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“Nice place with an above-average beer list. Feels old-fashioned with a good vibe. Would go again :)“
Martinus 2138 days ago
“Not sure if this deserves a place here at all - a brown village pub with only a limited and utterly traditional interest in beer, but the owner did hand me a (classically Belgian) tick once, must remember to give him a Westvleteren 12 in return as I promised him back then... Your average Belgian local, nice and friendly environment but definitely no tickers' place. Best pub of Sint-Denijs-Westrem no doubt, but then, there isn't much competition there. Special touch though: Gentse Biervereniging seems to have a certain affinity with it, so out of sympathy and therefore atypically rated, have a decent score - and cheers to the very hospitable Georges who apparently still runs the place.“
Alengrin 2165 days ago
“Very local pub, with some nice draft and a few decent bottles, but check those bottles on the shelves around the bar! :-)“
tderoeck 2169 days ago
“OMG what a bottle collection they have in this place !!! Used to be the gathering room of the BeerSommeliers students 2015 around the corner. Very nice, cosy and warm place where they have an oldskool tapbiljart. For sure they serve from draft overhere ;-) Always somebody prepared to do a bottle(drink)share at the barspace, the tender has knowledge of International craftscene. Sometimes there's a huge Beerfest going on into the place with DJ's etc... Recommended !“
DidierDB 2169 days ago
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