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“Worth a visit if you are in Koblenz. Local beers. Craftbeers seem to be mostly the typical OnePint beers.“
rhoihessegold 1155 days ago
“Large beergarden at the joining of Mosel and Rhine. Was very crowded on a sunny sunday. Not worth to stop here for ticks, but its alright to have a cold beer. Andechser Bergbock on tap which was quite nice.“
rhoihessegold 1355 days ago
“Guter Laden, nette Leute“
MBlessing 1386 days ago
“Typischer Getränkemarkt mit untypisch guter Bierauswahl. Schöne regionale Caft Biere. Besuch lohnt sich.“
DrNosha 1386 days ago

We cycled from the centre of Koblenz out to here it was a choice of going to the brewpub or here but logic suggested here as the brewpub would have taken us a further 6-7 km out of Koblenz the wrong way i.e. further from our campsite whereas this was on the same side of the river and the correct river (Mosel not Rhine). We visited here Tuesday 28th June 2016. Getting here was a ball-ache, Google Maps usually so reliable knew where it was but insisted on taking us a bizarre cycle route which wasn’t pleasant and then we had to customise it as it tried to take us alongside the railway track on a path/service road that had long been shut off to traffic, however we did come across what might be my first ever sighting of a mobile home red light district, it was a tidy looking set up for those interested.

I found Der Getränke-Spezialist on a German craft beer website. When you eventually get here you’ll find that it is situated in a large trading estate and not in the middle of the ocean which where I have apparently added it when you click the map, not sure why address details were copied from the website grrrr......

One of the people who worked there looked a little surprised that two ’tourist type’s’ had cycled here, it looks the place where most folk would drive to and buy by the crate. It is a modest sized drinks warehouse the beers are mostly displayed in crates and it is fair to say that there is a decent choice, however this way of displaying whilst handy for the bulk buyer who knows exactly what they want isn’t so good for the likes of me who likes to browse shelving. It was clear that there was some local beers but I struggled to be enthused, we walked around hoping to see some wonderous stuff on shelves but alas no. The prices looked very good and staff were friendly, but I think that this is more for the bulk buyer and for those who know what they want. Finally it claims to have 300 beer or beer mixer products, that looked a little optimistic to me, but that is what the website claims.

Fin 1698 days ago
58 /100
Altes Brauhaus (Restaurant)

We visited Altes Brahaus, Tuesday 28th June 2016. It is pretty centrally located and is in the Altstadt. We found it quite easily when walking the short distance from the old main? square.

It was fairly quiet when we arrived which I guess was mid afternoon, the owner seemed a jovial chap, he was over to us straight away asking us what we wanted, we asked for a beer list but with him hovering around albeit in a very smiley way we sort of rushed our choosing, though I thought that the choice was a little limited anyhow. I had a local pilsner which was ok, Loz a dark beer from Boltens brewery which she said was too sweet and a bit boring (I agreed with her).

Inside it was a little dark, however it’s location along a narrow’ish road/alleyway probably curtailed a lot of natural light. The place seemed to be kitted out for an upcoming evening, reading the posters it looks like Mallorcan night was going to happen soon. It was a pleasant enough bar, tidy, friendly and I am guessing more popular in the evening. Prices were (as always in Germany) very reasonable.

Fin 1703 days ago
“Brewery tap with 4 beers. Nothing interesting.“
Sokolov 2166 days ago
44 /100
Altes Brauhaus (Restaurant)
“Central located in a narrow passage of the old town. It’s a quite large, darkish public house for eating and drinking. Their menu of draught beers were larger than in many other German pubs, about 10 taps displaying most of the traditional German beer styles, even an Altbier and a bock. The service was next to rude. I guess we encountered the same snappish and brusque lady as imdownthepub (see below) did in early June. Typical German style, said my friend. I’m not sure about that, but this lady did not make us feel welcome. Pity because the pub ambient and beer quality were quite nice (visited with Eva and Kjell 23.07.2014).“
Rune 2395 days ago
“Visited in mid July on a hot day. Caught the 650 bus from Koblenz Hbf which drops off over the road. Massive building overlooking river and railway. Outside terrace. Beer was decent and a reasonable range. Arrived for a lightining visit and took 30 mins to get a beer. Place wasn’t rammed at all just bad service. Would liked to have stayed longer but would probably have died of thirst“
WingmanWillis 2411 days ago
“This proved to be a bit of a scruffy place at the joining of the Mosel with the Rhine known as Deutsches Eck. By scruffy I probably mean over worn. It is a large seating area. Now the beer ordering was total chaos as you have to queue in a canteen like situation with the teenage girls not knowing anything about the beers. If you enjoy drinking along with screaming kids and fast food eating teenagers then this may be for you, not for us.“
imdownthepub 2459 days ago
42 /100
Altes Brauhaus (Restaurant)
“Old city centre pub, previously part of the brewery. Nicely worn interior, all wood panels and benches, that was the good bit. There was a distinctly hostile and snappy waitress who was not going to be messed with, a really odd attitude, who does she think she is better than? Not sure I would return.“
imdownthepub 2459 days ago
54 /100
Altes Brauhaus (Restaurant)
“Once a brewery, now a Königsbacher restaurant and pub. A classic dark, wood interior and a long bar counter. Tasty German food and Königsbacher beers, Gaffel Kölsch and Gatzweiler Alt from tap. Sadly, the staff did not know much about beer. But, on the table you will find a informative "Brauhaus newspaper" with history, advertising and the full menu. (Visited June 28th 2012)“
Bryne 3137 days ago
“A nice biergarten near Deutsches Eck and the new Seilbahn. Not the most exciting beer selection, but you will find most of the (pretty weird) beers from Bitburger and of course a fresh Königssbacher Pils from tap. It is more convenient to visit this biergarten than Königsbacher Brauerei Ausschank, which is situated in the far outskirts of Koblenz. (Visited June 28th 2012)“
Bryne 3137 days ago
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