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“Was hier al 3 x. Laatst op 21 oktober 2017 met WBF (bus) Prima op alle vlakken. Bieraankoop is uiteraard iets duurder.“
Jerre 2393 days ago
“Cool museum vibe, there is a video with an English language version that they do at certain times, but all the displays were in Dutch and French. Solid selection of lambics to drink there and to take home at good prices. I came across 750ml bottles of Cuvee de Armand and Gaston and Oude Schaerbeekse from Hanssens. Worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
jbruner 2630 days ago
“A nice little spot where you can learn the history of lambic, although not in English. Tap room with a nice patio and lots of bottles of regular local lambic. Not really that great unless the history interests you and little in the way of unique bottles.“
Ferris 2630 days ago
“Visited during some festival. Will rerate.“
Mathieu87 3018 days ago
“Combined with the local tourist office in a larger, modern (almost industrial) building. Really fined lots of tourists but I was the only one. Very friendly lady nice selection of bottles cold and to buy. Not the RAR whales perhaps buy still all the good old basic lambics. I had a Oude Schaerbeekse from Hanssens. Not very appealing interior but they have lots if space and the outside area must be nice in the summer. Prices are very fair some local non geuze beers too. Not bad to stop by if you’re passing through, although I wouldn’t say it warrants a round-trip. Still, by car there are some good places to visit in the close vicinity.“
erickok 3019 days ago
“I discovered this lambic museum, because that is what it pretends to be, only recently during Lambikstoempers’ Bierweekend, which is held at these premises every year in late August. I adore the lambic tradition so I welcome any attempt at making the general public more aware of it, so this place has my sympathy. Yet I left it with a feeling that things could have been done more adequately: there is a shop selling beers (not only lambics) from the region, run by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable lady when I visited it, there is a timeline of lambic history on the wall, there is a documentary about lambic which you can view, there is a wall of fame with all HORAL members being displayed, but I would elaborate on all of these aspects and turn this into a haven for lambic afficionados (an honour probably more suited for the Grote Dorst in Eizeringen at this moment?). Still, I applaud the fact alone that there is such a thing as a lambic museum in Belgium, this is a clean and fairly informative place for non-beer geeks to get acquainted with the subject. Too bad Belle-Vue has fallen into the clutches of Interbrew many a moon ago, making it impossible for it to be a HORAL member, and too bad Cantillon stubbornly refuses to become a member - I’d prefer a lambic museum to be truly complete, small as this beer segment is...“
Alengrin 3239 days ago
“Visited during the beerfestival of ’de lambiekstoempers ’yet the place itself was open as well ( nice + for the festival ! ) . Very wide place ( can handle a lot of people , it seems ) , with a nice selection of vintage bottles etc ( only to drule at, not to buy ! ) . Horal-based place, so expect no cantillon here ;) The informative side is small, but well made & interesting . Than again I can not immagine anyone who is seriously into Lambics will discover a lot of new info . The drinking area has a rather limited offering ( for having so many connections ) but some nice ones amongst it . Don’t expect any raritys, but prices are very nice ! The take-out shop is the other side of the spectrum , with bottles very expensive . 6 bottles will set you back 25 euro’s , while each bottle is about 2 euro’s at the brewery and very common ( to compare, to drink here costs like 4 euro ) . All and all, its a good place if you’re around and have time, but Brussels is full of other options . If you visit cantillon / 3 fonteinen / oud beersel ( and I assume the other breweries as well ) you will get more info , and a better experience on all levels .“
kraddel 3609 days ago
“Visited during Streekbierweekend 2014. Easy to find although getting here with public transport from Brussels will require a train + bus combo, reasonable amount of time. I have gotten free tickets multiple times for this place while visiting 3F so price seems great & I could wonder around during the festival. Museum itself has one wall giving a brief history of lambiek, rest of it is just display cases showing the beers of the breweries that are part of Horals, didn’t see any info or explanation. There are small cases where you can smell hops, malts etc. listen to brewing sounds. It was okay but I did expect something in the way of more actual information, history, how these breweries came to be,… I can see someone new to the whole thing just being left without any context at all. I was informed that they do show a movie at intervals giving more explanation but I was comfy at the bar so I didn’t partake. The whole thing is quite small, it didn’t really give me the impression that the beer style has much in the way of history (which I do know it does). The store sold common beers at okay prices and some local dressings etc. Bar was quite nice, spacious, modern, actually quite big compared to the size of the museum. Selection should be just the common stuff on a normal day, nothing that you cannot get at quite a few bars & stores these days. It was okay as far as marketing goes because that is what this is all about, this felt more like an advertisement rather than an actual museum. It is okay as a small stop on a family visit but nothing worth going out of your way for. The beer festival was just wonderful, though.“
77ships 3609 days ago
“Visited in 2012. Don’t know why, but I expected more of this place. It’s setup reminds me of a children’s museum, yet this is not exactly the best subject for kids, I assume. How can one truly appreciate the art of lambic, if one cannot taste it? Oh well. Service was just one guy who was probably running the whole place and seemed to be gone when we arrived at the bar, so had to wait for quite a while before being served. He was a nice and friendly chap though. Found one or two bottles that carried my interest, but the bottles on sale are limited to the regular geuzes and krieks from each Horal brewery. Or at least, they were back than. Don’t know if it has changed by now.“
tderoeck 3725 days ago
“Modern museum about Lambic beers.“
beersontap 4095 days ago
“Visited during Tour de Geuze 2013. Very new and didactically-structured museum as part of a cultural centre, representing the history of lambiek and geuze in general and displaying all ranges of Horal member breweries/stekerijen in particular. Informative displays with inventive audio presentations in giant barrels etc. Bar apparently staffed by well-willing volonteers/HORAL members that carries most commercially availabe HORAL beers in bottles (save Hanssens Oudbeitje, which was out during TdG). As a good geuze, this will probably develop more character with age as the bar/consuming area feels a bit clinical causing the accordeon and banjo duo playing that day to feel a bit out of place, and possible out of time, in this perfectly built bunker in quickly and clinically gentrifying Flanders, dedicated to an old-world beverage.“
bartlebier 4095 days ago
“The new and rather cilly museum for lambic beers in Alsemberg has two big things going for them: a) the staff is superfriendly, b) prices for geuze, kriek and lambic are supercheap. they carry most regular beers from the members of HORAL (so no Cantillon, Tilquin or Belle Vue). Nothing too rare, but there’s always De Cam, which is not that common, these days“
rotjoch 4630 days ago
“This is a new museum of all things related to lambic, opened by the HORAL group in May of 2011. There is a 10 minute film which is very informative, and a shorter film on regional attractions in the Payotenland. Of course, there is a large bar where you can taste an unblended lambic from 3-F, a one year old one when we visited. You can buy all the major gueuzes from all the Horal members, plus the mega blend of course, both 2009 and 2011 worth a stop if you are in or near Beersel. Thanks Armand for the free tickets!“
Travlr 4700 days ago
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