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78 /100 HÜXSTRAßE 75
“A stand-out web shop for mainly international and some German craft beer, providing access to beers from Norway, Sweden and Estonia. I managed to get some really sought-after, newly released beers I couldn't find elsewhere, at least not within that density of high quality. The prices are a little steep though, and the focus is heavily on Imperial Stouts and NEIPAs. Shipping is quick, communication is customer-focused, overall good service. Great shop, especially by German standards.“
Zlotta 108 days ago
68 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Visited during the 2020 pandemic... Friendly staff, choice of their beers is the zwickle and three "craftbeers", service is quick, beergarden was spacious enough. Inside its quite decorated with all sorts of beer related stuff... If you are in the area id say go for it.“
SVD 214 days ago
“Centrally located, on a busy street. Understated, simple inside. Good selection of German scene, sharing the space 50/50 with foreign recognised breweries. Helpful aknowledged young staff, pity they didn't want to share shop's WiFi with me when I ran out of transfer on my phone. Not the cheapest, but definitely worth a visit. Amount of locals inside suggests it's the best place in Lubeka.“
mieszal92 437 days ago
“Small, narrow shop, two long shelves with bottles and cans grouped by style. Brewing equipment and a small assortment of related litterature as well. Beer is mainly from Schleswig Holstein and Hamburg, some European and a handful US bottles. Selection is rather decent and by far the best you'll find i Lübeck. Prices er ok and service is friendly.“
martin00sr 641 days ago
“Sehr netter kleiner Laden mit hilfreichem Mitarbeiter und einer sehr guten Auswahl vor allem lokaler Biere aus Schleswig-Holstein und Umgebung. Normale Preise.“
Sven1973 648 days ago
62 /100
Mix Markt (Grocery Store)
“Visited because of MiPs Review. Russain Supermarket with the charme of the 70ies. Bund a very nice selektion of Russian beer. Sometimes without translation so I guess a lot of Lager and Pilsner. About 15+ different beers. Staff is as frindly as needed. Parking lot behind the building.“
dunklermessias 775 days ago
68 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Visited on a windy and cold afternoon, 29th Oct 2018. Really liked the place. We sat in the main bar area, no one outside and one person in the smoking room; four others in our area, didn't venture upstairs. Friendly lady serving, four beers on tap; Haake Beck Krausen, jever Pils, Einbecker Ur-Bock (Dunkel) and something called Zolln Dunkel (the server just said it came from the South). Anyway each beer was fine and in good condition. I liked the place, old and tidy, full of character in a Germanic way.“
BlackHaddock 851 days ago
“Visited on the afternoon of Monday 29th Oct 2018. This is a smoking bar, but none of the customers on our visit were doing so. Jever Pilsener, Krombacker Pilsener and a Lowenbrau beer were on tap; so no real ticking to be had here. This is a 'throwback sort of Bierstuben' dark wooden bar, nicotine stained walls and ceilings, two joined drinking areas, one small serving counter and a clock that stopped years ago which no body can be bothered to correct and wind up. Come here for a decent beer and take a step back in time (before everywhere like this disappears) and look at the old pictures on the walls and the faces of the aging regulars.“
BlackHaddock 851 days ago
“Located in the gemütliche Hüxstrasse. The selection is great for Lübeck, and the prices are very reasonable. Good music on the stereo, as well.“
MiP 1181 days ago
60 /100
Altstadt Bierhaus (Restaurant)
“This is more a fine resturant then a place to go for a couple of beers. Nice tables and meny. The price of beers is higher than the other two places I visited and the beers was from bigger breweries.“
TEJA 1256 days ago
58 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“A fine brewpub with the brew kettle inside the pub and stem filling the place. Unfortunately only one beer at our visit but a pitcher at 9.95€ is a bargain! The Schweinhaxe was perfect as always in Germany and the service was fast. If they had a few more beers it would rate much higher.“
TEJA 1256 days ago
36 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“A student place in the middle of Lubeck alt stadt. Medium out door place with view towards the street and 2 floors inside with a smoking room that was a danger to visit. Unfortunately only 2 waitresses to serve both floors and the outside patio that was a cause for very long waiting time far a simple beer. Only 4 beers on tap when I was there, but at an affordable price.“
