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“7 regular varieties, some changing specials (like Bock, Seasonal ...) some beers on tap including the newest special, taproom and beer garden, brewery festival with additional brewers once a year, brewery guided tours and tastings during the year“
Vassago666 1392 days ago
“Small bistro 5min by foot from the train station. Bratwurts, currywurst and all that stuff. Sander beers are listed on the menu but werent in stock. Some Meckatzer beers though. Food was good.“
rhoihessegold 1639 days ago
70 /100
Gegros Abholmarkt (Beer Store)
“Drinks shop a little off the city center of Worms. Parking in front of the shop. Solid assortment. Some RLP locals as Bischoff and Mayers from the region. Of course the Sander beers. Some bavarina stuff you dont see everywhere. Some more "craft" stuff on shelves but looked pretty thin and empty, so they might cleared some items from the stock.“
rhoihessegold 1762 days ago
“Shop and bar of the brewery. Some beers on tap, all availabel in bottles. Prices are good. Easy reachable by car via the Autobahn. Solid service.“
rhoihessegold 1762 days ago
64 /100 AM RHEIN 3
“Large place at the river rhine. Four beers always available, Hell, Dunkel, Weizen and a seasonal changing every month. Food was solid. Good Prices, Beers are decent. Atmosphere is okay. Service good.“
rhoihessegold 1966 days ago
54 /100 AM RHEIN 3
“Large brewpub on the Rhein. Large well lit venue. Bar off to one side, brewery squeezed behind that. $ beers on tap, one a seasonal. I found the beer to be quite sweet and malty.“
foamee 2202 days ago
72 /100 AM RHEIN 3
“Visited several times. Large brewpub, Service is friendly, a bit slow. The beers are average. They have a lot of seasonals.“
Beerhunter111 2310 days ago
50 /100 AM RHEIN 3
“Large brewpub by the Rhein. It brews four beers: a hell, dunkel, weizen, and a seasonal. The food was not tried, but looked fairly standard. Most people were dining, and the waiter became disinterested when he discovered that I had only come to drink. Even worse, he tried the old trick of bringing me a pretzel when I hadn’t ordered one. Worth a visit to tick the run of the mill beers if you are in the area, but not worth a special journey“
Euroscooper 2493 days ago
“This is a small cafe on a square near the station. It’s main line is bratwurst, and to be perfectly honest I stopped here to get a bite to eat, before heading off to find one of the few bars in Worms that sell Sander beers. However I had a change of plan when I discovered that they also sell Sander’s beers from bottles to go with the bratwurst and burgers. It has a small indoor seating area with more tables in the park outside, and they are more than happy for you just to drink“
Euroscooper 2493 days ago
60 /100 AM RHEIN 3
Visited a few times between 2010 and 2012
At the third try I finally manage to try their biers (once was the weekly closing day, once it closed earlier because of… rain); there is nothing spectacular about the interior, just a quite fresh restaurant, smallish, but extended by closed verandas; it is nice on summer days, with a view on the Rhein. Nothing special about the service, no English spoken. Four beers available, nothing is impressive: all have a weak body, the Weizen is lightly infected, the Helles and Dunkles (a Schwarz indeed) are reasonably good, the Festbier is immediately forgotten. Recently it seems that they are trying something new, some Ale in disguise; not always the best result, but kudos for trying.
I ate there only ones I think, and they could have done better...“
fiulijn 3398 days ago
60 /100 AM RHEIN 3
“A nice place on the Rhine, but beers were pretty boring. Service was OK. Nothing special.“
TimE 3922 days ago
74 /100 AM RHEIN 3
“(Visited in 11/2011): Wormser Hagenbräu is located right on the Rhine riverbank, a short walk from the Nibelungenbrücke. The interior is reminiscent of a family restaurant, with a small wraparound bar toward the back and table seating elsewhere. The brewing equipment is visible in the back as well. They have a patio as well. Rampant smoking detracted from the atmosphere but what can ya do. The brewpub has 4 beers on tap, including a Helles, Weizen, Dunkles and Kastanienbier (chestnut). Also took home a nice Doppelbock that comes out around that time of year. Service on my early evening visit was good. The bartender was friendly, as was a server who noticed I was struggling with communicating with the bartender and helped translate. I did not have any food on my visit. Overall this spot is a nice place to check out right on the river.“
Dogbrick 3936 days ago
“Large restaurant and bar, plus extensive Biergarten, a few 100 metres outside the centre of Worms (on the other side of the railway line). There was an Eichbaum-owned brewery there until 1978. This "Brauhaus" dates from 2008. Extensive menu, good food. Beers by Eichbaum, Mannheim, including one or more beers brewed specially for this place.“
TreinJan 4103 days ago
70 /100 AM RHEIN 3
“Large old building on the banks of the Rhine, about 15 minutes walk from the centre of Worms. Nice interior, a lot of wood but not dark. Lots of space inside and out, with view towards the river. Three standard beers, plus a monthly changing speciality. Good food, and the special beers can indeed be out of the ordinary (for Germany).“
TreinJan 4108 days ago
80 /100 AM RHEIN 3
“A large place on the banks of the Rhine. As said a fantastic view. Large outdoor area. The food is also nice and the help does well with the crowds. Prices are very good as well. A nice summer stop for sure.“
Bierkrug 4187 days ago
78 /100 AM RHEIN 3
“A view that’s hard to beat - right on the Rhein river just next to the Nibelungen bridge. Just something about drinking a beer right on the river. Regional food primarily but with some non-German food as well. Usually 4 of their own beers on tap with all beers available for takeaway. Great place.“
shrubber85 5344 days ago
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