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88 /100 514 E JACKSON ST
“Went on a quiet Sunday laid back and slow.... The place is amazingly non-descript outside, and open and industrial/simple inside.....very large bar seating, greys and blacks, concrete and metal.....very nice beer boards....full poster size art...reminiscent of New Albanian decoration......friendly, talkative staff. Hands-down the best brewery in Muncie at this time......all the offerings are nicely to style, (those that I sampled)….and they distribute to other local bars and offer cans in the market and at the Brewery..... I was not disappointed in any way....well worth the stop. “
Patrickctenchi 757 days ago
92 /100 519 N ELM ST
“Located in an older, refurbished building , it's easy to miss from the main road, but the street is well marked, parking around the back. Décor is a lot of old original surfaces, brick, wood,'s cozy and dark in the bar area, with larger dining spaces in another's got the exposed conduit and wiring and handmade lights and decorations that you expect to see in a re-purposed, light industrial and old's comfortable and not pretentious. Service was great..... helpful and swift during a lunch stop.....I had a tenderloin and my buddy had the reuben….both excellent....great house-cut fries, too....about 15 taps of house beers, plus a huge list of other beers, local, regional, international in bottles and some on tap....a little pricey.....but what isn't nowadays?.....a really good stop....wish I had more time to get a couple flights.....but not this trip.....really enjoyed the beers and the visit.“
Patrickctenchi 882 days ago
94 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Located downtown not too far from the Ball State campus - I have been wanting to get here since joining RB but took me a long time to get back to Muncie. Dark, cozy pub - great selection both on tap and bottles. Now brewing their own beers - all the ones I had were great. A good thing that this place wasn’t around when I went to Ball State or I would have never gotten my degree. Top notch.“
shrubber85 2279 days ago
50 /100
Meijer - Muncie (Grocery Store)
“For a grocery store they do have an expanded selection, and do seem to adapt to changing demands. However, it is in bum fuck Indiana; so craft beers sit on the shelf longer and cold beer any where besides a liquor store is illegal (thus making anyone slightly serious about experiencing craft beer averse to shopping here despite their best efforts to trying to cater to the booming craft beer market).“
Dorkenstein 2351 days ago
94 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Amazing rustic style bar!!!!“
u812vh 2719 days ago
78 /100 117 E. CHARLES ST.
“Went on a Saturday night, full house but overly packed. It was lively and tad loud but nothing abnormal. Not a fan of navigating the pool tables and players to get to the bathroom. The beer selection was good with four beers I have not had and a couple old favorites. Most beers with the exception of the biggest beers were served in standard pint glasses which was a bummer. Some beers had great prices for a bar but a couple others seemed a tad overpriced. Did not have any food but I am sure that was for the best. Overall I liked it as did the guys I was with whom are not beer geeks. I would visit again but if by myself The Heorot would still my 1st stop. Needs: More proper glassware and I guess a food menu that would make me want to eat there.“
BBB63 2772 days ago
96 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Hiding deep in the heart of downtown Muncie, Indiana, this is simply the most outstanding bar in the entire state for the beer connoisseur to explore and enjoy tastiness! Classic wood architecture seeps throughout the entire building, friendly and knowledgeable employees take pride in their job there, and the heavy rotation of hundreds of beers make this a truly unique establishment that instantly makes Muncie a place to visit. The best.“
neckbracesub 3522 days ago
98 /100 127 HIGH ST
“I wish it was possible to give a higher rating to Savage’s Ale House. It is truly my home away from home. Great comfort food, always freshly made to order, hot and tasty, great value for the money (where else can you eat well for five dollars?) and great rotating taps, often on special for as low as two dollars. Outstanding place for Three Floyds as well as British, Belgian, and German selections.“
archetype99 3562 days ago
94 /100 117 E. CHARLES ST.
