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88 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Lighting is low plenty of parking. Service is decent. Beer is awesome. Food looks good. Great stop!“
unclefrito62 373 days ago
78 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“The food here is most excellent and the beers are really good too. Our party had the pizza, the ramen, the cheese curds and the smoked pork loin and all of it was just over the top GOOD! But the music, I don't know. Maybe I'm getting old. Hard rock is OK to me but the loud and obnoxious heavy metal and acid rock was a bit much for me. The venue is small so I guess it's a good way to get a guy like me to leave immediately after the meal and get another party in there that had to wait outside.“
fiveacestx 518 days ago
74 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“I've visited here many times, and will do so many more times (since I just moved to a new house 2 miles away). The quality of the beer is the only thing that keeps me coming back. Usually I just walk in to the beer to go door, instead of waiting for a seat at the bar. The food is good, but expensive. The tattooed waitstaff is efficient and friendly enough, but the long wait times for a seat are often too much. Other customers are usually willing to strike up a conversation, despite the death metal music that is way too loud, and the normalcy/friendliness of other customers despite the death metal vibe keeps me coming back.“
ccex 646 days ago
78 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Visited for lunch on a a Thursday. I will mention what I didn't like first and get that our of the way,which was the volume of the music at 1130 in the morning. Everything else was good. Service was very nice. There were nearly twenty taps,and almost all available as reasonably priced samplersThe pizza I shared with my wife had quality toppings but the crust was not up to holding them, the flavor was good. Good place.“
JK 797 days ago
82 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Stopped here last July while traveling cross country. Easy to get to- just a few miles off I-80. Very busy on a Sunday afternoon. Went to the bottle shop. Got a couple aged sour whales. Service was good. Place was loud. Did not eat.“
MaBeer1972 955 days ago
76 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Visited on 5th July 2017. Only went for the Bottle Shop as they did not accept German IDs. Ambiance was very loud. Selection was pretty good, food was pretty expensive, but nothing special for America. Got Zombie Dust bottled on that day, so it was worth it.“
FinnIckler 1070 days ago
84 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“This place is a must stop for any beer connoisseur, especially if you’re a hophead. The space is smallish, or maybe it’s because they are always busy it feels cramped. I’ve been here 3 times and every time it’s been packed. Food is decent, but a bit pricey. The tap list is usually decent but can be very one-note or two-note. The times I’ve been through here the staff has been good to me, not overly friendly but fine. They also have a separate entrance where you can get six packs and bottles to go. My only complain there is every time I’ve come through it seems to be the same beers available to go. Oh well. Still a nice stop.“
BeeLee 1135 days ago
70 /100
Delock’s Liquor (Beer Store)
“A pretty divey liquor store with a nice selection. Service wasn’t too customer oriented but lots of people working. Selection was nice but hard to follow the organization. Found the FFF hiding back by the coolers. Prices were solid. Worth a stop if you are hitting FFF.“
deyholla 1275 days ago
86 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
DSG 1421 days ago
76 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Medium sized brewpub with small store next door. It’s located in some business park, but obviously still very popular so we had to wait a bit. I didn’t have any food, but my girlfriend did and it was quite OK but expensive. Beers were obviously great, and reasonably priced. Friendly service. Glad I went.“
Maakun 1428 days ago
70 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Yea, it’s a small and older place, but it looks like they have a bigger place under construction. We stopped in on a Tuesday night and it was one 3rd full. Ordered the preset flight consiting of pales and IPA’s. I was disappointed not to see any stouts on tap. Nothing dark really. So many IPA, that after my flight I asked 1 waitress which was the biggest and best. She was new and asked another waitress to come over. She pointed out 3 or 4 other IPA’s that were all good. I ordered the Arctic Panzer Wolf and enjoyed that alot! The wife wanted the cheese tray, so I got the meat tray for us to split both. Should have checked it 1st. 4 types of the same sausage with different spices on them. Not good for a meal. On way out I got a Gumballhead T-shirt, a 6 of Gumballhead and another bottle of a IPA I did not yet have there. Disappointed nothing dark in bottles.“
Ron 1429 days ago
84 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Stopped by in 2014. Managed to get a small table with my two friends. Nice service and food, great tasting fresh hoppy beers.“
PMgep 1458 days ago
74 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Stopped in for lunch with my family last week. Service was quick, courteous, and efficient. Prices were good, food better than average, and the selection is nice. Music is way too fucking loud, and kept us from wanting to hang out too long, but that wasn’t unexpected either. Guess I’m an old man now ... Next time I’ll wear earplugs. My 1 year old loved it, though -- got a video of her first head banging. Overall: not sure I’ll come again for anything but bottles to go, but cool to check out one of the original badass craft brewpubs.“
