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70 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“Nice little brewpub. Place is cozy with old interior and a good view to the copper kettles. Nice biergarten outside. Brewer was cleaning the kettles while I was there and the electronic controls look to be from the 70’s or so. Good experience to visit and their helles is superb! Nice, fresh and unfiltered.“
saxo 1591 days ago
72 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“Place didn’t look open when we arrived. But on entering we were greated and served by the brewer a delicious Helles beer and whilst it was the only one available it is very much a case of quality over quantity. Whilst enjoying the beer, the brewer then continued to work on the brew kettles which sit in the main bar area creating a not often experienced ambiance. Really enjoyed the visit and the place.“
Grumbo 1591 days ago
50 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“1 beer on draught - they don’t go for choice in here’ Even no bottles. As to the ’’Helles’’, it had some serious diacetyl, not everybody would feel happy. The courtyard Biergarten is crude but quite nice, and they even have a real Keller. Don’’t let the pic on the website fool you - "oldfashioned’’ is a nice way of describing both restaurant as hotel. The food, however is way better than the usual German fare, and the beer accompagnies it well.“
JorisPPattyn 2173 days ago
68 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“Bereits zum dritten Mal besucht. Gemütliches kleines Brauhaus mit Hotel. Das Personal ist bei hoher Besucheranzahl leicht überfordert. Die Preise sind günstig, das Essen ordentlich.“
Beerhunter111 2486 days ago
68 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“A nice brewpub with nice food and beer made in place. With an hotel. Nice ambience and friendly service. Definitely a place to return.“
ruigo 2651 days ago
66 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“Visited on the 4/10-2012. Great countryside brauhus ( with a hotel as well ). Multiroomed pub, great atmosphere and friendly staff. A bitaway from everything, but I think it is in an area where a lots of cyclist and hikers come. A sign in the beergarden said " Bicycles have to stay outside ". We stayed at the hotel overnigth, large rooms and lovely breakfast.“
Brugmansia 3065 days ago
66 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“Nice atmosphere for a beer and schnitzel! Service was also great and prompt.“
Holy 3271 days ago
64 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“Nice countryside setting, they even had a horse out front. The biergarten was really great on a nice summer evening. Only one beer, hence the low score for selection, but it was tasty. Food was good too. Worth a stop.“
Travlr 3271 days ago
76 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“Lovely spot in a small village. Helles on drought was nice and cloudy with full taste, and exactly what I needed after a hard day working over the border in Luxembourg. Accommodation was very good value and elegant. “
JimGent 3291 days ago
72 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“I was driven here by a friend who lives in Luxembourg on 30th Dec 2011: we had lunch and two different beers, both on-tap. Situated in a small village in the middle of nowhere this is a lovely place and well worth finding. The main bar/brewing room is interesting with barrel staves used as a ceiling in places the whole room is full of different bits and pieces as well as paintings worth looking at. The brewing equipment is on your right as you enter. A seperate function room is at the rear, designed to look and feel like a cellar bar. The food was very good, my wife and I had Mushroom covered Schitzels and our friend a locally named meal featuring Leberkäse with a fried egg on top. Both the beers were fine, the only two they had draught at the time of our visit. There were a party of six on our arrival and a few more people came in before we left, but it was very quiet really. We didn’t mind, but it is never going to be a ’kicking’ place because of its location. “
BlackHaddock 3401 days ago
80 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“A great place and very cool beergarten. Spent and nice summer afternoon here. A very nice little brewpub. Sevice is very good.“
Indutiomarus 3616 days ago
74 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“An old rustic place whit some very different decorations. A large beer garden with nice trees in it and partly covered. Service is good Prices are the normal German level. A great out of the way place.“
Bierkrug 3748 days ago
76 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“Awesome location, I really like it! Beers are ok (the Maibock was awesome!!). Food is also very satisfying. Service is great, you have to wait for a beer at max. 3-4 minutes. Definitely worth of a visit, wehn you’re hereabout.“
Grima 3898 days ago
62 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“Visited in the late afternoon to have dinner. It’s in the middle of nowhere, but a good deal of locals and bikers/cyclists found their way into the courtyard. Lots of wooden tables, all aligned. Beers were only available on tap, and to my regret I have to say they sucked. Diacetyl/butter all over. Service was a bit stressed, but still friendly enough to provide me the Dunkel which was not being sold because the keg wasn’t cold enough yet. I insisted I wanted to try the beer, and got one, although they thought I was crazy for drinking tepid beer. Food was very nice, not the cheapest for Germany but very affordable. Didn’t check the interior because there was a funeral reception going on.“
Borresteijn 4353 days ago
82 /100 HAUPTSTR.1
“Last visit April 2001: Awesome place in an historic building in SW Germany. Cobbled courtyard is the best place to drink their quality brews. I love Germany.“
Braudog 5362 days ago
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