“"Passionately dedicated to great beer" is their mission statement and it is true to form. Watch the staff change a keg and clean a draft line, and you will see what I mean. Also a stupendous value for the money. You could easily spend twice per ounce for some of their rotating taps in the Indianapolis region. Also one if not the only place to get a cask ale (firkin) on select friday nights. Since the county smoking ban, the ambiance and atmosphere have only gotten better. Friendly, courteous, and informed staff. NEEDS: a better food menu.“
archetype99 3562 days ago
96 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“This is a place for a great selection of beer and good service, in downtown Muncie. Worth going out of your way to get really good beer in Indiana. Named after the mead hall/dining hall in Beowulf (remember sophomore Literature?), it has a funky feel with wooden benches along wooden tables, and several seats at the bar. Bartender was new but very friendly. Some of the beers on the menu were not available but there was always a similar one to be recommended. Food was only passable, but otherwise no complaints.“
BMWiens 3754 days ago
86 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“(Visited 08/2010): The Herot is located in downtown Muncie on Walnut off Jackson. Street parking appears to be pretty abundant in the immediate area. The inside is dark with a vaguely medieval look. Lots of wood, weapons on the walls, racks, etc. The bar runs along the right side with booth seating on the left. Taps are located at intervals along the entire bar. The only ding on atmosphere is the smoking they allow inside. As for the beers, there is a very robust list both on draught and in bottles. There are around 50 taps with brewers like Sun King, Thirsty Dog, Three Floyds, New Albanian, Victory, DFH, Upland and more. They offer growlers for most if not all of these beers. In addition there are 100s of bottles, categorized by style in a handy menu. There are tons of domestic craft beers plus imports from just about everywhere. Service on an early weekday afternoon was good. The bartenders were knowledgeable about their beer and were efficient. The food I had was to-go, and no complaints about the pizza. Overall this is a nice find in Muncie and is worth going out of the way to check out if you get the chance.“
Dogbrick 3794 days ago
66 /100 6440 WEST KILGORE AVE
“(Visited 08/2010): Friendly Package is located near Muncie in the Yorktown area on Kilgore (Rte 32). They have a small private lot out front. The atmosphere is somewhere between a wine/beer shop and a convenience store. Rather spartan interior with the beer located in the rear part of the store, much of it in coolers. As for the beer selection, there is a decent representation of craft beers, particularly from the midwest. Beers noted include Tyranena, Oaken Barrel, Upland, Barley Island, Three Floyds, New Belgium, Stone and more. There are a few imports from Germany and the UK primarily as well. Service was friendly but nobody really went out of their way or seemed particularly knowledgeable about beer. Overall this is a nice quick stop on the way between Indy and Muncie where a craft beer fan is bound to find something worthwhile.“
Dogbrick 3794 days ago
90 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“The sort of bar I’d imagine was more prevalent many years ago, smoky and a little grungy, eclectic and a little weird, friendly and grounded in its community. Homey and yet unexpectedly interesting. Not well-lit and the bathroom was not very clean (with a surprise faucet neck -- too big and long for its sink). Chili dog was nothing special but the Stromboli surprised. Beer list was large and comprehensive, with some rare-ish taps and, surprisingly, a lot of stuff I hadn’t had before. Good bartending and seems to be a place to find an easily-struck conversation with a stranger. A really good experience, enough that I want to make the drive to come back more often, but is it possible to call it a hidden gem after all the love it’s been given here?“
ganache 3995 days ago
86 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“I’ve been to many draft houses around the US and Europe and by far Heorots has one of the best beer selections in both drafts and bottles. I first visited this bar a couple of years ago because my daughter is attending Ball State. It has a very unique atmosphere. I call it my viking bar and I visit it every chance I get when I’m in Muncie. If any of my friends would like to visit this unique draft house I’ll make a special 3 hour drive to meet them there for a few beers. See ya at the viking bar. Working on my 100 beers to make it on to the bar of fame.“
mjaniczak 4031 days ago
“Parking in front on Jackson. Beer coolers on left with mixed single six packs available. Good Indiana distribution micro selection and imports. Standard pricing with discount on mixed six pack. Good college location package store.“
Tmoney99 4067 days ago
“Great service. Called ahead and they had me boxed up and ready. Saturday $1/sixer discount.“
swenocha 4211 days ago
84 /100 117 E. CHARLES ST.