Prufrockstar 1460 days ago
80 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“A weird location. Nice but small bar with super loud music, staff was hit or miss, server great, hostess terrible. Food was good and good value. Same day zombie dust had a ton of people go through the store, but quick and professionally. Worth the stop“
dresden 1487 days ago
90 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Nice beer pub with plenty of artworks located in the middle of an industrial zone. Nice selection of different style of beers. Merchandise shop is also offering plenty of interesting merchandise. Waiters are nice and helpful with fair prices. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the surrounding area.“
Boutip 1496 days ago
86 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“A very good brewpub. There is a solid range of Three Floyds on tap, with all the regular stuff available along with some one-offs. The prices are fantastic. Tasting flight only available for their more regular beers. Half pours offered on beers that come in pints. Nice selection of non-3F as well. Very friendly and quick service. Eclectic beer decor. The constant heavy metal gets a bit tiresome and even feels a bit out of place - almost none of the patrons had that ’metal’ look about them. Good looking good but we didn’t eat on our visit.The ’bottle shop’ section is nice to have, although on my visit they mostly just had fairly standard offerings. The prices on takeaway beer are very fair. Overall, this is a great spot, although not without a few quirks.“
Leighton 1509 days ago
80 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Great food and beer, but the heavy-metal vibe really isn’t my thing. Service is friendly and the outlet store is nice, though a bit small.“
bookman10 1573 days ago
98 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Great, friendly place.“
cindybolger 1588 days ago
86 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“I can’t believe I haven’t rated this place before. I’ve been coming here since before there was food. Now is an entire three floyds complex. My only complaint is that the brewpub is too small. The food is very nice, fancy variants of pub grub. Sitting at the bar I got great service. They are spinning vinyl heavy metal music, but it was not too loud and was fitting with the punk rock meets geek decor. If you’ve never been, trust your GPS because it is tucked away in an industrial part of town. And be prepared to wait for a spot unless you get there early. It is worth it. They also sell product there, so you can walk out with a case of zombie dust.“
jsquire 1608 days ago
84 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Ignore the negative reviews, this brewpub is excellent! The wait is totally reasonable, considering the popularity and size of the operation. Come at the right time and you’ll be seated quickly, wrong time, not so much. Food came out slightly slow, but it gave us time to talk and enjoy our beers. They have many FFF beers on tap, and numerous guest bottles as well. Wait staff were pleasant and relatively quick, but more waitresses would be better. The food is extremely reasonably priced, very good and came in large portions. Their "small plates" or appetizers are almost entree sized. The host will even allow you to reserve your table to go on the nice (free) tour, and you’ll be notified that your table is available by text, which is handy if you’re nearby buying beer from the kiosk. One note, you do have to be 21+ to get in, so no kids. They also play metal (at the perfect volume for private conversation), which I definitely enjoyed while getting a nice buzz on. I would absolutely recommend this brewpub for a lazy Saturday, when you can do the tour and the wait isn’t as important.“
lukesimmons101 1642 days ago
80 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Always busy and jumping, food is better than most, loud but what a mecca for craft beer fans. They recently remolded. Artwork on the walls were something I remember going ten years ago. I usually have a designated driver if I stay awhile. Go when they open.“
BlackBeerPG 1672 days ago
82 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Stopped here in early October. About a 20 minute wait to get a table but the food was out quick and the beer service was excellent. Had pre-determined flights and also pints for sale. Roughly 20 beers on tap. Pricing was $5/pint for most beer which is pretty reasonable. The food was good. Kind of a neat place but not really anything special. Good crowd. The "to-go" area was nice. Long line when we arrived but no one was in it at about 2:30pm so we grabbed some beers and headed out. Great experience but not a very nice town/area. Doesn’t seem to be much going on outside of Three Floyd’s.“
TheHOFF43 1724 days ago
80 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Would have scored a 5 for ambiance, but I didm’t like the style of music and the volume it was played on. For the rest only positive, great bar tender helping me out with selecting beers and samplers, great outstanding beers, friendly other beer drinkers. Also bar food was tasty. Visited on Sunday afernoon, quite crowded, which is fun. Sure worth the detour.“
vipinvelp 1725 days ago
70 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Stopped in a couple years back on my way to Ohio. Pretty nice tap list and a few bottle to-go. The bartender was a total tool very unfriendly. The place was not overly busy so no need to be that guy. Overall experience was ok.“
BuckeyeBoy 1746 days ago
