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76 /100 605 E 9TH ST
“Visited for lunch on a Saturday. Old brick building, with a dark bar interior and an enormous outdoor patio and beer garden. 11 house beers available as full pour, also had 2 seltzers and 12 decently selected guests. Wide food menu, BBQ focused. Friendly people. Parking is on the street or a couple of lots right next door. Pinball and games in the back of the interior, there also appeared to be an upstairs area. Cool place, lots of character. (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 232 days ago
76 /100 718 FREYER ROAD
“Visited on a Saturday afternoon. Small, roadside shack looking operation, with parking across the street. Small room where you order beers, with some standing room. Covered and open patio spaces were where everyone was hanging out on a pretty spring day. 10 beers on, 5 oz or full pour. There was also a large selection of cans to go, both as 4 packs or as mix your own 4 packs. Service was super friendly, and the place had a great vibe. I was told they are building a new location closer to Michigan City, I hope it maintains the character! (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 233 days ago
76 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Large spread out place, north-woods feel in decor, had tasty appetizers, Beer selection decent, so were the 2beers we tried. Will try and go back again.“
BlackBeerPG 623 days ago
16 /100 3311 S FRANKLIN ST
“Ratebeer, you let me down here. Absolute beer-cemetary. I was looking for local, hop-forward beers and the freshest I found was June 2020..... 9 months ago, with many dated Jan 01..... 13/14 months. Also, many packs had deflated-semi-crushed cans which, I can only think, means they were frozen at one point. With these dated so far out of code I wasnt about to tempt fate with something not-dated. I’m not even sure who to be mad at here..... yeah the store clearly doesnt care what the customer takes home but what about the distributors?? Year old, crumpled cans is how they want their suppliers represented? Yuck. Meijer has a very limited local section but at least you know you’re getting fresh beer. Picked up some daily sauce there and will pickup more obscure, local from the source.“
juandela 1010 days ago
72 /100 718 FREYER ROAD
“Cool location that reminds me of the country but not kid friendly unfortunately. Showed up wanting some hops but the had a tea beer release. Not a tea beer fan so hard to judge overall. Nice spot, I'd check it again on a normal day.“
chibuck 1578 days ago
74 /100 3311 S FRANKLIN ST
“Older looking place from the outside near a main road. Inside is packed to the brim with alcohol, and really nothing else, large beer selection, tons of liquor and some great bourbon, as well as wine. Everything is in six packs which is unfortunate, also looked like some of the beer had been on the self for a while, not very many coolers. Worker was very helpful but was surprised when I bough $60 worth of beer... not sure why. Good prices. Probably stop by again my next time through Michigan City“
bigtaster 2925 days ago
46 /100
Trail Creek Liquors (Beer Store)
2000 E US HIGHWAY 20
“I’m from the area and there’s not a whole lot of places to find a good selection of micro brew beers. They have alot to choose from, but you have to spend some time looking at the beer because most of them are way past their best by date. I’ve found a few that date back to 2012! I’ve been here about 6 or 7 times now, but I’m definitely thinking I’m not going here anymore. It’s too much of a hassle just to find some fresh beer.“
Tvdmax 3207 days ago
76 /100 3311 S FRANKLIN ST
“not the best looking place from the outside, but solid inside. no singles that i saw, but a good selection, including quite a few offerings from 3 Floyds. Prices were quite reasonable on most items. Service was friendly and helpful.“
rumproasts 3332 days ago
78 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“My wife & I are in town for a couple of days and stopped for dinner. I had their Exponential Ale with made the stop, a good IPA with the right amount of bite. If you have their onion rings, don’t expect to eat much else. We had great service“
UNLVFan 3793 days ago
70 /100 3311 S FRANKLIN ST
“Good selection of craft beers including Trappist Ales. Prices in line with others. Think more outlet store than boutique.“
yurkdc 3839 days ago
78 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Paid a few visits to this establishment in recent years, so time to review the location, as well as some of their brews. Always an extensive selection of beers, and what I like best about Shoreline is that their beers are in that rarely found category in-between ’run-of-the-mill’ and ’extreme’...and although no single beer has ever been out-of-this-world remarkable, everything at this location is solid. Good range of beer types available at any time, and they show what’s coming up in the FV/BTs. Food is solid...maybe a bit overpriced for the entrees, but the fried selections are quality. Onion Rings are about the best I’ve ever had! Now, if only they would brew some of their own root beer for the wife! I guess if I’m looking for things to nit pick at, let’s keep the smoke to a smaller section and build in a bit of flexibility into the sampler (no substitutions). Regardless, this has become a staple whenever we find ourselves up in Michigan City (usually for the mall).“
