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80 /100 DOHRGASSE 23
“Very friendly and family-run little shop, well-hidden behind the little villages town center. The selection was nice, mainly Bavarian-Franconian beer along with some craft beers from Camba Bavaria and some Belgian / British beers. Prices are very moderate and the service wonderful. Very friendly and talkative woman with knowledge. But be aware that you are not able to pay with card, only cash. Would come back.“
McTapps 2356 days ago
72 /100 DOHRGASSE 23
“Small beerstore not far from the highway. Visited on our way home from Belgium to pick up some cheap, and local german beers. Good selection, a few of the bigger brands, but mostly locals. Good english speaking service with a good knowledge of the beers they sell. Good prices, but remember cash as the dont take creditcards.“
Camons 2379 days ago
80 /100 DOHRGASSE 23
“Nice crowded (and a bit confusing) Beer-store in a suburb of Leverkusen. Always lots of new beers, always changing variety. Many Bavarian stuff - specialised in small breweries.“
Erzengel 2479 days ago
68 /100 ADOLF-KASCHNY-STR. 1-5
“So we’ve been to a football game in the BayArena in Leverkusen when we decided on our way back to make a stop in this bottle shop. It is only around 4 minutes away from the ground and around three minutes from the speed way. It is a normal German bottle shop which comes very tidy, unspectacular and big. But the selection of beer is -at least when you are from another part of the county- really nice and really local. Found some nice Kölschs, also light and alc-free, some local Landbiere I’ve never seen before, some spectacular local beers (like Gaffels Sonnenhopfen) etc. The best is a little stand where you can get lots of meads, ciders and beers from abroad. This was so surprising and really nice. Of course I’d never would go to this bottle shop again because it is just too far away from my home town, but if you happen to be there it is a hot spot to get some nice beers. Prices are around average (one bottle for 0,80 to 3,50 €).“
McTapps 2835 days ago
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