76 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Nice brewpub in large industrial Park. Generally pretty crowded and noisy, kind of a crap shoot whether there’s a long wait or you get a seat immediately. Service has ranged from extremely friendly to a little off-putting over the course of my several visits, but generally skews towards the friendly side. Beer is great and reasonably priced. Food is solid too. Definitely worth a stop if you’re passing through.“
conway 1757 days ago
72 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Busy bar and best place. To try their beers. Only 3 beers takeaway“
Sammy 1796 days ago
88 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Whomever has characterized this as a biker bar has never been to an actual biker bar. It is a comfortable eating and drinking place with ecclectic decorations of breweriana, pop-culture odds & ends (look for the WWF title belt wrapped around a ventilation pipe in the ceiling), and bright murals. Yes there is heavy metal, and yes many of their beers have skulls on the label. But this is a welcoming and fun spot with excellent food and excellent beer. Worth going out if your way.“
DuffMan 1808 days ago
84 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“I took a side trip down to the brewpub during my last business trip to the Chicago area. It was everything I expected from reading the reviews: Loud metal music and sort of a biker bar athosphere. My friend joked that I was not attired properly, as I was wearing a baby blue sweater rather than the ubiquitous black. It was a weeknight so we didn’t have any trouble getting a table. There were about 20 beers on tap and the ones we tried were good, but it was disappointing that they did not do samplers or flights, because I would have liked to try a few more of the brewpub only beers. I can’t remember what we ordered, but I remember the food being pretty good. All in all a pretty fun experiance.“
jenray 1906 days ago
72 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“out of the way and more hole in the wall than expected. LOVE their beer, but disappointed on how little of the good stuff they were pouring when I visited.“
slowrunner77 1926 days ago
88 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Well this is it. I made it to 3floyds brewpub and it did not disappoint. Cool artwork and bottle work up on the walls. Heavy metal playing in the background. 20 beers on tap.. Including fresh dreadnaught. Good, value, and service was great. Every craft enthusiast should have this on their bucket list.“
cards04 1987 days ago
88 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Stopped in after a Chicago beer run. Quite a happening place on a summer Saturday night as expected. Outside waiting wasn’t a problem for the season. Not too long of a wait at prime time. A very convenient side door for beer to go. Got some awesome bottles before even getting a table. With just one other person snagged a couple seats at the bar right in front of the taps and tap list. A great amount of taps. Well when Zombie Dust is flowing they could fill the rest with mud and I would be happy. Some great standards along with seasonals and guests. A great selection of quality stuff. A little bit smaller of a food menu but great items. Including more exotic and specialty items which I always look for in a menu. The food was very good and all decent prices. A way more intense vibe than most with karate movies and death metal playing. Something that didn’t surprise me much going in knowing the brewery. A lot of cool artwork in this smaller pub to add more to this must stop. I definitely want to go back.“
SpongeRuiner 2003 days ago
58 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Honestly, this was only a stop because I felt it was "must try". There was a huge line at noon despite plenty of empty tables inside. Service seemed oblivious, and the entire place reeked of holier than you douschbaggery from the staff. I had one pint of Robert the Bruce and left. It wasn’t worth the trip, although there was a White Castle nearby. Maybe I just had a bad experience, or came on a bad day. Either way I was very disappointed.“
theothermatt 2016 days ago
92 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Just a fun place. I wish they produced my favorite more frequently. Hopefully this will happen with the expansion.“
jws7968 2028 days ago
100 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“The best beer. The best venue. The best everything. Very lucky to Visit the mecca of America beer. Zombie on tap is unbeatable for a pale.“
lagwagon 2042 days ago
86 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Showed up right as they opened on a Sunday afternoon. There was a line just to get in & get seated. You have to wait outside if there aren’t open tables or seats at the bar. Luckily it was just me & one other person, so we got in right away with two open bar seats. Nice sized tap list which also includes a couple guest taps. They don’t do "make your own" flights, but I could drink pints of Zombie Dust all day & be happy. The beers I had were really nice; didn’t try any food, but I’ve heard it’s good. Definitely next time. Friendly service, dim dive bar & metalhead mash-up atmosphere. Pretty cool place, albeit a bit small compared to their demand.“
tectactoe 2088 days ago
82 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Great place, great beer, friendly service. Beer prices are very fair. Food is on the slightly higher side of fair, but it’s tasty! The bartenders pick their tunes (on vinyl) and blast it! Fun to see clueless snobs ’tolerate’ stuff like Bolt Thrower and Black Flag just because the beer and grub is good. GET HERE EARLY, the place is always packed.“
HoppityHop 2101 days ago
86 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“(Visited 08/2014): Finally made it to Three Floyds on the way to Great Taste of the Midwest. The brewpub is located in an industrial area of Munster on Indiana Parkway off Calumet Ave. Parking is available in front of the building.

