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76 /100 SALZGASSE 2-4
“Clean and not rocked down like Amsterdam. Nice place in the heart of cologne with a very nice selection of local and international craft beers. Here, you got real beer, not only Kölsch. Service is getting much better: friendly and knowledgeable. Worth a visit.“
dunklermessias 140 days ago
“Rocked down bar with the charme of the 80s. About 6 beers on tap, also some bottles. Crowded and loud place, so the bar crew has to ask a few times. Beer and prices quite fair, tonight no favs on tap. Worth a visit, because its located in Köln-Ehrenfeld. And thats hipp...“
dunklermessias 140 days ago
“Great selection of beers, industrial as craft, but displayed in a rather loveless way. No vendor in the beer section. During payment my bank cards didn't work, I had to pay cash.“
ophone 303 days ago
50 /100 MARTINSTR. 32
“Visited bar June 2020. Was very disappointing. With the virus, you were encouraged to set outside which was great! So we asked for the taplist. We were told if we wanted beer info from the bar we had to scan a QR code. The info contained only the taps. Then we asked for a beer list and were told they did not have one. I did go inside and looked in the coolers and it appeared they had some great beers. I would have stayed if they had provided a beer list and not depended on some tech solutions to find out what was in the bar. In the future, when the virus lets up, we will go back to Cologne and for beer other then kölsch we will go to Delirium Tremens bar!“
tubaplayer 318 days ago
68 /100 MARTINSTR. 32
“Good option for craft beer in Cologne, it has a couple of taps and a good selection of cans and bottles in the fridge. Small snacks like crisps/chips are available and you can order delivery and eat there. Friendly services, occasionally there are nice tastings or tap take overs!“
karrjin 329 days ago
62 /100
Brauhaus Sion (Restaurant)
“Tucked away in the streets between Haumarkt and the cathedral is this big place. Nice outdoor seating, beer tables right at the bar and the usual long table area. Although the beers keep coming here as every other kölsch joint in town, it’s maybe a bit slower than a lot of the others – weather that’s a positive or negative is really depending. Professionally absent service. Did not try the food. * How do you rate the selection attribute in a place like this? The whole concept is to serve the one beer they do. To give a fair total score I’ll give a 10, even though there’s no selection at all and as such it should really be 1. “
tmrmwel 358 days ago
64 /100
Peters Brauhaus (Restaurant)
“A fairly big place, with some small “beer” tables in addition to all the long tables. Still, here as in every other kölsch place in town, the beers keep coming, and the generous portions of food is served along the way. Nice enough beer. Did not try the food. * How do you rate the selection attribute in a place like this? The whole concept is to serve the one beer they do. To give a fair total score I’ll give a 10, even though there’s no selection at all and as such it should really be 1. “
tmrmwel 358 days ago
64 /100 HEUMARKT 62
“On the touristy corner of the Haumarkt, lies this authentic yet fairly modern traditional kölsch gasthaus. A lot of small tables makes it easier as a tourist, without this in any way being anything but the ausschank it is. The tasty Päffgen kölsches keep coming, the enormous German servings of food is abundant and there’s really no complaints. * How do you rate the selection attribute in a place like this? The whole concept is to serve the one beer they do. To give a fair total score I’ll give a 10, even though there’s no selection at all and as such it should really be 1. “
tmrmwel 358 days ago
72 /100 HEUMARKT 6
“A couple of stone throws, on the “other side”, off the Heumarkt, this hectic place is one of the most authentic places in town. Just long tables all the way, and you’re seated only where and when the waiters decide. The portions of food are as German as the service and the kölsch is flowing freely, so there’s really no complaining. Definitely one of the places to visit in Köln! * How do you rate the selection attribute in a place like this? The whole concept is to serve the one beer they do. To give a fair total score I’ll give a 10, even though there’s no selection at all and as such it should really be 1. “
tmrmwel 358 days ago
“A local place over at "the other side" of the river, not far from the Köln messe station. Traditional place with long tables both upstairs and in the basement, packed with people at dinner time. The place does what places like these do best, serve people food and kölsch. The selection is set to the Päffgen, but they do keep’ em coming, so even if you miss anything else you won’t have time to ponder about it. The waiters do contribute to the atmosphere, with their cheerful, but oh so German service. Did not try the food. One of the better places in town, and definitely worth the trip! * How do you rate the selection attribute in a place like this? The whole concept is to serve the one beer they do. To give a fair total score I’ll give a 10, even though there’s no selection at all and as such it should really be 1. “
tmrmwel 358 days ago
70 /100 MARTINSTR. 32
