the Festival der Bierkulturen 2014 in Cologne. The prices were very reasonable ( for the best beer something around 3,10 Euro) and I felt very welcomed and good. But - as a beerlover- I would have loved to have a look at the backyard to have choosen the beer by myself - I would have bought some more special Goses for trades etc. And at the end we even got to know the owner lady (with her sweet and loud dog) who just arrived - very nice, very talkative, very curious and very open-mindes. Cool girl. I would come back anytime again!“
McTapps 2377 days ago
64 /100
Trinkgut Dicke e.K. (Beer Store)
“All Trinkguts in Northrhine-Westfalia are good, as they carry a lot of good and sometimes rare beer. They usually carry all Düsseldorf brewpub alts: Uerige, Schumacher, Füchschen and Schlüssel. But the one in Hagen also has Vormann beers and they are the only shop, where you can get Schwelmer Ur-Pils and Dunkelweizen, which are produced in the open-air museum on Hagen. So go to Trinkgut and you can save the entrance fee to the museum.“
dortmunder 5733 days ago
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