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70 /100
Restaurant Wienges (Restaurant)
“Former Wienges brewpub, at the moment the beer (a lovely altbier) is being brewed for them, supposedly by Frankenheim, though the beer tastes different than Frankenheim. As for the aesthetics, it is a fairly typical Rhine area restaurant, with a wood-laden, brown interior, occasionally adorned with stained glass. The slightly snappy waiter is also something typical for this region. I deem this to be worth popping in, if only for a small glass of "their" delicious altbier. It might also be worthwhile to try their mussels - we did not have any but their smell reaching our nostrils from nearby tables was rather enticing.“
ElDesmadre 1550 days ago
36 /100
Dachsbau (Restaurant)
“Yes, this one is really rather a kitchy establishment. When you have 18 beers on tap, you better arrange for the offer to rotate, otherwise your patrons will grow tired of the selection and some beers will eventually go stale. Frankly, I’ve never experienced such an amount of flawed, old beer in a pub with so many taps. I would have been better off choosing a pub with a single Diebels tap than this one. Oh, the food was ok, while the prices were rather hefty.“
ElDesmadre 2102 days ago
46 /100 STERNSTRASSE 12-14
“Classic interior, a bit old style, even dull and a bit sad (high ceilings, poor decoration), I feel like in an old canteen. Three beers usually on tap, but frankly you can miss them, although the Weizen is quite perfumy. From the plates I see, I would not bother eating here.“
fiulijn 2669 days ago
70 /100 STERNSTRASSE 12-14
“Very traditional brewpub, which means also sort of ’cold and lifeless’. Almost exclusively woody interior, quite dark. Their main beer, an altbier is a good one but this place should be visited for its excellent kolsch and original, out of the ordinary hefeweizen. Service was ok, food was nice - both pork knuckle and mussels.“
ElDesmadre 2984 days ago
48 /100
Dachsbau (Restaurant)
“Wow, what a broad selection of widely available and - with the exception of the Bohemian beers - pretty mediocre beers in this kitchy and bourgeois pub… It is really hard to find such a modest Beer Menu in any other german restaurant. Only recommended for beginners. “
pivnizub 3315 days ago
50 /100
Herbst Pitt (Restaurant)
“Traditional large mock-brewpub ( brewing ceased here in 1972), quite similar to Düsseldorf and Cologne brewpubs or - maybe - a bit more bourgeois. The house-beer comes from Gleumes and is worth a detour!“
pivnizub 3340 days ago
70 /100 STERNSTRASSE 12-14
“Very traditional looking Brauereigaststätte, small patio, large and roomy interior. Three beers: Obergäriges Lagerbier (Alt), PIls (since october 2010, used to be a Helles) and Weizen. Very good food, both classical and special dishes.“
TreinJan 3360 days ago
66 /100
Herbst Pitt (Restaurant)
“Was here back in mid-July. I love places like this: old and worn and dark and wooden with modern people somehow inhabiting a pre-modern space, and cheeky waiters who aren’t afraid to sit down with them. Hearty, delicious food, and though you’re looking at filling up on the house Alt, it’s a good one.“
ganache 3371 days ago
72 /100 STERNSTRASSE 12-14
“The alt tasted like a cross between an Alt and a Kolsch, and was no more than OK to my taste. The food was beautifully cooked and on this evidence it is worth a visit“
Jenks 3403 days ago
74 /100 STERNSTRASSE 12-14
“As far is I know, it’s Krefelds oldest (and propably the only actual) brewpub on the margin of the centre with a traditional ambience and a nice homely, familiar atmosphere. The attendants there were kind, friendly and advertent, (beer)prices were reasonable. Tasted there the 3 kind of brews (Hell, Lager, Weizen) their have in March. Deservs anyway a visit, if you maybe visit the city oneself or the Niederrhein-region. “
inbirraveritas 3823 days ago
78 /100
Dachsbau (Restaurant)
“Thanks to eaglefan538’s rating, I found this place too. Nice food, friendly waiters and quite cozy interior. You get the feeling you are in someones living room. For a German place, the selection is vast and varied. Some Czech beers, year-round doppelbock on tap, and some 25-30 bottled ones, including a sticky kriek. Unfortunately only had the time for dinner and three beers here, would have loved to be here all night.“
yngwie 4150 days ago
60 /100
Trinkgut (Beer Store)
“There’s a lot of beer shops all over the area, try a google search for getränkemarkt krefeld, but this is the one closest to city centre, just a short walk from Gleumes Brauerei. It is also one of the two best stocked of those I visited. Well worth a visit if you’re looking for German beers. As usual in Germany, not much foreign, but on the other hand, it’s not needed either.“
yngwie 4150 days ago
46 /100
Herbst Pitt (Restaurant)
“A regular restaurant, only interesting because of its housebeer brewed by the local brewpub/restaurant Gleumes Brauerei. The waitor was friendly and quick, the prices on the meny seemed fine, but only had a beer. If you visit Dachsbau, this is worth a visit as it’s just around the corner.“
yngwie 4150 days ago
70 /100 STERNSTRASSE 12-14
“Krefeld is probably not the place you go to for the beer, but if you find yourselves in this town, be sure to visit Gleumes. Fine beer, also their weizen, and the food is worth a try too. I went there twice, and was lucky to get a new beer the second day. The waiters were quick and friendly, and the interior sort of thirties in a more modern way. Be sure to visit the place called Herbst Pitt as well when in town, that’s the only place you get the Herbst Pitt beer from Gleumes.“
yngwie 4151 days ago
88 /100
Dachsbau (Restaurant)
“Man, what can I say? You can’t get any better than this for a pub in Krefeld. Stop by if you are in the area, the selection of taps is impressive and the bottles don’t disappoint, either. Very nice atmosphere, all sorts of photo-sakes. The outdoor biergarten was very relaxing on a nice cool summer evening and we had a great time sipping beers that just aren’t that easy to get in the States. Gleumes and Dachsbau are two places I wouldn’t miss in Krefeld.“
User37895 4790 days ago
80 /100 STERNSTRASSE 12-14
“Another fine German stop. Beer is the highlight, although the food and atmosphere is likewise enjoyable. Only had lunch here, so not sure about the dinner scene, but the outdoor patio was very enjoyable on a sunny day. Their altbier is worth a sampling or two!“
User37895 4794 days ago
76 /100 STERNSTRASSE 12-14
“Very traditional brewpub, it looks as if nothing has changed here since the 1930’s; friendly, quick service, good beer. Fine place !“
pivnizub 5353 days ago
70 /100 STERNSTRASSE 12-14
“Great Brewery and restaurant. Local German clientele. Bauern-Omlette always a good choice to go with their lager. Service friendly and quick. Will bring a new glass if they see yours is empty. Not expensive. Enjoy! Open all day on Saturday. Sunday: 17-24.“
lovelacm 5779 days ago
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