valpoaj 4163 days ago
72 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Finally stopped in on the way home from GR. We didn’t have directions but it was easy to find. Quite a few beers on tap on this visit, it was a large sampler platter and the beer ranged from ho-hum to decent. The food was pretty good and the service wasn’t bad. I’m getting use to places being non smoking these days and really appreciate it. Here, they put the non-smokers in this little fish bowl and the smokers get the run of the large room so that downgrades it a bit IMO.“
esjaygee 4215 days ago
100 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“The best in the area, the place, the atmosphere, the people, the food, the BEER!!! I’d say to die for! My favorite is their Exponential Ale, only available, January-February. Although they say, they will have more next year. Its made with a Citra-hop, and let me tell you, it is GREAT.“
Curt697 4315 days ago
76 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“A solid brewpub in the shadow of the (tied for) largest smokestack I have ever seen in my life. Staff were very friendly and had helpful advice. Beer range was wide and the offerings were dect. Food was good. What more do you need? They even had a separate room for "families" (read: noisy kids), which was behind what looked like soundproof glass. This is a brilliant idea, and should be replicated in every public business in the USA.“
Travlr 4341 days ago
86 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Stopped here on my way back to MI from Chi & IN. Brewery was easy to find, lots of parking. I really didn’t like the huge smoke stack thing, looming over the town, but I don’t live there. Impressive tap list, big bar, and friendly staff. 100% worth a stop if you are anywhere in the area. Will gladly go back next time I go to Chicago or FFF.“
RudiNicole 4382 days ago
84 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Always a big selection of beers.. I always hate walking into a brewpub and seeing only 5 beers. You won’t have that problem here. About 10-12 beers on tap always. Food is great, but a little overpriced. Close to outstanding outdoor mall, (1 minute away), and beach. Outside of pub fairly beat-up but inside nice. Waitstaff knowledgeable. Only knock is that beer is sometime not repeatable; tastes somewhat different every time.“
79MPH 4389 days ago
80 /100 3311 S FRANKLIN ST
“Great Selection....ok, not huge, but not small either. Standard Micro’s, big selection of 22 oz’s and Belgian beers. Sam Smith, Orval, Unibroue, Anchor, Stone....you get the picture. In town? Try Shoreline Brewery, about 4 minutes away by the lake.“
79MPH 4389 days ago
74 /100 3311 S FRANKLIN ST
“A standard stop for me when I am heading back to Michigan from Chicago. Has many brews form breweries you can’t get in Michigan - Backroads, Schafly, Boulevard, Huber, Upland, Shoreline, Three Floyd’s, etc, plus many imports similarly not available across the border. I I use the visits to stock up on old favorites or try something new. They are meticulous about keeping the Backroads non-pastured brews in the cooler. Of course, you can only bring a case across the border - thankfully I make the trip pretty often.“
Onslow 4433 days ago
74 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Rather desolate looking brick building which has been very nicely reconditioned inside. Moderate to large bar, many tables as well as a small stage make up this brewpub. They have daily beer specials which are great deals. The beer itself is good. They have a few that fall a little short and others that are really great. I was happy to see many complicated styles offered. Currently, I would have to say that their food is better than the beer. That being said, the burger I had was one of the best I have Ever had. Kind of out of the way from 90, but in the heart of all of the Indiana Dunes action.“
MikeF 4565 days ago
64 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Went on a busy Friday evening. Server was reasonable, but only had rudimentary info on the brews. I had a reuben, which was a little above average, but the server suggested hoppy brews that didn’t compliment it. My son did better with fish and chips. Part of my faint praise can also be attributed to the ceiling fans operating on high speed on a cool evening. Makes it hard to linger.“
rondphoto 4594 days ago
68 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Stopped here on my way back to Chicago after an annual college-buddy get together in Michigan. Food was good, service good and the beer selection was pretty decent. Tried one Sum Nug IPA and it was OK, but didn’t knock my socks off. Had enough of punch that I decided one would be enough since I was hitting the road again. If I’m passing near Michigan City, I’d make an effort to stop here again, but wouldn’t make a special trip (those are reserved for Three Floyds!).“