TEJA 1256 days ago
66 /100
CITTI-Markt (Grocery Store)
“Actual not a bad selection of beers, spend 40 min to go through the micro selection. Easy and free parking. Yeah you can find many things in this super super market. Fill in your card if you are going to the Scandinavian countries, and also apply for the Citti card to give you more reductions;). There is a restaurant in the far end - didn’t try it out. (Found a bakery at the entrance that excellent sandwiches and coffee etc).“
Nisse666 1324 days ago
“Nice, but rather small craft beer store close to downtown Lübeck. Nice selection of craft beers from Germany and abroad. Prices ok. Staff is helpfull, but with moren than two customers ist getting very busy.“
dunklermessias 1394 days ago
“A great place. Helpful staff. Friendly. One restaurant in town has a few craft beers, which they get from this place. Lots of German and international craft beers. Fewer from the US, but you will have lots of choices. Next closest craft beer place is Hamburg! Easy to walk to location. Go there!“
IPAjimmy 1575 days ago
40 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Typical north Germany pub, small beer choice but at least an interesting guest. Don’t miss the cold porc belly in belly, very good! Good kind service, at their pace, enjoy it calmly!“
bbllmm 1659 days ago
64 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Just one, but real good kellerpils. Smooth & great tasting - can go in liters!“
Sokolov 1722 days ago
40 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“25.07.2015z Together with Yngve. Nice place!! Expected more than one beer... Bot ok. Like this place, its nice and cozy!!“
RuneStumo 2048 days ago
70 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Nice little pub in a hot spot area. Decent selectio, good food, good service.“
ekstedt 2050 days ago
68 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Nice, three storeys brewpub in altstadt Lübeck. Friendly service, only one beer, but a very good Kellerbier gravity poured.“
ekstedt 2050 days ago
54 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Visited in July 2015. Arrived for lunch, but there was not much available, ate some traditional Lübeck plate, fairly good. 4 beers on tap, Zolln dunkel was ok, but I had expected more. Small and dark place, really enjoyed the interior. Old wood.“
Hermod 2053 days ago
48 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Visited on a July Thursday evening in 2015, it’s a multi level place about 15 mins walk from the Hbf. Bar had 2 barrels on it and appears beer served from them, managed to get a table then waited ages to get served. On 1 beer on which was ok. Place wasn’t rammed so a little peeved. It’s a nice venue but needs a bigger beer range really.“
WingmanWillis 2058 days ago
64 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Finally made my way there, after several futile attempts over the last ten months (it was always closed!). The place is located on the edge of the Old Town, close to the museum quays. Rather dark inside, as if it was a cellar, it is one of the many decent places to go to in the city, but the only one that brews its own beer - unfortunately only one, unless one is into dashed versions, but these are U on RB, and rightly so. The staff are nice and friendly, and the food and the beer are inexpensive, German to the core, and decent. Might want to visit again. PS. the selection is what it is. I strongly believe it is unfair to give it a low score. After all, I cannot imagine any Ratebeerian going there without knowing it is a single-tick-place.“
Bamsen78 2467 days ago
54 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Visited in 2008 and enjoyed the Zwickelbier Food and atmosphere of being in a brew pub were good. Service a bit slow and quite pricey considering the beer does not need transporting, middlemen, etc“
b727trijet 2503 days ago
60 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Located in one of the main streets of the Old Town in Lübeck, the place is something between a kneipe and a brewpub. The interior is rather dark and small and is filled with old-fashioned, worn out furniture. There is a biergarten outside but i haven’t tried it, perhaps next time. The staff are friendly but rather slow to serve. The selection is ok for a kneipe and consists of four taps, one of which is for the place’s own beer (which, however, is assumedly brewed somewhere else). the food is ok, just like in an average German brewpub. Not expensive and cozy. Might visit again.“
Bamsen78 2508 days ago