Upon entering, there is a small counter room and counter on the left for bottle sales. The brewpub features a curved bar in the center of the space with wooden chairs and offers a view of the tap handles. There is a chalk board on the right side of the bar listing the beers. The walls are various bright colors, and there are a couple TVs, one of which was playing a schlocky 80s movie.

There are 20 beers on tap, with many brewpub-only offerings along with several year-round brews. On my visit the selections included Speed Ball, Secret Sub Lair, Big Tiddy Assassin, Space Station Middle Finger, War Mullet, Deesko, Backmasking and many more. Guest taps as well from breweries like Dogfish Head and Dark Horse. Bottles to go included Cimmerian Sabertooth Tiger, Moloko and Dreadnaught. All of the beers were good.

Service at the bar on a surprisingly not crazy busy Thursday night was good. The bartender was friendly, provided samples and was attentive throughout the visit.

I did not have any food on this visit.

All in all I am glad to have checked this place off my beer bucket list and it lived up to expectations. I would definitely visit again.“
Dogbrick 2101 days ago
84 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Be patient, really busy little bar with the hardest working and good bartendenders I have seen in a while. Fun memorabilia and Star Wars stuff everywhere. Large selection including lots of guests. I didn’t eat, but it looked decent. Beer is great, but sample tray is set to mainstays. Prices are decent, a must stop.“
Ferris 2112 days ago
86 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Stopped by here around 8pm on a Sunday, on my way back from GTMW. Parking was easy. Place was crowded for a sunday night, but not surprising because Three Floyds. I was on my own, so I didn’t have to wait to pick one of the 2 open seats at the bar. I chose the one next to the wall, hoping for some peace and quiet, but an older gentleman ended up sitting right next to me and talking my ear off the whole time. Not what I expected from a punk-aesthetic place, but I try to humor people... Inside the place is pretty cooly decorated and comfortable despite being full, not too crowded at all.. Yeah, heavy rock plays the whole time, but it’s a lot less grating than I expected. Reasonable volume, and it’s on vinyl so you know, it sounds solid. Another thing I wasn’t expecting was the service to be awesome. People have always told me that this place is punk and metal, and the bartenders are tattooed and impatient. The first part was true but the second part was not. My bartender was probably the chillest most patient and nicest bartender I’ve interacted with this year. I got incredible service from him, and I’m not saying that because I got break on the bill (no break given). Just great service from a very tactful patient helpful and polite yet metal bartender. Needless to say, the beer was awesome. Everything I had was outstanding, beyond my expectation even for 3F. Imperial Pints are the standard size, and half pints (8oz) are offered at a nice price for things that aren’t imperial-gravity or special (sours and coffee beer). Beer prices were better than expected. Food is higher end for sure, but absolutely delicious. I got the burger for $12. A bit pricey considering no side is included, but it was the perfect amount of food for me and extremely satisfying and tasty. Free open WiFi, which I am using to type this review right now here in the brewpub (I waited until the older gentleman chatting with me left to whip out my laptop). Awesome spot over all. I figured I could only handle stopping at one place on my way back from Madison, I’m glad I chose this place.“
DrSilverworm 2153 days ago
90 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Great brewpub overall. Kinda out there from Chicago, but worth the trip. Great beer, plenty of it, both 3F stuff and other stuff. Food was super tasty. Prices fair for good brewpub and beer. Picked up some bottles to go. Hop I get back there soon.“