“To me, this is the ultimate place to get a beer. The Heorot is more purist and focused on beer, but the Peach has a great beer selection with the ambiance of a real community. TVs, pinball and pool are not required for a great bar, but they certainly help liven the atmosphere, and the Peach’s atmosphere is jovial. The staffers are extremely helpful and courteous, and there is truly a feeling of belonging, even if you have only been there once or twice.“
bdluttrull 4231 days ago
86 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“The best place to enjoy a beer in Muncie, far and away. The Peach may be more modern and fancy, but nothine tops the Heorot for creating the desire to enjoy beer. Extremely amazing selection, especially considering the location, and a very reasonable price. The pizza is great, and the cigars add the icing on a delicious cake.“
bdluttrull 4274 days ago
84 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“a lovely place in the heart of muncie, in. they almost always have a pretty awesome tap selection, although i’ve honestly never even bothered to check on their bottle availability.“
tykechandler 4281 days ago
78 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“I first found Heorot while visiting a friend over 10 years ago and have dropped in occassionally ever since. I wondered why we were going to Muncie instead of into Indy, but once we set foot inside, I was converted. Great selection, reasonable prices and a great vibe. The only reason we didn’t drink more is simply someone had to drive home.“
padgemw 4468 days ago
100 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“I was lucky and found this place last weekend. Being from Kokomo, we no longer have anywhere to go to get some good beer and a friend recommended the Heorot. I walked in and it was almost like you’re in a Norse cottage. Long wooden tables and benches, a dragon coming out of the ceiling, and very dark. It was the perfect atmosphere. As far as selection, I felt like I was walking into a specialty store in Indy. They had almost everthing I could have wanted and then some. After drinking a few of my favorites, I took home a bottle of Dark Horizon. It was $30.00, but I’m sure it will be well worth it this fall. I will surely return!“
luvpnkflyd 4544 days ago
82 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Why in the hell is this place in the middle of Muncie, Indiana, is my question. But, with superb selection of all types in bottles and over 50 on tap, I’ll take it. THe pizza is excellent and affordable at $4.50 and it fills you up. They are always moving new stuff in and getting old beer out. Great place if you love beer and are in the area.“
bsuhamsterman 4626 days ago
96 /100 117 E. CHARLES ST.
“This is the best bar in Muncie. Brion and Chris have created a warm, relaxing environment with an excellent beer selection. If you want a great thinking man’s bar, this is the place.“
tylonius 4680 days ago
96 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“If you are a Beer Junky like me this place is Heaven. This is the only place in Indiana I know of that has the full line-up of Trappist Abbey Ales and also every local brewery is represented. 3 Floyds- Upland-Stone-Rogue DogFishhead-Chimay-Orval-Duvel- German Lagers- Stouts-Porters -Wits Its the Holy Grail of a beer Bar and I highly recommend it.“
Axis714 4824 days ago
84 /100 117 E. CHARLES ST.
“The Herot, also located in Muncie, IN, is a hard place to beat for beers, especially in selection. The Peach, however, is a good place to go for a more lively atmosphere. They have more bands here and sometimes show sports on large projector screen. There are also three pool tables, a foosball table, and a few arcade games. There is still a good selection of beers here and they have a few things The Herot does not. I haven’t had any of the food here except for the free popcorn they serve upon request. The staff is excellently helpful and friendly.“
roseerp 4825 days ago
86 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“I believe I described the atmosphere to one of my friends as ’fuzzy.’ That doesn’t exactly mean that it’s a soft and cuddly bar. It’s a little rough on the edges if anything with large wooden tavern benches and tables, a dragon curling in and out of the wall, and an assortment of other random decor including a picture of two wolves that look much like the owner’s dog that can sometimes be seen around the joint. What I mean by fuzzy is that it makes me feel warm and fuzzy, in part because of the wide selection of hefty beers and in part because of the large tables that allow for lots of friends including the ones you meet there by sharing a table. One of the bonuses of frequenting this bar is getting your name on it. If you consume 100 different beers in six months at the Herot, you get a plaque with your name, a catch phrase of your choice, and the date you completed the 100 beer challenge on the bar. The service is best if you are a regular here. I think the first couple times I came in, I didn’t get as much heed as later visits. The food is typical bar food, not amazing, but definately cheap with a $1 special on pizzas once a week. Definately a place to go.“
roseerp 4825 days ago
78 /100 117 E. CHARLES ST.
