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66 /100
Hafen-Räucherei (Restaurant)
“For starters, please ignore the location map, as the German postal code for Hafen-Räucherei is being interpreted incorrectly as an American zip code! This is a Klüvers Brauhaus satellite location, serving the same beer brewed along the coast at Neustadt (previously rated). It’s basically a huge serve-yourself patio restaurant on the docks of Niendorf harbour, a pleasant stroll east of the Baltic Sea resort town of Timmendorfer Strand. The drill is, you order your meal, take the battery-operated hockey puck (and hopefully, a beer) to a seat at the beergarden-style picnic tables, and wait for the thing to start flashing before picking up your food. So there is no real table service to speak of, and my rating of the "Ambiance" is definitely an average. If it’s a nasty day outside, then the whole experience is something to avoid, but on a hot July Saturday evening it would deserve a much higher score. Anyhow, on to the Beer. Klüvers makes a fine amber-coloured Dunkel, which went down a treat with my huge serving of Baltic dorschfilet (I think that’s cod!) and pommes (definitely fries as opposed to English-style chips). The dockside tables were packed with hungry families, with the grown-ups enjoying this Holstein region’s beer. The stand also offered a Pils and Hefeweizen product in proper 0.3 litre and 0.5 litre glasses. The beer isn’t terribly strong, so no worries about accidently wandering off the pier after a couple of glasses. Both the Pils and Dunkel offer a pleasant flavour with a hint of fruit. I was trying to place a hint of something extra with the Dunkel - jeepers, is that Maple Syrup? No, I guess I’m on holiday! It’s an enjoyable spot for a summertime fish and beer, with both the waters that provided the food and the brewpub that provided the suds not very far off. Recommended if you’re on holiday here.“
Mooncattie 3576 days ago
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