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84 /100
Trail Inn Liquors (Beer Store)
“I don’t understand the negative reviews here. Everyone at the store I dealt with was courteous and helpful. The selection is world class and ALL beers were available as singles. Two thumbs up.“
Iphonephan 1449 days ago
82 /100 175 W. LINCOLNWAY
“This place has a great beer list and very good food. The Friday evening we visited was very busy. We productively waited for a table at the bar, where we sampled four beers and then had four more with dinner. The bottle list was extensive and fairly priced. The library motif created a pretty oozy feel. Highly recommend.“
Iphonephan 1453 days ago
“A nice new meadery/cidery in downtown Valpo. The floorplan is smaller but open, and nice and clean with plenty of light. No food, but the selection is solid, and the service is outstanding. Value is good too ($10 for a 2 oz flight of 4). Definitely worth a stop if you’re in town.“
b3shine 2155 days ago
“New addition to the NWI scene, a real showstopper as mead invades the area. The atmosphere is a bit sterile, its clean, and nice, but there needs to be a bit more character which should come with time. Service was quick, friendly and offered great suggestions. Nice selection of a cider, a low abv mead, then some heavier hitters. The gooseberry foole was amazing. The carbonated meads is probably where the sweet spot will be for this new place. Excited for some of the bottle releases I was told about. I had to join the club now before this gets hyped as Schramm and impossible to get. Its nice the meads come in a flight so you can try multiple things without getting to drunk. This is a must stop when coming through the area.“
chibuck 2215 days ago
“The staff is extremely friendly and takes the time to visit with the customers and explain the different meads. The meads are amazing and I find myself wanting to go there night after night. The selection They have done a great job incorporating the elements of meads into the decoration and I anticipate the ambiance will improve even more as they get beyond their opening weeks. Overall, I strongly recommend making the journey to visit Misbeehavin’ Meads to enjoy some of the best meads available.“
dsvilar 2237 days ago
74 /100 175 W. LINCOLNWAY
“I didn’t expect much in downtown Valpo, but this place exceeded my expectations on all fronts. The space is weird, basically an office building. But they way its laid out and design make it really unique. Interesting food choices, and they are all great. Tuna and calamari in Indiana, and they rocked it. A chicken and waffle sandwich with the waffles as bread, was knock out. Local and rare beer list add to the allure. I’ll be back.“
chibuck 2243 days ago
72 /100 1555 WEST LINCOLNWAY, STE #105
“Small tasting room at the end of a strip mall. Can get a flight, pints, growler fills, and an occasional bottled beer. They do make popcorn with bacon grease that kicks ass. Worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
shrubber85 2676 days ago
72 /100 6 ROOSEVELT RD
“Easy to miss, this is a converted house and the brewing is done in the garage. Small seating for 23 people, Food was brought in from a BBQ place a few miles away (I did not try any however). Friendly service but really needs to work on take out program... it is not the customer responsibility to clean used growlers nor should they get a hard time when returning one that is not cleaned. Space constraints is not an issue... either service them or don’t do them.“
BBB63 2685 days ago
62 /100 1555 WEST LINCOLNWAY, STE #105
“It is basically the old Figure 8 place with minimal snack selection. Just like the brewery before it, order at the door.“
BBB63 2685 days ago
54 /100 6 ROOSEVELT RD
“Pretty neat spot. Converted house. 5 beers and a mead on today - nothing outstanding though.“
BVery 2761 days ago
60 /100 1555 WEST LINCOLNWAY, STE #105
“Cool joint. Very small. 6 beers on today, and some very unique styles. Dig this place.“
BVery 2761 days ago
52 /100
Trail Inn Liquors (Beer Store)
“Sort of dark and old little store that has an okay beer selection (that is also a bit unorganized) . Some beers are quite old but I did find something new and interesting in one of the small coolers. Now if looking for whiskey, bourbon, etc... this would be your place.“
BBB63 2868 days ago
72 /100 6 ROOSEVELT RD
“Like having a beer at a friend’s house because it is a converted house and the serving room is the front living room area. Small but comfortable - capacity has been expanded (to 24 people). Pleasant enough place.“
shrubber85 2907 days ago
70 /100 6 ROOSEVELT RD
“Ironwood is the epitome of microbrewery. Nothing more than a living room of a small ranch-style house, the bar area has a max capacity of 15 occupants. Needless to say, this brewpub has initmacy going for it. In the few times that I’ve been there, the place is also full tipping off the relative quality of beer as well as the enjoyable environs. The brews themselves are above average with some solid offerings including a nice Saison. While not necessarily earth-shattering, they do their microbrew craft well. The owner are very friendly and always around to talk beer. The prices are good with $4-$5 pints and affordable growlers available. The biggest hang up I had about Ironwood were the funky hours. Open Wednesdaz through Saturday, they officially close their doors at 9pm. Fortunately, they seem to be flexible having spent most of my evenings there up to the 10 o’clock hour. While I wouldn’t really travel out of my way to visit Ironwood, it is definitely a perfect local source for excellent craft beer.“
kjc51478 3105 days ago
72 /100
Trail Inn Liquors (Beer Store)
“The store is dark and crowded, but the selection is among the best locally available. Prices about what you would expect, maybe a little on the high side. Good selection of cold craft beers. I’ll keep supporting.“
yurkdc 3280 days ago
70 /100
Trail Inn Liquors (Beer Store)
“The guy who works the cash register the majority of the time is a real jerk. But it has the best selection of beer, wine, and liquor in town. If you are looking for something other than your usual, this is the place to go. The deals on hard liquor are generally pretty good too.“
ValpoPlanner 3313 days ago
68 /100
Trail Inn Liquors (Beer Store)
“A friendly store with probably the best selection of craft and imported beers available locally in Valparaiso. The prices are in line with similar stores in the area, not as cheap as the supermarkets but the selection is better. The ladies behind the counter may not know beer, but several of the men stocking the shelves and coolers are quite familiar with the offerings of the regional brewers.“
fleagle 3929 days ago