“In a city riddled with traditional gasthauses serving their take on the famous Kölsch, this place offers a glance through too the future where beer styles are abundant and do not strictly abide to the Reinheits gebot. A hip, although somewhat generic, modern beer place, where you walk in to a fairly big and visible bar counter with small tables scattered about. Beside the bar is a pretty nice bottle selection in fridges, in addition to twenty or so on tap. Service minded and knowledgeable staff.“
tmrmwel 358 days ago
100 /100 MARTINSTR. 32
“If you are a beer lover, Craftbeer Corner is excellent, a perfect laid back beer bar that you must visit if you are a "beer geek". They offer 15 different craft beers on tap. For only €9.00... you can have a flight of 5 different ones. In addition, they have a wide range of bottled and canned selection of craft beer from around the world. I also like the fact that the staff are multilingual and so are most of the clientele hence making for a great atmosphere to meet and converse with other beer geeks!“
BierDudeOtto 374 days ago
54 /100 AM WEIDENBACH 24
“A mix of brewery and pizzeria with a few cozy rooms and an inviting roof terrace for the warmer days. In addition to their own beer five draught, there is also a bottle menu with exceptional beers, (but beware some of them are way passed the BBD!). The menu is predominantly Italian, so pizzas and pasta, but there is also steak, schnitzel and more to order. The prices are reasonable and the staff are typically German. Worth a visit especially for beer drinkers.“
BierDudeOtto 374 days ago
70 /100
Bierlager (Beer Store)
“Medium sized beershop with nice ambience. Selection is good, but changes to rarely. Actual brews, especially in cans should be offered more often. Serving licence is great and always 2 beers directly on tap. Beer tasting events are nice, but no epiphany. Nevertheless good shop!“
curryeis 432 days ago
72 /100
Die Fette Kuh (Restaurant)
“A typical modern burger format but done very well, serves large and tasty burgers and there is a decent range of beer including a couple of their own labelled bottles. Friendly service. A good spot.“
JorgeLee 442 days ago
100 /100 MARTINSTR. 32
“THE place to drink craftbeer in Cologne“
redhairmoe 453 days ago
78 /100 KYFFHÄUSER STR. 19
“Bar in the University district of Cologne. Basically it is one of those bars which have this distinct German 80s-90s flair you can find quite often in German cities. But the reason I added this bar here is its impressive selection of different beers for such a place. It serves mainly Belgian ales, most served in bottles and a few even from tap, like La Chouffe and Cherry Chouffe. The Kölsch they serve there is Gaffel, which they store in a 1000 liter tank, as told by a friend of mine who works there. You can also have a Guinness from the tap. By the way, every Monday is quiz night. Fun thing about this: The quizmaster has a strong Cologne accent. He even adressed us in Cologne dialect when we entered the bar. (The beer selection on the internet site isn't up to date, the place sells a few ales more by the meantime.)“
ophone 495 days ago
78 /100 ROONSTR. 33
“Nice Brauhaus in Cologne, with good homebrews, excellent German food and friendly service. Great prices, but this seems to be the general case in Cologne and I'm used to higher prices in gastronomy as a Luxembourg resident. Try their Wiesse, it's the best Kölsch I ever drank. Their normal, filtered Kölsch is nice aswell.“
ophone 497 days ago
38 /100 HOHE STRASSE 41-53
“Little supermarket in the basement of the store. Not as big of a selection of beers as I hoped, mainly standard Kölsch brands, a few other German beers and also a few foreign ones. Prices are ok, especially considering there's deposit to pay on the bottles.“
ophone 497 days ago
62 /100 BUTTERMARKT 39
“A dark, cavernous dive bar a block off of the Rhein walking path, this establishment offers about 18 draught beers from the area along with a mixed bag of bottles. There is nothing particularly interesting here but I did find a few new to me beers.“
BeerandBlues2 519 days ago
58 /100
Gaffel Am Dom (Restaurant)
“I popped in here primarily to escape the Christmas Market crowds for a bit, and to use indoor plumbing. It is a large beer hall inside, just across the street from the Dom and the Hauptbanhof Köln. I enjoyed 2 stanges filled with Kölsch before heading out for further exploration.“
BeerandBlues2 519 days ago
56 /100 HEUMARKT 6
“A medium sized gasthaus beer hall in central Köln, just off the Rhein. There is an interesting revolving door with the top half golden stained glass and the bottom half wooden. Inside the tables are fairly close together and filled with locals and tourists looking for a hearty meal and fresh Kölsch. I skipped the meal since I had been snacking at the local Christmas Markets, though I did try their winter seasonal Dopplebock and low alcohol bier (which happens to be the first beer they brewed, according to my server). I would not seek this out as a destination but I did enjoy 2 beverages while I rested my feet.“
BeerandBlues2 519 days ago
72 /100
Früh am Dom (Restaurant)
“Came here on 21.11.2019. Back in Cologne after a long time. I am not a big Kölsch fan, but in this city the style is an absolute must and Früh is one of the better breweries. Located next to the Dom. Great ambiance. Typical tapping area next to the entrance and a few nicely decorated rooms. Definitely worth a stop.“
Schlenkerla 543 days ago
48 /100 FRIESENSTRASSE 64 - 66
