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62 /100
Branded Barrel (Beer Store)
“Spent night in this town on way back from Minn. Was disappointed that the only singles were Macro Beers. I did pick up several nice 4 packs. More liquor than Beer in this store.“
Ron 11 days ago
80 /100 911 PLUM ST
“After a 10 hour drive from Minn. Patty would not go with me to this Brewpub. Nice little place off a side street in town. I had 2 drafts here and brought home 2 cans. She gave me a couple nice stickers too. About 18 taps of their beer with most in cans to go too. Singles!“
Ron 12 days ago
80 /100 317 N MAIN ST
“Decent space. Good sized L shaped bar and a number of tables. I had eaten before coming here, but the food smelled good. Ten taps of their beers covering a range of styles. The beers I had were good and to style. Pricing was very solid: pints for $4, half pints for $2 and tasters for $1 on most beers. The DIPA and Imperial Coffee Stout were $4 for a snifter or $2 for a taster. My only knock is the lack of social distancing going on as someone plopped down a little close for my liking.“
alexsdad06 795 days ago
86 /100 317 N MAIN ST
“Great beer and a hip feel. Taster prices are only $1! And it’s in Elkhart???? Awesome. Didn’t get to try the food.“
can8ianben 3001 days ago
66 /100 3015 BRITTANY COURT
“Great steak and cold beer. Hard combo to beat after a day on the road.“
bpar73 3015 days ago
72 /100 317 N MAIN ST
“Good find with tasty pizza and quality beers, mostly lower abv but quite good overall, cheap prices and good staff“
blutt59 3283 days ago
78 /100 317 N MAIN ST
“Stopped off on a trip from Chicago to Toledo. Great place with 9 home brews on tap, (the IPA was my favorite). Pizzas are excellent! Thin crust and chunky toppings. The Landimore Garlic is wonderful, but steer clear if you are too shy for whole cloves. Seating is first come first serve, and you walk up to the bar to order your food as well as your drinks, but that’s ok. This place is a nice find, and I will be back.“
ChiGuy68 3332 days ago
84 /100 317 N MAIN ST
“Upscale comfortable surroundings. Simple pub menu, but food is good. I had a sandwich and shared a hummus plate. Beer is outstanding and they’ve only been in business 3 months.“
queenholly 3924 days ago
82 /100 317 N MAIN ST
“Nice open brewpub. Have to order at the bar but service was quick. Nice selection of very well made beers and solid food on the menu (primarily pizza and sandwiches). A great little place.“
shrubber85 3924 days ago
64 /100
Chubby Trout (Restaurant)
“Lots of taps for Elkhart. Good sushi at decent prices. Service is iffy. It’s really not my favorite place to go, but they have a few hard to get beers for our area so that’s nice. A more knowledgeable staff would help. Not bad, but don’t expect much.“
574deadzone 3961 days ago
84 /100 317 N MAIN ST
“First of all, this place is just such a big plus for Elkhart. Let’s face it: downtown Elkhart has been trying to improve, but it’s still a veritable ghost town a lot of the time. Every time I’ve been to Iechyd Da (mostly on Fridays), it’s been hopping. The beer selection is completely fleshed out now, with the two handpulls in operation and eight other taps plus homemade ginger beer and root beer. The food is awesome: 5 unique pizzas, and a few sandwiches, plus occasional off-menu special items. The beer is really top notch, which is just great. It’s a bummer that kids can’t come in (bathrooms are past the bar, so it’s against the law I guess), and when it’s really busy you can expect to wait a bit, but it’s worth it. Prices are awesome, too. $4 for an imperial pint, 1/2 pints for $2 and $1 samplers, so you can pick the size you want, which works out great. The pizzas are all like $10 for a 12-inch, so that’s nice too. It’s very nice looking inside and has a good layout, with plenty of bar seating, a couple large group tables, some cushioned bench seating and even a couch, so it kind of has a coffee house vibe except for all the awesome beer flowing! They’ve been open a little over a month now and they have knocked it out of the park as far as I’m concerned. Chip and Summer are very friendly and helpful, and the staff is really hard working. Anyone wary of a trip to Elkhart to check this place out shouldn’t be. It’s well worth it.“
574deadzone 3980 days ago
64 /100 317 N MAIN ST
“Just opened in downtown Elkhart, the inside is very open and a lot of different types of seating available. The bar is a nice solid rock. There are no waitress or waiters so you need to go to the bar to order/refill your glass. The food menu looks nice but I did not try any this visit, will next time. The beer list features mostly session brews but a bigger one will on occasion be available. The two handpulls should soon be in operation as well. No children allowed which is fine by me. Started by local homebrewers, they have a passion for beer and knowledge of business as well. They should success nicely.“
BBB63 4015 days ago
92 /100 108 S ELKHART AVE
“The owner is EXTREMELY helpful! Prices are great. I’ve recommended a number of people to go check it out. It’s worth a look if you are in the area.“
ratmonkey 5404 days ago
78 /100 108 S ELKHART AVE
“One of two local sources for my homebrew supplies. The selection of grain, dry yeast and hop pellets are nice and diverse. Best of all the prices are quite nice, I get a 10% discount for being a MEGA member. Some hard to find extracts and kits too. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Check out the website as well.“
BBB63 5765 days ago
66 /100 108 S ELKHART AVE
“This is actually a retail store for brewing and wine making supplies. The person who I met there didn’t know much about beer. She simply told me which kits sold the best. They do have a small selection of recepe kits, and loads of brewers tools so its worth checking out if you are in the area, but don’t make a special trip. They don’t sell anything more than you can buy online for a similar price. UPDATE: Apparently much has changed in the 8 years since I visited and the shop is much larger and more knowledgeable. Stop in and check them out.“
can8ianben 6513 days ago
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