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“Visited with kermis on our way back from Denmark. Large building, brew kettle inside. Lots of tables and seats. It looks like a good place to eat although we didn’t order any, but that’s what everybody else was doing. The beers itself aren’t very (any) good and the selection is small. Not really worth visiting but it’s close to the highway.“
Benzai 1815 days ago
“A big brewpub in a warehouse style building in the town. Nice wooden interior and of course having a Viking theme is an absolute winner. The only thing that could beat that would be Vikings and dinosaurs. That would be great! Damn maybe I should start that myself when I retire. Who wouldn’t want to go there?? Aside from that there’s boxes of eggs everywhere.“
kermis 1815 days ago
“Just pills & dark. Not bad.“
Sokolov 2695 days ago
“Fairly big place without any athmosphere. Decent service and okay food. They have just two beers of their own. I had their own beers which I won’t recommend to anyone. Avoid this place unless you are desperate for the ticks.“
Rasmus40 3063 days ago
“Large viking theme like bar next to the brewery. Part of the Luzifer chain and you can sense that. 2 asgaard beers on tap but they are easily found on bottle s as well. 6 not vey intersting bottles but I hadnt rated Krombacher Dunkel Weizen so 1 tick for me and it was well served in the glass. Dont go out of your way for this place.“
HenrikSoegaard 3117 days ago
“Located on the major road surrounding the old town in Schleswig, the brewpub is hard to miss for anyone coming into the city from the motorway. The pub has three halls on two floors, able to accommodate around 100 guests. The staff are friendly and service-minded, although they keep one waiting for he food, which is acceptable. The selection is small and includes mostly the brewpub’s own output, which is okay but nothing really special. An ok place to have a pint in the city.“
Bamsen78 3370 days ago
“From outside it is hard to see that this is a brewery. The dominant advertisements and signs on the bulding is "Luzifer" with a cute little devil. But, inside you will see the big copper brewing kettles. Aahh, it is a microbrewery! It seems that the restaurant is operated by the "Luzifer" chain. Nice seafood but average beers. Asgaard "Das Göttliche" and Premium Pils" on tap. As the name "Asgaard" suggests, this is a Viking-themed brewery. (Visited July 9th 2011)“
Bryne 4016 days ago
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