“I was in Muncie visiting family and used this as a reason to stop. This is another good addition to Muncie and within 100 miles. The pub is an old bank building with the vault in the back behind the bar. Tables and games on the left. The service was good and helpful. The selection was very good. I could only try a couple of brews. My lose. A highly recommended stop.“
Tmoney99 4837 days ago
82 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“An absolute must if you are traveling through or near Muncie. This pub has an great selection, however, several taps were blown. Several Belgians were present including Delerium Tremens and Nocturnum (sp?), Piraat, a couple of 3Floyds, DFH, and many Indiana brews. The bottle selection was immense, the waitress was friendly, the Scotch eggs were delicious, the pizza was average, the outside seating area was nice. Great coffee shop across the street as well. Well worth it.“
Maddog 4894 days ago
72 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Great memories from my BSU days! Nice change of scene from crappy bars near campus. Need to go again because I have only tried of few of the beers from the selection“
DWestrick 5013 days ago
94 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Ambiance is perfect. Music comes from the jukebox which is never too loud, though some patrons’ choice of music may be atrocious. Some nights they have live music or comedians. There’s also a bookshelf near the back loaded with books, trivia cards, boardgames, etc. for your entertainment. Darts upstairs. Service is great for the amount of customers filling the place at any given time. Selection is amazing. They provide catalogs to aid the newbies and have chalkboards set up announcing new bottled and draught beers. Catalog prices and selection don’t necessarily match what they have at the moment, so be sure to ask. As for food, I’ve never eaten anything bad from there. I recommend the large, thin crust pizza for $5 - a perfect compliment to 99% of the beers they serve. Any beer-lover within 100 miles of the place should give it a go. Also, if you drink 100 different beers (they keep track) you get a nameplate directly on the bar - quite the honor in this community.“
pinkcloud2grey 5037 days ago
88 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Not sure how we found out about this place, but it made for a nice last stop on the trip. Tap selection was pretty impressive for BFE Indiana. FFF Resplendance, some SN Celebration, and some other pretty good stuff. My high light though was definitely the bottle selection, as I sipped on some beers that normally would only be found in someone’s cellar in Michigan. They even let you buy these up for take home. It was great. Food was so so, the Garlic Cheese bread was good, the mac and cheese that I ordered on a whim was average. Really cool setting inside with all the Viking stuff hanging on the walls. I really enjoyed the visit.“
sliffy 5163 days ago
94 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Amazing place that I had been looking forward to visiting. Tap selection was ridiculous when I was there. DFH 90 and 60, Unibroue Maudite and many others on draft. Huge bottle selection as well with possibly the cheapest price on Behemoth I’ve ever seen. The cellar is amazing and I can’t wait to go back and talk to Stan about a more extensive tour of it. All in all, good people, good service and amazing beer in a good atmosphere.“
bdigital 5228 days ago
86 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Its been a year ago since Ive been here, but its a great beer bar. I love the medieval atmosphere and the selection of beer is better than any bar Ive been to ever. If you love good beer and you live within 2 hours of this place I suggest you check it out.“
jameswolfe 5290 days ago
90 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Well let’s just say this place is my hang out and i’m here 2-3 times a week. We usually do a GOOD BEER SHOW episode there at least 1-2 times a month up in the Viking Bunker! Old Euro pub atmosphere and all the killer beers on draft to make you stumble out the door as well as a WIDE assortment of imports and if it’s not in the cooler it’s probably in the cellar! A beer lovers wet dream! CHEERS!“
hrking 5391 days ago
80 /100 117 E. CHARLES ST.