edwardbass 4805 days ago
86 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“One of my favorite brewpubs in northern Indiana. From the outside of the building you wouldn’t think it to be a restaurant or brewery unless you saw the awning that said it was. Inside the pub its really different, lots of exposed wood, really hits on the pub essence. The food has never been bad and on better than most of the surround restaurants on average, the perch sandwich with the chipotle mayo is my favorite. The beer selection is good. With 10 - 15 beers on tap all the time.“
HollidaySlim 4961 days ago
70 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Nice brewpub in Michigan City by the dunes. It is not much to look at and has a definite cheap, DIY sort of a vibe but it works for the space. The food was very good, my hamburger was cooked per instructions and my fiance got a seafood salad which she said was excellent. The serving size was not retardedly ginormous, which is a nice change. Our server was decent and nice, not particularly knowledgeable but willing to go ask. There were a good dozen or so selections on cask, six of which you could try as a flight (they chose the six, unfortunately). Prices are reasonable, esp. compared to Chicago. Ask about their specialty bottles. They have some BA releases available if you ask. I don’t see myself visiting Michigan City again and not visiting this place.“
Frank 4965 days ago
74 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“A bit off the highway, but offering a respite of better beer in this town. Nice selection of regular and barrel-aged beers (though it took WAY too long to bring those to market!). Decent food selection and quality with some eclectic and/or ethnic offerings. Usually a good beer selection on tap as well as the Barrel-aged series to go (though not cheap on the latter).“
FlandersNed 5023 days ago
72 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Many of their offerings are average, but they have a few surprises once in a while. There BA series shows some promise. Go here if you are ever tricked into being in MIchigan city. I had some chicken wings, which were pretty typical. Not a bad little place- brewer seems to care about the beer.“
SrSilliGose 5081 days ago
72 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“An average brewpub that occasionally puts out some good season selections.“
WITTBEER 5173 days ago
82 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Great place. Didn’t have the food, focused on the beer but the menu looked intriguing. Brought along some friends who are beer novices and were treated great. Very impressed with the beer selection. 12 taps and not just the standard stuff. 3 IPAs on tap including a fantastic Double/Imperial IPA! Loved ’Curse the Goat’ Dopplebock as well. Not every beer was my favorite but there was something for everyone here. Don’t leave without trying one of the Bourbon Barrel series, wish I had bought a case. Outside appearance and ambiance is nothing special, but a real gem inside. Many thanks to Jim the assistant brewer for giving a mini tour of the brewery!“
jpauly 5243 days ago
66 /100 3311 S FRANKLIN ST
“You’ll find lots of common IN beers, and maybe a nice suprise or two. Its not too far off the highway, so it might be worth a stop for you.“
tjthresh 5303 days ago
72 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Decrepit brick exterior. Wood panelled interior. 12 brews on tap with a nice array of styles. Cozy inside, brewing equipment behind the bar and a spacious dining area. Good service, knowledgeable about the beer. Did not try the food. This place doesn’ t look like much but they are turning out some good beers, both of the IPA’s on tap were very good, and other beers were solid.“
kseecs16 5328 days ago
80 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“This is worth the trip for me because i can get dropped off here while the little lady will go shopping at the Lighthouse mall down the street,a very friendly place with good beer and i am hoping they come out with their Bourbon series soon.CHEERS!“
railcat1 5486 days ago
78 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“This building is not much to look at on the outside, but clean and simple on the inside. Did not order food, but a decent selection. Nikki was the server and she was pleasant, courteous, attentive, and she obtained the ABV’s upon request. Thanks, Nikki! A nice selection of beers were available during this visit and most ended up with an overall average of between 13-15 and were average to above average. I will definitely revisit this establishment to see what’s new on the beer list.“
hotstuff 5514 days ago
40 /100
Trail Creek Liquors (Beer Store)
2000 E US HIGHWAY 20
“A perfunctory selection of craft beers paired with a not very knowledgable staff. Not worth a trip.“
jstraw 5594 days ago
