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64 /100 ZUM STAUSEE 190
“Nice place close to the hotel and the barrier lake. Large place, no chance without reservation during Corvid-19 times. Smart staff, very fast service. Some local food, 3 own beers on tap. All of them a little bit too sweet. Níce to sit outside during sundown.“
dunklermessias 560 days ago
60 /100 ZUM STAUSEE 190
“Nice place close to the the sea, who where attracting alot of people on a very hot day. Big traditional brewhouse, big garten with a nice view over the hills, woods and a small part of the sea. 3 beers on tap, hell, dunkel and wiess. Fair quality allthough rather sweet. Fine service, somewhat slow even at opening time. Fine prices.“
Camons 644 days ago
40 /100 ZUM STAUSEE 190
“Quite a crowded place, even though it was rather big, and also had a huge terrace outside. Service was really slow as fuck if you went for beers only. From ordering it took close to 30 minutes before we got our two beers (the third was sold out at the moment). And before anyone bothered coming to pick money up from us there had passed probably some 45 more minutes. Varying quality in the beers too.“
oh6gdx 2451 days ago
64 /100 ZUM STAUSEE 190
“Visited on the 4/10-2012. Large brewpub close to the forest, very friendly, spacy place, very nice staff. Large parking space just outside. We had 3 of their beers, well conditioned, 0,3 l glass, which is nice if you are in car :-) Some nice deco and the lamps were made of empty bottles.. They do food, but didn´t eat there.“
Brugmansia 3360 days ago
72 /100 ZUM STAUSEE 190
“A really great place with some fantastic food. Beer or ok too. A really nice place in the summer as well.“
Indutiomarus 3754 days ago
76 /100 ZUM STAUSEE 190
“Absolutely great food, I also like those beers. Nothing special, but it quiet good! Definitely worth of a visit. The area around the lake is really great!“
Grima 4194 days ago
80 /100 ZUM STAUSEE 190
“Very nice location on the lake. Nice big dining area. Service was quick and attentive, and the food was excellent (with some authentic Saarlander dishes). Apparently the quality of the beer has improved over the past year - not spectacular but decent. As Bierkrug and Saarlander have already said, it’s not too convenient unless you happen to be in the Trier area to begin with (or stationed at Baumholder or Spangdahlem).“
shrubber85 4589 days ago
70 /100 ZUM STAUSEE 190
“Over all not a bad place. It is best for a break while swimming at the lake. Beer is ok but nothing special for Germany. Food is good however. As Saarlander said not worth a long trip but a nice setting and great when combined with a lake visit.“
Bierkrug 4918 days ago
52 /100 ZUM STAUSEE 190
“Food is great at this place, its a large restaurant, that brews several of their own beers, go for the food, its great, but don´t go just for the beer, you´ll be dissapointed as I was.“
Saarlander 5909 days ago
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