“The place is very cool, lots of old wood and a very old school German vibe. The kolsch here is ok. The service here was the worst that I may have experienced in all of Germany. Maybe he was just having a bad day because another server was hours late, but no excuse to be such a dick.“
jbruner 552 days ago
50 /100 BUTTERMARKT 39
“This place at one time may have been pretty cool, but the ownership has let it decay and it has turned into more of a dive than a beer bar you want to hang out at. I honestly only stopped in because the sign said they had Schlenkerla on tap, but it turns out that's the rotator and they had a festbier on tap instead. A decent selection is the only thing it has going, but honestly Delirium is right around the corner, with a better selection and better vibe.“
jbruner 552 days ago
62 /100 HEUMARKT 62
“One of the busier places on the old town main square, with locals spilling out the doors and seated everywhere you could imagine inside, upstairs and down. Cool wood sculptures at the bar tables; the place seems hip, and a little pretentious honestly. The beer was ok, but nothing that great in my opinion, and the food seemed like standard Koln fair. A smaller producer, so worth stopping in just for that, but otherwise there are better kolsch breweries around. “
jbruner 552 days ago
58 /100
Sünner im Walfisch (Restaurant)
“German kolsch restaurant, not really a brewpub that I could tell. But that being said, a good German ambiance with a small little nook of a bar and lots of wood and seating upstairs and down. Good if you're touring as many kolsch bars as you can hit, but otherwise it could be skipped.“
jbruner 552 days ago
76 /100 SALZGASSE 2-4
“Cleaner and hipper than the Brussels version, likely because it is much newer and not open as many hours. But overall low key, as there were no more than 10 people there on a Friday night. Service was good, helpful and knowledgeable, whenever he wasn't watching soccer on his computer. Selection is impressive, as you would expect, with variable drat and bottles to fill it out. Nice break from the kolsch in Koln, without being dirty or arrogant.“
jbruner 588 days ago
88 /100 MARTINSTR. 32
“New school hipster dive feel with a few separate rooms to make it feel smaller, centered around a nice sized bar. Service was great, friendly and super knowledgeable about craft beer, which is rare in Germany. Selection was amazing, some local options as well as European and American craft beer as well - they had beers from Fonta Flora, the Bruery, Birds Fly South, etc. - impressive. If you get sick of the kolsch in Koln, go check this place out post haste.“
jbruner 589 days ago
“Nice little place, with a little biergarten outside. A little overpriced compared to some of the other ones in town, but when you're trying as many kolsch places as possible, worth a stop as Reissdorf is one of the better and most distributed ones .“
jbruner 589 days ago
54 /100
Löwenbräu Köln (Restaurant)
“Bar right on the river near old town Koln, with a decent sized patio attached to the hotel and restaurant. Beer was limited to the Lowenbrau standards and seasonal, food was solid German fair with a touch of Italian added in, and the prices were a bit high, but I guess as expected in a tourist area. Better places within spitting distance, unless you are a huge Lowenbrau fan.“
jbruner 589 days ago
78 /100 URSULAGARTENSTR. 11-15
“Space is tight, but packed with locals, so you know its got to be a good place to go. A tight bar area and some tables out front, big beer hall style tables with wood and lots of old paintings and beer paraphernalia on the walls. Beer choice is limited to their kolsch, but it was a good one. Service was decent enough, stayed on top of it as much as they could considering how busy it was. Food was good, standard German fair but well done. Seek this place out if you're in Cologne, the best beer experience I had there hands down.“
jbruner 596 days ago
70 /100
Gaffel Am Dom (Restaurant)
“Central location near the main train station in Koln. Huge inside, with lots of bar and table seating, lots of old wood, and some copper tanks there for show. Beer options were limited, but you go to Koln to try kolsch and they showcase Gaffel here, plus they have a hoppy version with Citra, both very tasty. Food was great, large portions and nicely done German specialties. Slightly pricier because it was in the tourist area of town, but not too crazy. Service was fairly typical for all of Germany, maybe even a little nicer, curt and quick but get the job done. Cool spot for sure.“
jbruner 596 days ago
“Atmospheric, rustic, cozy pub on the less travelled other side of the Rhine, very much a local’s place. A local Kolsch place with decent food. Was busy when we showed up and it took a long time to get a drink. The locals around us, also waiting, seemed pleasantly amused at the well-worn indifference of the staff, seemingly part of the charm. When first me (response from the waiter was “not yet “ who then went back to hanging with his pals and never returned) and then my wife tried to order food in her basic German, the result was a stream of aggressive demands (“let me ask you again, do you want onions” in a loud voice) by a large young male waiter looming over my pleasant, petite, middle age wife. A potentially nice place, but, the waiter shtick, was received as insulting to a couple of well-travelled outsiders with basic German. We decided to leave as our presence was unwanted.“
rbowser 605 days ago
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