“I hit this place weekly! Awesome employees and great atmosphere. If you’re in Muncie I highly recommend stopping in and have a good brew on draft! Several choices and classy people! CHEERS!“
hrking 5391 days ago
80 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“The food is okay, but nothing to write home about. The ambiance is very unique compared to other Indiana bars. I’ve updated my review after visiting again for the first time in a while. Its beer selection is pretty thinned from its earlier days. However, they now accept credit cards, which is a nice change of pace.“
Optigon 5391 days ago
92 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Finally I get to Muncie to visit the Heorot after hearing so much about it. It did not dissapoint. This place is a beer bar. They do it good and make no attempts at anything else. The Beowulf/Viking theme that is carried throughout provides a unique atmosphere and the beer selection is amazing. The taps are as diverse as the bottled beers available in the cooler, most prominanently displaying Midwestern beers but with large selections from Germany, England, Canada, and Belgium as well. The prices are increadibly cheap (Pint of Alpha King for $3.25) and the food, while simple, is servicable. This is really just a great place to come and drink beer with friends. Large tables and no TV’s allow you to concentrate on their beer and your conversation.“
atpayne 5463 days ago
90 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“This reminded me of a cozy, run-down, hole-in-the-wall bar with kind of a Beowulf theme. But who cares about that? The beer selection is outstanding. Who would have thought a city like Muncie would have a beer joint like this? I was there on a Tuesday night and the tables and bar were three-quarters full. Didn’t try any food, so I can’t rate that. Overall, a must visit if you’re ever in this city.“
jcr 5607 days ago
92 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Ambiance has dropped just slightly over the past year with the addition of a high tech jukebox that is way too expensive. Service is good once they get to know you. I have yet to go anywhere with a better selection- too many golden beer moments to count, including a week of Old Engine Oil on cask and a month of $2 pints of Alpha King and Two Hearted. The food isn’t great, typical pub stuff, but all of it is a good value. Overall, I will miss the Heorot more than any other place in Muncie when I leave.“
IPAndy 5613 days ago
94 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“Great place! I have to stop here at least 3 or 4 times a month. The Heorot is themed around the story of Beowulf complete with a huge dragon weaving in and out of a wall. Selection of beers is phenomenal! My guess would be 40-50 taps and 3 huge coolers full of bottles. This is the place to get beer if your in Muncie, they even have carryout. I gave the food a 5 becuase I have only been there when they had $2.50 pizzas (good large pizza too.) Stop here if your ever close to Muncie, you will not regret it. IJust recently I managed to check out the cellar in this wonderful beer bar. I will say albeit disorganized, he had a hell of a lot of beer! WOW. It was pretty nice to be able to see it finally and to chat beer with the owner.“
hippie4beer 5820 days ago
90 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“I first discovered Bell’s beer here...and oh so many other wonderful beers. Nobody in the Midwest should miss this place, and the fact that there are no TVs, no trivia game machines, no neon signs in the window, and hardly even any electric lighting make this a true pub in the old-time sense of the word. Be sure to notice the sword on the wall with cans of macro lager speared on it. The beer selection is amazing, so much good stuff on tap, and even more amazing when Stan brings out the rare gems hiding in the cellar for a tasting. I can’t wait until my next visit! It’s one of just two reasons I have to ever go to Muncie, Indiana.“
eve 5825 days ago
84 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“The Heorot is truely a treasure in the disaster known as Muncie, Indiana. It’s dingy and dark but so full of atmosphere and attitude. There are no TVs but there are regular local bands playing there and board games available. The food is far from great, but no one goes there for the food. It’s been a couple years since I last visited the Heorot but they have an enormous selection of bottles (close to 300 from what I’m told, many not listed) and 50 beers on tap.“
amee16 5873 days ago
86 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“I was in Muncie visiting family and used this as a reason to stop before i left town. This is a shining star in a sea of dakness in Muncie and within 100 miles. The pub is like an old English hunting pub. The service was good and helpful. The selection was very good. I could only try a couple of brews due to my drive back to Cincinnati. My lose. A highly recommended stop.“
Tmoney99 6008 days ago
86 /100 219 S. WALNUT
“I rating this beerbar from my last visit over two months ago just to get a review in the database. When I was there they had a fine selection of Bells (including the newest Winter White) and some vintage Bigfoots. The Adnams Pale Ale was good, but not that special. Still. for central Indiana, it the best beer bar between Indy and Michigan.“
BBB63 6126 days ago
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