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60 /100
BritShop (Grocery Store)
“I frequented this place for lunch when I worked at the building just behind, and have been back a handful of times since then. Open to anyone who can access Ramstein Air Base, whether military ID card holders or their guests. Food is tasty British style, very inexpensive since it’s subsidized. Nearby is a Canadian-run shop that does bottled beer and liquor.“
Travlr 3007 days ago
38 /100
Northside Shopette (Grocery Store)
“As stated by Bierkrug and Travlr, you can only buy here if you’re military or work on base. They do have a few Bavarian beers here that are not readily available locally and the obvious US and Mexican macros (occasionally a Sam Adams specialty sneaks in). On rare occasions, there are distributors giving away swag.“
shrubber85 3065 days ago
“Just discovered this little place right in my backyard. Mostly sells juices and wines, but carries small selection of specialty beers.“
stevoj 3149 days ago
68 /100
BritShop (Grocery Store)
“A small store serving the British community at NATO HQ/Ramstein. Recently have been stocking many beers, with promise to rotate selection. Other British goods to be had also. Requires US Military or NATO ID.“
stevoj 3216 days ago
36 /100
Northside Shopette (Grocery Store)
“I too find it od that this was put in. There is a mixed selection of US and German beers. Nothing really intereseting and the German beers are cheaper off base.“
Bierkrug 3291 days ago
42 /100
Northside Shopette (Grocery Store)
“Wow, I can’t believe someone (not me) put this on RateBeer, since you can’t access is unless you’re working for, or in, the US military or NATO. At any rate, although it’s mostly macros, you can theoretically order any beer that’s available at any other US military liquor store in the world - although I’ve never tried it. Until that’s demonstrated to me, I’ll rate selection low.“
Travlr 3293 days ago
64 /100 SEEWOOG
“What more can you could ask for tah a beer in a park-like setting by the lake? Minimal offerings (Bitburger, Park export and a hefe weizen) and some light food, but the setting more than makes up for it.“
stevoj 3422 days ago
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