60 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Fantastic old vaulted cellar where we were given a table right at the back. There are other stories as well, but I was very pleased to be seated in the cellar on a busy Saturday evening. They have just one beer, which was fairly good. The food was classic German and quite good, and the service was okay. Worth a visit, but don’t come here for ticks.“
Rasmus40 2539 days ago
62 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Cozy dark brown and old fashioned bar. Decent service. The selection consists of six taps including one beer exclusive to this place. Fortunately that beer was good.“
Rasmus40 2539 days ago
58 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Very cosy small bar/reastaurent in Lubeck center. 5 taps and 6 not interesting bottes, but they do have their own beer "Zolln Dunkel". Very dark place. Had a "frikadelle" and it was more like a "karbonade" it was quite good for the price.“
HenrikSoegaard 2593 days ago
72 /100
Mix Markt (Grocery Store)
“A Russian supermarket not far from the centre of Lübeck. There is a good selection of Russian beers that are not easily obtained in this part of the country. If you plan to go Saturday, be aware that they close early. Not a place to find great beer, but good for tickers.“
MiP 2641 days ago
50 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Visited during summer 2013. Quite dark and with a comfortable chill enviroment. Only one beer, but wow, so cool with a real zwickel directly from the barrel. The service was nice, the place was cozy and the beer was good. What else could you ask for“
esp0r 2775 days ago
60 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Have visited a couple of times. Placed in the towncenter it can be a bit difficult to park nearby, but possible within walking distance. The brewpub can at times be crowded and busy, wouldn´t call it a traditionel brewpub, it´s a bit to touristed for that. Neither the food nor beer is that interesting.. Friend staff and very quick service..“
Brugmansia 2878 days ago
70 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Visited on a Thursday night in 2009. Quite a British pub feel to this place. We sat in the upstairs room and bagged one of the last tables, the place was fairly busy. 3 or 4 different beers available on tap. Service was very good. We popped back in the next day around 1100 for a bowl of Goulash Zuppe and a beer before our flight home. Decent venue with a good vibe.“
Theydon_Bois 2909 days ago
66 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“the ambiance is phantastic. this is the oldest cellar of this very old town. but the beers could be more interesting. quite boring pils naturtrüb (zwickel). food is good, so i am told.“
jeverszeuge 3033 days ago
74 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Untypical (for this part of Germany) cozy and oldfashioned pub on the southern edge of the Altstadt; also untypical (for this part of Germany, again) broad selection of relatively rare interesting beers. Surely the best place in town for beer-geeks!“
pivnizub 3174 days ago
64 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“A few metres uphill from the river on the west side of the Innenstadt. The unique feature of this place is that it’s single beer is served fresh and uncarbonated from up-ended wooden casks in the manner of an Altbier or Kolsch. This is said to be a Lübeck tradition but from when I know not. Otherwise the usual multi-storey wood and anteek.“
Tim Webb 3218 days ago
68 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Possibly the most atmospheric tavern in Lubeck, with a front bar, upstairs room, small below-stairs snug and smokers’ kabinett, for those who like to dine bathed in cigarette smoke. Not a bad beer choice for northern Germany with a krausenbier and an Einbeck bock. Try the home-made Sauerfleisch, potted pork slices in a spiced sour jelly.“
Tim Webb 3218 days ago
68 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Nice cosy interiors with historical dimension. Had couple of beers, dark one, pils and some other for a short visit in 09/2007.“
edpeg 3300 days ago
64 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Hausbrauerei on the western edge of the inner city, near the Trave river. The building dates from different centuries, the lower you get, the older. Only one beer available, a Zwickl. Food and beer are okay, decent prices.“
TreinJan 3359 days ago
68 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“nice cozy pub, with a rustic feel in town. small but decent collection of beer and decent food. Really liked here for a relaxed beer“
cgarvieuk 3432 days ago