54 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Visited July 11th 2008. This place was disappointing. The place was hard to find, the building needs to be fixed up a bit on the outside, and some signage near the road, especially to inform about the parking lot in behind the building would be nice. Inside looked nice enough. Food was overpriced and not so great. The beer was a lot of copies of macros. I wouldn’t go again, even if in the area.“
bradyc 5622 days ago
84 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Visited 4/27/08. Late Sunday evening. Another unimposing brewpub. Good looking brewpub. Long bar with about 14 beers on tap. Behind the bar was all glass with the brewing equipment on the other side. The service was great. The twins Jessie and Sara were knowledgeable and friendly. Late night munchies and I had the buffalo calamari, which was pretty good. There was a decent sized crowd at the time. One of my favorite aspects was the collection of steins for regular patrons. Glassblower Devin Somerville is apparently very talented for the glassware was ornate and beautifully visceral. It was a long day, but this place was great.“
sneagrams3 5682 days ago
84 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“I wasn’t planning on stopping here, but I saw some highway signs while on a trip. So advertising really does work! The neighborhood is industrial and I wasn’t expecting much looking at the buliding on the outside. Inside, the place is very clean and looked brand new to me. Lots of cement and wood with glass between you and the brewing equipment. I had some great pasta while tasting. The beers were solid and above average, especially their pale ales. A pleasant surprise and I will deifnitely return if I am anywhere in the area again.“
heemer77 5691 days ago
78 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Went here after I was essentially turned away by the impossibly long line at Dark Lord Day, and was not disappointed. The ambience was like most every other brewpub, with large windows to look upon the kettles, and lots of great period photos on the walls. Do not be disturbed by the outward appearance and its relative proximity to not one, but two power plants. The place is cool, even if it looks like a dump on the outside. What I mean is: if this was anywhere else other than in a depressed industrial area it would be seen as gentrified and upscale. Service was prompt and friendly, and the selection was great 11 pulls of great stuff. The food was also good, although it’s hard to screw up a reuben. Overall, if it wasn’t so bloody far away, I’d make it a regular stop.“
gws57 5701 days ago
66 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“This brewpub is fairly small and cozy. They always have a large selection of their beers on tap and the food is above average. The beer is hit or miss at times, but I still enjoy stoping in for lunch on occasion.“
MoDog 5714 days ago
56 /100 3311 S FRANKLIN ST
“Has most of the more common micros found in Northern Indiana but with on occasion get some special bottled beers from the likes of Three Floyds or imports from Mikkiller and such. Most of the staff is not very knowledgeable so you are best to know your stuff. A good place to stop if visiting Shoreline.“
BBB63 5814 days ago
86 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“kind of a knotty pine place to drink and eat. friendly staff and customers are a plus. a very entertaining place, but their menu is slightly hoity-toity forme.“
dm9831 5889 days ago
62 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Visited fairly late on a Monday night in June, 2007; despite the somewhat out-of-the-way location (for non-locals anyway) it’s not really hard to find. High-ceilinged with light pine walls and a long bar, the first thing I noticed was that everyone seemed to be smoking. No non-smoking section? Actually it turned out that a small room is sectioned off for that purpose, and given that nobody was in it and the prevalence of tobacco use amongst the patrons who were there, I guess they don’t need any more. Reluctantly I sat amongst the cancer lovers so as not to feel too alone, but the place was fairly well-ventialate and the very high ceiling helped. Service was very friendly though not super-knowledgeable; the food I had was exceptional, a beautifully-done and too-large lamb shank and solid garlic mashed potatoes with a salad that didn’t seem perfunctory. So....the beer. Umm, hate to be a naysayer here, but I found the 6 samples and the full glass of Kolsch I had to be all pretty watery, weak on malt and overly dry. They weren’t terrible by any means, but if not for the food, I don’t think I’d revisit. So...mixed rating from me; perhaps I’ll try the bottles.“
muzzlehatch 6012 days ago
68 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Converted old warehouse into a brewpub. Close to the outlets and Blue Chip Casino. Barmaid was very friendly, and efficient. Out of nine beers on tap three were hoppy (IPA, APA). Clientle were definitely locals on a Sunday night enjoying themselves. Nice place to sit have a couple of beers and grab some appetizers. There is also live music on the weekends.“
