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60 /100 BURGWEG 10
“Great location with a beautiful view of the whole area. The food is very good with a nice but limited selection of beers on tap. Nice place to relax with a beer and enjoy the view.“
Bif 2402 days ago
54 /100
Alt Landstuhl (Restaurant)
“Nice typical German Restaurant. The food and service is very good but the beer list is quite short. Come for the food and save the beer drinking for later.“
Bif 2402 days ago
40 /100 TORFSTRASSE 01
“Disappointing - mostly regional beers you can also get in local supermarkets, dismal basement/garage look.“
thorongil2 2798 days ago
50 /100 AM ALTEN MARKT 13
“Fairly standard Irish pub geared toward Americans stationed nearby. Can get a bit rowdy on weekends, but usually in a fun way.Beer list is not exciting.“
Travlr 3105 days ago
54 /100
Alt Landstuhl (Restaurant)
“A standard place for folks stationed at Ramstein Air Base or Landstuhl nearby. Food is solid, beer is nothing too exciting.“
Travlr 3105 days ago
72 /100
Alt Landstuhl (Restaurant)
“Great German food, and one of the few places I know to get Diebels Alt on tap. Nice dark wood and rustic German atmosphere. English spoken.“
stevoj 3153 days ago
58 /100 TORFSTRASSE 01
“Normal getrankemarkt selection and style, Some seasonals and specials...“
stevoj 3178 days ago
66 /100 BURGWEG 10
“I have been here many times over the years. The location is fantastic even if hard to reach. The beer selection is a bit thin but there are some rare locals there. Food and sevice are both top notch.“
Bierkrug 3483 days ago
62 /100 BURGWEG 10
“Cozy bar inside a modern restaurant. Go through the restaurant itself and turn left to find it. Smoking is allowed, as this is one of the many exceptions to the rule, for some reason. They had a keller bier on tap, a nice find, and unique on this trip. Restaurant next door has good food. The castle, Burg Nanstein, is just a few steps away, with an expansive view over the whole vally, all the way to Burg Lichtenberg, the largest castle in Europe, in Kusel.“
Travlr 3483 days ago
58 /100 TORFSTRASSE 01
“Reasonable selection of local and regional beers, without any surprises. Friendly enough staff. Similar to most other beverage stores in the area.“
Travlr 3484 days ago
58 /100 AM ALTEN MARKT 13
“A normal Irish place but understand it is pretty much for Americans which is not a problem for me. If you miss the US and want to meet other Americans this could be your place. But other than that just a normal place.“
Indutiomarus 3545 days ago
66 /100 TORFSTRASSE 01
“Not a bad stop when in the area. They have a great selection of local beers. Some others as well. Don’t expect much help from the young staff but they were freindly.“
Bierkrug 3832 days ago
62 /100 TORFSTRASSE 01
“Typical Gertranke, nice selection of beers. Close to Ramstein and Landstuhl. This is one of 4 Toom’s in the area of Kasierslautern.“
oldrtybastrd 4053 days ago
58 /100 TORFSTRASSE 01
“Added this place due to the occasional Forum post asking about where to buy beer near Ramstein Air Force Base. This is probably the best place to look that is close by (although the Kaufland next to it has a fair selection as well). Primarily local beers (Bischoff, Karlsberg, and Park) and beers from the larger German brewers. They have a decent selection of Andechser beers and are doing better with seasonal beers. Only non-German beers are a couple of Polish and Czech beers. Still a decent selection for the area. (For military personnel - you can buy some Belgian beers on Ramstein at the Belgian Support Unit (just north of the traffic circle by the east gate) - they sell a few by the case and have a small bar and gift shop in the building. Great group of friendly people and worth a visit or three).“
shrubber85 4144 days ago
62 /100 AM ALTEN MARKT 13
“In the Blarney they finally have Strongbow Cider, which is a big advance from their previous cider (?). The Murphy’s Red is a good choice, but I think it’s ok NOT to have Guinness. Maybe they could take in a good Lager or an additional Ale. The local beer is quite good, but I need an international brand. They do have Heineken in bottles, but I’m looking for a solid Lager draught. Food is ok, nothing to write home about. Otherwise very homey.“
einhorn 5551 days ago
54 /100 AM ALTEN MARKT 13
“Decent Irish pub for Germany - gets crowded on weekends with US military (don’t believe the GQ article that makes this place sound like a strip club - in fact, after that article expect this place to get very mellow). More a place for watching an English football or Rugby match than for a big variety of beer.“
shrubber85 5807 days ago
62 /100 AM ALTEN MARKT 13
“Nice little Irish Pub down in the old market of Landstühl. Strange that they don’t serve Guinness! The Harp and Ciders they have on tap (along with mixed drinks) make up for it. Dart machine for quality entertainment if the soccer, cricket, or rugby games on the TVs don’t suit your fancy. VERY limited food selection and NO FOOD on Sundays. Crowd gets too thick and young on the weekends, but the local Irish are friendly during the week. Service is quick and friendly.“
lovelacm 5857 days ago
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