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90 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“Visited October 2022, during Open Beer Days. Really nice ambiance, taproom looks awesome and the terrace was very enjoyable. Big tables, suitable for bottle sharing. Service was friendly and selection was awesome. Next one please!“
Taboada 26 days ago
96 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“An amazing place, extremely well run and full of exciting stuff to try. We visited during their “Twisting the Fate” event in 2019, so your mileage may vary, but likely will be just as great. The tasting room is large, with bottle lights strung from the ceiling. Modern feel, a relaxed vibe and enthusiastic staff. Don't miss the special cases of lambic breweriana near the entrance, a sculpture of Armand Debelder as a spider, and a portrait of local writer and lambic enthusiast, Herman Teirlinck. Selection was off the charts, 2 dozen bottles and 4 or so drafts, possibly more. Bottle prices have crept up recently, but most specialties were 20 euro or less (besides the OGV magnum). We met some other people from the US and shared bottles, and ended up sampling a dozen or so. There was a Shaerbeekse kriek that was 79% fruit, intensely fruity and rich. Sauterne barrel lambic on draft, the best faro i've ever had, and many more highlights. Arrange a tour of the barrel room in back if possible, there are some really interesting barrels to see, and the tour is certainly informative. Don't miss a stop at 3F, you won't be disappointed.“
emerge077 383 days ago
62 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“Difficult venue to spot, you'll definitely need a gps for this one! Besides, it's in the middle of nowhere, so you'll have to go just for the sake of it -but it's worth it, for sure, if you like lambic. They only have their beers and a few things to eat (cheese, pudding), but the opportunity to drink some old Framboos or Zenne y Frontera or a lot more from their portfolio at a very reasonable price and then grab some more in the shop will make it worth your while. And, on the plus side, you can spot the barrel room through a few well-placed windows; and play pétanque (weather permitting.)“
huineman 456 days ago
“Visited the place during the weekend of the "Nacht van de Grote Dorst" in 2018. Packed on a sunny day. Large, to commercial in my opinion. Some shopping done, quite expensive. No time for a drink. Did that at home. Brews are very good. (28-4-2018).“
franclh 592 days ago
“Visited the shop during the weekend of the "Nacht van de Grote Dorst" in 2018. It breaths beer, gueuze. Some interesting shopping done. Cool place. (28-4-2018).“
franclh 592 days ago
“Nice venue! One of a kind though 👌🏽 Very nice boss who was very friendly and guided us true the beer menu 😍“
goldenoldie 812 days ago
74 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“Such nice venue with an amazing crew! Lambic to another level 👌🏽“
goldenoldie 812 days ago
82 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“This place really doesnt need an introduction to Lambic hounds! Great selections of bottles to drink in, small shop for take away, the menu is also available online and you can usually get snacks like cheese, bread, dried sausages and some paté in the shop. Relaxed amtosphere and a nice garden with tables and benches!“
karrjin 898 days ago
82 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“A short train ride from Brussels, is this large place in the midst of the small village of Lot. A big outdoor pavilion and an almost equally big indoor hall with big tables as well as stools along the windows and the bar. Great selection of bottles and tap beers, with both the regular and more experimental stuff, as well as faro on tap for authenticity. Nice ambiance and a service minded and knowledgeable staff. The shop offers merch and bottles. A brilliant place such a short ride from Brussels time is really no excuse not to go, even though it’s no problem spending a lot of it there if that’s not an issue. Only snacks available though, so fill up on food before going.“
tmrmwel 924 days ago
90 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“ Excellent service, very competent staff and a very extensive beer list “
flippefish 943 days ago
92 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“Amazing place all around. Service, selection, everything. One of the top places to go in the world if you like lambic.“
Dedollewaitor 1055 days ago
100 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“That's a simple - great place, great gueze, great lambic, great people!“
aka_opex 1097 days ago
92 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“Moderno local, selección espectacular de sus lambicas, buen ambiente, visita imprescindible.“
fombe89 1108 days ago
98 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“Visited may and september!!!“