JFGrind 6042 days ago
68 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Old brick building with peeling paint on the outside, but clean and spacious inside. The staff was friendly and helpful. The food selection is fairly routine and they had no Portabello mushrooms, but the blackened chicken sandwich that I had was decent enough - even if served on white bread. But, as people are tiring of hearing me say, to me it’s All About The Beer. And thiers are pretty good. They had two IPAs on tap that satified this hophead. Besides those two pints, I enjoyed trying out some decent beers in their sampler. I’d go back to the place.“
Cornfield 6077 days ago
46 /100
Trail Creek Liquors (Beer Store)
2000 E US HIGHWAY 20
“I s’pose it’s an okay shop if you’re in need of a decent beer and you’re in the area. There’s a modest selection of micros from the area, some imports. But no way am I paying $10 for a sixer of a bock or amber ale, regardless of the brewery. Needless to say, I purchased nothing here and probably won’t return.“
Cornfield 6077 days ago
60 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Large barn-looking building, inside the decor is quite nice. High ceilings, has a ski lodge or cabin look, with a long bar along one side of the room, behind which is a long wall of windows looking in to the brewing operations. Beer quality is OK, and down the menu it seems the quality is around average, though their barley wine was really, really good. Decent service, but prices are a bit high for a place like Michigan City - expect to pay $4/pint for regular beer and $5/12oz for specialty beer. High prices because it’s neat the beach.“
3fourths 6182 days ago
50 /100
Trail Creek Liquors (Beer Store)
2000 E US HIGHWAY 20
“Has a good wine and mead selection as well. Crowded, cramped store, but big enough, with a wall of coolers on the back for beer. You’ll find many things from Back Road, including singles of their Christmas Ale. You’ll find Three Floyds, a lot of Bells, and a few other regional brews. Their Belgian and German selection is pretty good though, especially for the Michigan City/La Porte area. This store has the widest selection of beer within the NE/coastal Indiana area.“
3fourths 6186 days ago
58 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Huge brew pub located in an old warehouse. Pretty easy to find. Michigan City didn’t look like the greatest place in the world, but it was a weekday in December. They had about a dozen of their own beers on tap the day I visited which were pretty average. Food was also okay, but not outstanding. Service was good, but the waiter didn’t know a whole lot about the beers.“
GeneralGao 6197 days ago
62 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Pretty nice conversion of an old warehouse building. Service was spotty; food was OK but way overpriced for the quality and portion size; beer was mostly average with two standouts, the Scottish ale and the oatmeal stout. Nice enough place, but there’s no way I’m drivng right past Three Floyds ever again just to visit this place; and if I’m gonna drive 80 miles out of my way for a good pint and a good brewpub experience, I’ll head the other way toward Rockford and the Carlyle.“
TheEnemy 6247 days ago
78 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Easy to find location with parking lot in the back. Clean inside with new wood walls and clean bar and tables. Brewing operations behind glass behind bar. Freindly service with a selection of 9 taps. All beers above average with good selection of styles. Good food menu and the spicy calamari was a good portion and very good flavor. Enjoyed the visit and will come back when in the area.“
Tmoney99 6309 days ago
66 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Great place run by Sam and Benny. They have live music on a regular schedule. I would totally recommend this place for eating and drinking if you’re in the area.“
jezmez68 6384 days ago
68 /100 208 WABASH STREET
“Visited following the MI Brewer’s Guild Festival for a Sunday lunch. The place was a bit hard to find (small sign), but if you look out for the salmon colored building you’ll be set. You could drop the spouse off at the outlet malls down the road and head over for some good food and beer. The food was very good, I had the Reuben and my friend the Mushroom Burger on special, and both were tasty and reasonably priced. The place wasn’t very crowded, so I hope they’re doing okay businesswise. The ambiance is nice, with wood all around and clear windows behind the bar looking at the brewery fermenters. There’s a smoking section and a seperate room for non-smoking. Guy at the bar was smoking a cigar, so apparently that is allowed. The tap list included about 10 beers such as their pale, an ipa, a spiced ale, a scottish -- that wasn’t too bad, a smoked porter (solid), an oatmeal stout (probably the best) and a few others that were pretty forgettable. Again, good food with decent beer.“
Philip 6491 days ago