rdixon77 2173 days ago
76 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Been coming here for a while. Beer is always good food changes often. Staff has always been nice. Just dont be a jag bag and you will be fine.“
kleksbrew7 2179 days ago
78 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Gotta say I expected more... Although my expectations might have been set impossibly high. Good selection of FFF beer on tap, including Zombie Dust, Dreadnaught and Arctic Panzer Wolf. I also tried the Apocalypse Cow. Nice one. Food was plentiful and good, not great. I had the burger and the Alpha King fries, my wife had a pepperoni pizza.The selection of beer to go was a bit limited but managed to pick up a Floyd d’Rue.“
Ktwse 2179 days ago
58 /100
Delock’s Liquor (Beer Store)
“Decent selection but not great. No FFF when I visited, and limited selection of other rare / interesting stuff. Most sold in 4/6-packs so if you want to sample something new, you might be stuck with five bottles that you don’t want to finish. Friendly staff, however.“
Ktwse 2179 days ago
94 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“smaller than i imagined. service was excellent. i had the best burger and fries i have ever had. great selection of 3fff beers and some guest taps. zombie dust fresh amazing“
indianabeerman 2188 days ago
82 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“We made it just maybe an hour before last call, so a bit of a rushed trip. I guess I’d have to say my first impression is that it’s much smaller than I imagined.

We sat at a high top table near the bar and each ordered a couple rounds. They will only serve you one beer per person and only full pours other than a predetermined flight (lame). At least the pricing on the pours is reasonable. I’d take a $5 imperial pint of Zombie Dust anyday.

Some of the beers were quite good. I was pleasantly impressed by Snow Weasel, and of course Zombie Dust. Some others not as great (Man-o-Awe). They also have some guest beers on, which is nice, I suppose.

Service was alright, I didn’t really interact much with the bartender, but he seemed like a decent guy.

I didn’t really get the full, authentic Three Floyds experience, I suppose. But it was a fun little place and they have good beers. And, I got to try White Castle for the first time at the gas station next door.“
brokensail 2193 days ago
70 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“Must I say something on this. Sigh, well, hot damn, I guess I should say something since the beer I’ve had here is quite good. Okay, as I was driving across the continent last Summer. Here is what I observed. The appearance, well, its kinda dark in here, and a lot of people looked at me like I was out of place (I don’t think I had enough tattoos and piercings to fit in here). Honestly, I slightly felt like I wasn’t exactly welcome here. The service was pretty good, though I didn’t have any food, I was really looking for Zombie Dust that day and luckily, I had it on tap and that was really good. The value, well, its Indiana, well, an exceptionally great state to set up a brewpub as the economy there is better since its not over run by liberals. Overall, great beer, weird looking inside, and I took off that day with a sixer of Gumballhead and wasn’t disappointed. Its less than 15 minutes from I-94. Do it, you won’t be disappointed here.“
Bulk_Carrier 2196 days ago
86 /100 9750 INDIANA PARKWAY
“So glad to finally make it to this amazing place! Drove the hour down from Chicago on a recent trip and so very glad I did. Had a short-rib burger and poutine, both were delicious. Zombie Dust had gone on sale earlier in the day - 400 cases gone in 4 hours. Luckily they had it on tap.“
Dixonian 2206 days ago
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