KegTickers59 1109 days ago
“Het duurde hier onwezenlijk lang om iets te kunnen bestellen. Na 22 minuten hebben wij zelf de kaart gevraagd. Als je hier niet roept krijg je niks denk ik, ze zijn niet opmerkzaam. Eerlijk is eerlijk het eten was prima, zonder franjes, maar dat is niet nodig als er ballen in zit, dat was duidelijk het geval! De inrichting oud maar super leuk om zo ergens te komen. De dranken eerder duur, het eten zeer schappelijk. Overal flessen (lege)met een dikke reputatie zoals Millennium Geuze enz, deze speciallekes stonden evenwel nergens meer op de dranken kaart“
DraftWhisperer85 1146 days ago
“Amazing to see the roots! Classic and steady!“
Tonyvdp1988 1174 days ago
96 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
Zlatec 1188 days ago
94 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“Short train ride from the city centre and small walk. Heading there on a nice day means you have way more space since you can make use of the inside and outside. Inside there are multiple large tables and a long window table with stools, merchandise displayed on the main long wall (which can all be purchased in the room to the left of the entry along with beer to go) and then the bar. Behind all of that is the barrel room (tours can be had) and then various tables outside. Various games are available to play including mijole and a semi hidden picolet court. The bottle list to drink there is pretty insane, served by knowledgeable staff....a little bit to eat on side like cheese and some sausage but if you are planning a long day you may want to bring food. A must visit and for me probably one of the best places to drink beer...I of course may love 3F.“
pushkinwow 1195 days ago
90 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“Big beer bar and shop a short train ride from the center. Very nice service. Bar has great selection of bottles and 3 taps. Shop had only the core things + hommage. Prices are reasonable for these kind of bottles, although more expensive than cantillon for example. Overall: great place, if you like lambic.“
martjoobolut 1200 days ago
“Visita durante el Toer de Geuze 2019. Gran ambiente, con buenas cervezas.“
fombe89 1211 days ago
“Took a cab from Tilquin with the crew. There was some space on the outside but to warm outside 35 degrees and no wind. Old interior with mostly elderly local people. A bit pricey food, the salad with the kriek vinaigrette was OK but not more. Not impressed at all with the beer list, seems that connection with 3F is gone. Friendly staff. Toilets clean and located some steep stairs up (don’t bring your wheelchair). The best thing with this visit was that we discovered that there was a Kasteelfestival the very same afternoon in the village;).“
Nisse666 1251 days ago
“all those pretty beers you can taste here, just make sure you bring some friends, as they are served in big bottles...“
rikstar 1279 days ago
“Pased by here a bunch of times but never on Saturdays when they're open. Finally visited during TdG 2019. Old brewery musuem with a bar next to it, and they had set up some tents around the place too. They had volunteers to make sure everybody could get a guided tour which was very nice. Even though it was busy they took time to explain the story of the brewery/stekerij.

Lots of different beers available for TdG, prices were fair. Some food, but again meat-only (thumbs down). Very frienly volunteers all over the place. They also have a small beer shop which is open regularly and nice to visit for cheap geuze. Nice place!“

Maakun 1309 days ago
84 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“Pleasant visit. Frambozenlambic and Schaarbeekse Kriek available. Also the Speling van het Lot series. Friendly service, extremely good beers, nice sausage. I’ll certainly be back, but will have to bring a thick wallet.“
bierkoning 1310 days ago
84 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“Another must visit. insane on site bottle list. Armand walking around schmoozing. Got some cheese to nibble on was awesome. Great spot, well worth the small effort to get out there.“
rejtable 1448 days ago
88 /100 MOLENSTRAAT 47
“Must visit, as this is just about 15 minutes by train from Brussels. Big, modern and clean space, with a big drink in area and a small shop beside. Lots of special bottles you can only drink on site, like most of their "Speling van het Lot" series. The Lambic cheese plate is also very tasty and a perfect pairing for the beer, which contains delicious bread from the neighbourhood. The shop always seems to offer some specials, like the new autumn box with rarer beers at the moment. Staff and the atmosphere is very friendly. Overall a completely different concept than the Cantillon brewery for example, but also highly recommended.“
Saeglopur 1490 days ago
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