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62 /100
Off the Clock (Beer Store)
“Quite the little beer spot in a totally unexpected spot! I wasn’t asked if I needed help, but I often consider that a plus. I want to look and not be bothered. I didn’t find any ’hard to get’ or ’rare’ beers but they do have a very nice selection of craft beer. The coolers were nicely stocked with singles, and if you want cold craft beer, you should be able to find a few while the others are chilling. I noticed lots of ’rate beer’ signs and even guides to beer on the wall, though I didn’t look at them to see what they were about. What a hidden gem for the average beer geek! I won’t be passing this place by if I need a restock!“
frank0830 2460 days ago
92 /100
Off the Clock (Beer Store)
“Indiana can be a real wasteland for craft brew stores and this place is like an Oasis in the desert. Excellent slection of brews and the best place I have found so far in rural northern Indiana. I frequently drive to Kokomo from Michigan and this place is the only spot I have found that consistently has a great variety and presents selections that I can’t find at home, and stuff that i have not tried before. Worth the stop.“
Onslow 3131 days ago
94 /100
Off the Clock (Beer Store)
“Great little beer store in small town Indiana. The sign outside says over 325 different craft beers, and I believe it. Staff is very knowledgeable and they have a great selection. Beer can be bought in 6 packs, single bottles, or mix and match. If there’s something you want that is only available in 6-packs, they will break it down for you so you can add it to your mix and match. Great place. Highly recommend.“
hollardustin 3456 days ago
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