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56 /100 DORFSTRAßE 100
“I think the entrance is pricey (13.50) for a castle that is mostly reconstructed. The restaurant is pleasant enough, much nice views if you sit inside. But portions are small and the trout I had was very dry. Beers were fine, and they had a bock, so at least something different than the helles-weizen-dunkel trio.“
Travlr 1320 days ago
78 /100 DORFSTRAßE 100
“As said by the previous raters, excellent beer and food, as well as a great ambience. Paying the entrance is worth it, if you take some time for non-beer-related stuff too. “
_Frederik_ 2012 days ago
82 /100 DORFSTRAßE 100
“Leuchtenburg is a castle which origins from the 13th century of middle Germany, now Thuringia. It was subjected to different changes in it´s utilization. Now it is a tourist attraction, museum (with a very interesting historical and technical porcelain collection), place for weddings, celebrations and events and of cause for a good meal and excellent beer. Brewery Schmilka from Schmilka/ Bad Schandau/ Saxony has 3 Beers on Tap (Helles, Bernstein and Bock). Food was medieval, which means it was large and delicious, served on handcrafted plates and accompanied by medieval music. After having a good meal and trying the Schmilka beers i propose to go on the skywalk (nothing for acrophobics) or to take an abslolute amazing look on the land surrounding the castle from the tower!“
Dicker_Olaf 2050 days ago
86 /100 DORFSTRAßE 100
“Die mittelalterliche Burganlage ist schon aus der Ferne sichtbar und für alle, die sich gern Burgen und Schlösser anschauen, unbedingt empfehlenswert. Sie beherbergt eine Porzellansammlung, die mit dem Eintritt in die Burg frei zugänglich ist. Der Eintritt ist immer zu entrichten, auch, wenn man nur speisen oder einige der besonderen Biere trinken möchte.Die Schänke ist auch mittelalterlich gehalten, alte Gewölbe, schönes Ambiente, passend gekleidete Bedienung. Speisen sind sehr gut und reichlich, das Bier passt gut zu den angebotenen Speisen. Vor allem der Bio-Bock ist besonders zu erwähnen, der so süffig ist, dass man gar nicht mehr davon lassen möchte.“
Hans_Martin_H 2051 days ago
76 /100 DORFSTRAßE 100
“A really gorgeous medieval castle with a beautiful historic designed tavern, which fulfill the medieval theme. They have some really tasty beers from the microbrewery of Schmilka on tap. The microbrewery of Schmilka is located near Bad Schandau in germany and nearly to the czech border. They are brewing some delicious beers, which are produced out of 100% organic ingredients. The food in the tavern "Burgschänke Leuchtenburg" was also very satisfying. Furthermore you could visit all rooms, places, chambers and towers of the historic castle. If you enter the castle, you have to pay a entry.“
Thrivaldi 2054 days ago
78 /100 DORFSTRAßE 100
“Historische Schänke mit mittelalterlichem Ambiente mitten in der Leuchtenburg. Personal im historischen Gewand und sehr üppige Speisen. Besonderheit sind die Bio Biere aus der Mühle und Braumanufaktur Schmilka. Eintritt zur Burg muss immer bezahlt werden, auch bei Restaurantbesuch.“
Bier_Klaus 2057 days ago
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