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“Big drinks store in Bitburg. As a german the selection is pretty much common to many special drink stores, so not many new beers for me. But quite a good selection.“
rhoihessegold 1227 days ago
“Very close to both the new Bitburg brewery and the highway. A big place, like some of the the Belgian places that are located in big halls. When you enter the place you see the beers, continueing on the right side. The left side and the back have drinks like wine, liquor, water, juices and soda (as far as I could see, I was a bit in a hurry so focused on the beers only). Most of the beers (a lot though) are most likely well known by most beer connaiseurs, yet I found enough new ones, but in a hurry so I left a lot on the shelves and in crates. The side shelves have some interesting small breweries (micro’s and light craft oriented) promoted. The last shelf had some German craft beer, some Austrian craft beer, typical Belgians and some specials. Service was friendly, but guess they were a bit busy and getting ready to close up about 30 min. after I left. Prices were a little bit higher than I am used of in Germany. But with a very nice selection, friendly people working there and some craft beers, I happily left with some boxes of good beer. Would absolutely visit this place again and make a detour when max about an hour away. Knowing there is ’t much interesting places that close by.“
Countbeer 2476 days ago
60 /100 RÖMERMAUER 3
“The brewery didn’t take more than 2 persons at a time for a tour, so we were told (at a saturday). Thus we went to the bar/cafe next to the brewery which actually belongs to the brewery, or is owned by the brewery. The gift shop in the brewery is as one would expect: clothes, menorabilia, etc. The bar/cafe had all the beers from Bitburg either by bottle and/or tap and also the beers from Kostritzer. Found the Pale Ale from Kostritzer which was a serious nice surprise, though I saw Pale Ales are becoming more interesting for the the Bitburg area, luckily. Service was ok, one grumpy man, and two happy ladies, so they balanced eachother. Prices were cheap and the place looked very neat. When in the vicinity, worth a visit, but don’t detour for this!“
Countbeer 2476 days ago
54 /100 RÖMERMAUER 3
“On my way to Luxembourg, stopped for a tour at the brewery. Unfortunately today is Monday, so except for reception all is closed. Very friendly lady at reception though.“
vipinvelp 3358 days ago
66 /100 RÖMERMAUER 3
“The tour is pretty cool and the free samples afterwards are definitely cool. Pretty awesome brewery operation. Worth doing again!!! Gift shop is pretty decent as well.“
auderale 3753 days ago
60 /100 RÖMERMAUER 3
“tours are only done on weekdays so you have to plan accordingly. I visited during our beer keg rolling tourny and we had a couple of beers at the breweries attached tap room. Large facility and they really spared no cost to make this place look nice, but in the end the beer is average and it’s just a very large production brewery.“
fata2683 3871 days ago
72 /100 RÖMERMAUER 3
“I live in the Eifel Region of Germany for almost 5 years, you can not go anywhere and not see Bitburger signs here. The largest privately owned brewery, has numerous tours both in English and German. Although they do not have samples on the establishment they give you free tickets for beer at a local pub. If you are in the area I recommend taking a tour.“
SHIG 5837 days ago
58 /100 RÖMERMAUER 3
“For 2.5 years, I lived down the hill from the new brewing complex on the outskirts of Bitburg. They offer tours for groups if you call and arrange it, either in German or English. As part of the tour, you also visit the old brewery in the center of Bitburg (along the old Roman wall area), which is where their expansive gift shop still is. They don’t have their own tap room, but that doesn’t matter since Bitburger is all over the place in the region.“
Braudog 6019 days ago
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