52 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“The brewpub is located in the old part of Lubeck. The interior is fairly modern and layout is kind of neat. Although their choice of music could be improved on.Unfortunately they have one beer available. I believe they also has a winter beer when in season. Oddly, they do have a number of Radler styles to choose from, which seem to be common in many places in Germany. The meals are of traditional German pub fare which is quite good. I had the Schnitzel which was excellent. "Old town" Lubeck is worth a day trip from Hamburg and the brewpub is a perfect fit. “
Bif 3496 days ago
44 /100 MARKT 13
“So here I am in Lübeck, in mid-July, and I’m in a highly-decorated basement, and the beer on tap is Holsten Pils, and the sound system is entertaining us all with a so-called "evergreen" version of "O Little Town of Bethlehem". This is the Ratskeller zu Lübeck, underneath the ancient Hanseatic city’s City Hall. I’m told that "evergreen" is the label for very kitschy, brass-driven happy orchestra music, and the group on this recording sounds like the demon offspring of James Last and Stars On 45. *shudder* And Holsten Pils is the pride of Hamburg, not far to the south-west of Lübeck. There’s a saying about this beer: "Holsten Knallt am Dollsten", which basically means that this stuff makes you drunk fast and delivers a nasty hangover very quickly. Holy Moly, now the orchestra soundtrack has moved on to "My Darling Clementine"! Back to the Holsten: it’s a very typical German pilsener, bit of an aftertaste, nothing spectacular about it. It’s exported everwhere, I’ve drunk it in Ontario, and yes I’ve had the hangover. "I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You". Oops, sorry. On to a second large glass. The Holsten is served here in the correct 0.5 litre glass and it’s average enough. The degree of perspiration I feel on my forehead indicates that this is a chemically-preserved and filtered beer, commercial, not brewed in small batches. "For Your Eyes Only". The wiener schnitzel was nice and the fries apparently bottomless, although I didn’t test the waiter after portion number two. I had hoped to visit the Brauberger, but they don’t open until 5pm. And the Alten Zolln was too much of a hike back across town with the weather threatening overhead, so the Ratskeller was the all that seemed to be left. This basement spot does get points for being interesting to wander around, with its large wooden storage barrels and the small intimate cabin-like recesses where two can snuggle up for lunch and even close an old wooden door. But I was happy to leave the basement, the barrels, the beer and especially the band. "When A Man Loves A Woman".“
Mooncattie 3509 days ago
44 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Brewpub situated in the old part of Lübeck. The restaurant has two floors and a cellar. The interior is from a closed down brewery, and on the wall, a large painting of Gambrinius, the patron saint of beers and brewing. Selection is very, very limited: Just one beer, their own (which I liked)+ some Radler-versions that seems popular in Germany for some reason... Good, friendly service that serves traditional German cuisine. Food was not extraordinary, but go for the beer - note the singular...“
brnandersen 3514 days ago
42 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Semi-modern german Hausbrauerei, ornated with breweriana of the defunct local "Lück" brewery. The beer is tapped by gravity from real wooden barrel. Not great, but still worth a vist.“
pivnizub 4293 days ago
68 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Nice dark atmosphere, staff served us immediately, there even was a room for smokers. The beer on tap were served carefully and the waiter who as actually the brewer was pleased to answer questions. The other guests were also pleased to talk to us. All in all a very nice experience. Cannot judge the food as we did not have any.“
Skinnyviking 4404 days ago
38 /100 ALFSTRASSE 36
“Only one beer, and in my opinion not too interesting, food ok but nothing special, premises quite nice and the atmosphere is relaxed. What I would, hoever, prefer is that the staff would have been a bit more friendly. I guess they were too busy because of lack of staff.“
Skinnyviking 4404 days ago
68 /100 MÜHLENSTRASSE 93-95
“Very nice pub located in a former customs house in the southern part of the old town. Nice outdoor area on the sidewalk under the trees. Inside it’s all wooden panelling. They had live music when we were there. Service was quick, friendly, and helpful. We didn’t try the food, but they do serve dinner. They also serve a Zolln Dunkel, which is brewed especially for them. Overall one of the best places in Lübeck.“
larsga 4676 days ago
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