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“Nice little shop with even nicer selection. Some local beers from small breweries (also from saxony for example). But also quite a few international beers i never saw (even some lambics). Beers are ordered by style and then by price (this one i never saw before). From what i saw its not very expensive. Great spot and hard to miss when in the oldtown.“
Ritzn 237 days ago
“Great place to find many different types of microbrews from all over the world. The owner is quick to help and suggest some tasty beers. All the beers you can purchase to take home or drink at the store with friends. Great place to hang out.“
BierDudeOtto 317 days ago
88 /100 FISCHMARKT 5
“The Braukeller Erfurt is nicely furnished, with light wooden furniture, mostly tall stools and table, there is a beautiful vaulted cellar and there is always a friendly cosy vibe to the place. You can see the mini brew kit and fermenting tanks and smell the beers as they are brewed, they even serve some of their beers direct from wooden casks. The staff and the "Braumeister" really know their stuff, and will give you a small tour of the brewery. A small traditional menu to go along with the great tasty brew's, I can not recommend this place enough 😋 Until next time 🤗“
BierDudeOtto 317 days ago
“Brewpub with beer garden, 4 on tap beers, good service. Didn't tried the food.“
efeesse 938 days ago
74 /100 GROSSE ARCHE 8
“First let me say that this place has the best bottle selection of any bar in Erfurt, so definitely a must-visit if in town. Old style German pub with a nice beer garden outside. Service friendly. Prices decent.“
UKBeerGeek 985 days ago
54 /100 WALDKASINO 2
“It was raining at our visit, so we sat in the winter garden, which was unfortunately quite warm and humid. The have a lovely beer garden as well. There were three beers on, and the Schwarzbier was pretty good. The staff can be a bit hard to understand, as the waitor at our table had a distinct Italian, and most likely did not have German as his first language.“
Rasmus40 1393 days ago
“We went here after our visit to Waldkasino, which is close by. We had some good pizzas and their three beers. The beers were nothing out of the ordinary. Unfortunately it was raining at our visit, so we ended up sitting inside instead of in the large beer garden. For me the concept of homemade German style beers and an Italian kitchen is a bit strange, and given that Waldkasino so close by has the same concept, it was even stranger. Worked fairly well, though.“
Rasmus40 1393 days ago
“Excellent getränkemarkt with a big selection of local beers, which is just what I’m looking for when shopping in Germany. They also have a very big selection of various Bavarian beers. Thanks for pointing me to this one, guys.“
Rasmus40 1396 days ago
“Pleasant place to spend some time during a couple late summer visits. Convivial vibe, obviously a well-loved place. Their house-brewed beers were generally fairly appealing, and the food fit the bill. Problem was that the service was quite inconsistent. Very attentive on visit one, but appalling on visit two. Still, centrally located and certainly worth a stop.“
JCB 1731 days ago
74 /100 GROSSE ARCHE 8
“A pleasant surprise to find this bar with a beer selection that is unusual for Germany. The beer list consists of some 80+ beers, of which almost a third are craft beers, some Belgians but most Germans. Elaborate interior, heavily decorated, crates a nice atmosphere. The only downside was slow service due to being understaffed. But it was a Friday night.“
tomastheswede 1797 days ago
“This is the best drinks shop in the area in my opinion. They have a lot of standard brands but some rarer items also. Have quite a good selection of beers from Franconia and a decent selection of bock beer. Also started getting more German craft beers in recently, full range of Crew Republic and Maisels stuff, plus one or two others. Prices are rather good.“
UKBeerGeek 1798 days ago
“Medium-sized drinks-market in an Erfurt suburb,which is dominated by concrete and panel-flats. Quite good selection of local Thuringia beers plus a larger selection of the usual suspects from Franconia. The prices are very O.K.... Good!“
pivnizub 1804 days ago
“Visited in late November with the Christmas Market in full swing a couple of minutes walk away this place was busy. Had a bit of trouble getting seated despite place being fairly quiet. Quite a large place with lots of rooms. Beers supplied by Felsenkeller but might well have a test brew kit on site and may be brewing beers again. Beer was decent. Service OK. Didn’t eat. Easy stroll to tram for ride back to Hbf. Worth a look.“
WingmanWillis 2322 days ago
64 /100 WALDKASINO 2
“Visited in late November and walked here from Waldhaus via the woods this is a large venue toward the end of a tram route. The place has lots of rooms and had a disco going on the older folk. Stopped for a recovery beer or 4 and a well deserved apple strudel (which was excellent) after a good walk from Waldhaus. Beer decent, tried all of the range available. Nice place. The toilets are worth checking out for the seat cleansing device post flush! “
WingmanWillis 2322 days ago
“Visited in late November and situated a good way out of town on the edge of extensive woods this is a huge place. Had a taxi there but a bus (60?) stops directly outside and runs from the Hbf. Sat in the conservatory on a busy lunchtime, beer was decent, had a really nice French onion soup. Service good and efficent. Gave us directions to the other venue in the woods. Nice place, worth the effort, especially if you fancy a stroll to the Waldkasino, probably need to pick the weather though!“
WingmanWillis 2322 days ago
60 /100 WALDKASINO 2
“Near the end of a tram line from town centre on the edge of town by some woods! Large venue. Generally good food and beers, especially the schwarzbier.“
b727trijet 2570 days ago
58 /100 WALDKASINO 2
Visited in 2011
Strange house somehow lost in the forest. The interior has an oldish look. The beers are decent. But probably I prefer both the atmosphere and beers of the Waldhaus.“
fiulijn 2717 days ago
Visited in winter 2011 and summer 2013
It’s a nice large building in the forest, with a spacious biergarten in the summer and a covered winter garden. The beers are a bit too bitter in the end, but not bad. The food is below average. The service was careful when I visited on a quite winter night, careless when I visited the second time.“
fiulijn 2717 days ago
“I visited in 2011; it’s just a beekeeper shop for candles, and they sell their mead; the mead indeed is brewed with their honey by somebody else and they wouldn’t tell me who, which is pretty dumb.“
fiulijn 2825 days ago
60 /100 GROSSE ARCHE 8
“Small biergarten, very nice interior, small and heavily decorated. They have a decent selection for a German bar: no rarities or modern beers, but at least there are a few local privatbrauerei beers.“
fiulijn 2833 days ago
64 /100 WALDKASINO 2
“Visited together with my parents, april 2011 on our way back from Bamberg. This place is a very traditionel german brauhau, rather big :-) Lovely huge beergarden with a great view over Erfurt, we went for lunch, the food was traditionel german food, friendly staff and we had 3 regular beers there, good condition. Think they migth do seasonal beers as well.“
Brugmansia 2945 days ago
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