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“Excellent! Super cosy location! Friendly staff, great beers, reasonable prices for "normal" geuze and lambics. Avoid when there's a lambic festival or event because it will get crowded with people only looking to tick beers (Bokke especially). This takes a lot away from the atmosphere. Nonetheless, met some great people everytime I was there. All because of the nice atmosphere! Also try a "bal" of cheese!“
pastrylambic4life 134 days ago
“Uno de mis bares favoritos en el mundo, tiene algo que lo hace muy especial. Los dueños majísimos, la selección invatible.“
IBUChamp71 359 days ago
76 /100
Huis van de Geuze (Internet-based)
“Ordered some lambic beers and some Alvinne. Great portfolio, quite decent price tags and delivery within a week. Site was easy enough to navigate. I’ll probably be back for more.“
bierkoning 745 days ago
84 /100
Huis van de Geuze (Internet-based)
“I do not know how "ambiance" works for a webshop. This ought to be "not applicable" of course. Having said that, if you want gueuze, kriek, framboise, lambic, or maybe another Pajottenland beer, this is where you want to be, to get it on your doorstep (literally in Coronatimes). Lightningly fast delivery inland, well-packed. Oh, and if you doubt their competence, the place is run by Yves Panneels, yes, the one of De Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst, best pub in Bacchus' own country.“
JorisPPattyn 757 days ago
“I finally made it here after visiting Brussels several times over the past few years, and the visit is worth the effort. I was going to take the 128 bus out of Brussels but a recently changed bus stop led be to mis the bus - no worries, there is Uber for Euro 35. There was ample seating when I arrived half an hour after opening but they quickly filled to capacity with locals and tourists bumping into each other. This place is magical with a great Oude Lambiek cask selection alongside a lengthy bottle list. I enjoyed a 1/2 bol of Gueuzekaas along with my beers.“
BeerandBlues2 826 days ago
“A great little place with one of the bottle lists in the world. Only open on Sundays and Church Holidays and cash only. We took a taxi with 5 from Brussels and the cost was around 100 euro if I remember correctly. The seating area is very small and it's better to come early to avoid disappointment.“
BelgiumQ 869 days ago
“Visited in the summer of 2018. Easy enough to get to by bus which takes about an hour from Brussels. You need to bring cash as the closest ATM is a couple of kilometers away, I was told. Very laid back place with lots of locals stopping by for a beer or two and if the weather permits you can sit outside. The food menu was bread, cheese and paté, I think. The beer selection is great with both rare bottles and different kinds of lambic served by glass. Service was very welcoming and prices pretty fair for the regular stuff.“
SlackerMads 961 days ago
“Best bar I’ve been to. First off, ignore Google Maps. You can get here in 53 minutes on two buses from Grand Sablon. (Put Grote Dorst into Google Maps, and you’ll end up in the middle of some woods the wrong side of Brussels!). Secondly, take cash. I can’t believe no one else has mentioned this on here. Plastic is not getting you any beer. The place is immaculate in every way. Service. Beer list. Ambience. Prices. I’m sure someone was cleaning the toilets after every visit. 3F Pate and bread helps keeps you going. Words can’t express it properly. Just go there.“
Garrold 966 days ago
“Ubered out from Brussels city centre since the timing was a bit better and we were slow moving from the night before. What an amazing place to enjoy some beer. Inside is somewhat small and I got the impression it gets crowded fairly quickly if you aren't there early. We sat outside on the patio (about five tables) enjoying the beautiful weather while people went into and then out of church. Enjoyed 5 different bottles of Methode Goat which was pretty spectacular and then got to try a Dorst blend from 2012 which was fantastic. Great selection of sours across the board, some yummy cheese and just an all around fantastic place. Definitely helps to go with a local (or if you speak French) and just go with the flow.“
pushkinwow 999 days ago
“Wow second 5.0 in a year! Took a long bus ride from the city center, then a couple of hundred meters of (mostly downhill) walking. As mentioned before only open Sundays 10-14, but as well at weddings, funerals and baptizing. We were there early so took the big church tour (in 10 min ;) ). I had to pee - so the owners mum let me get in 15 minutes before. A bit odd with a shared toilet with urinoars. Great interiors with old beer mania. Great selection- started of with Faro from Eylenbosch vintage -88, super nice and not that cheap. But probably 4 times cheaper vs buying in Brussels. Mixing loads of old brews with fresh ones accompanied with some nice cheese. Don’t know if the Faro or the Nath 2017 was the best. Very friendly and humble staff- the entire family was there working. Not all the beer was there vs the beer list but I didn’t get to the point were I asked what they did had but wasn’t printed. It is good idea to be there before 10 / they can open earlier + after the mass there lodas of elder people coming over from the church - and they are thirsty;)“
Nisse666 1055 days ago
“Nice place, easy to reach with public transport (and a bit of a walk). Only open Sunday. Cool old school place. Was not sure what to expect, but very nice experience. I think I expected the place to be a bit bigger :P Not as much lambic choice as I thought they would have ... I guess a lot of stuff has been sold out over the years ... Good place to get some Methode Goat (if available).“
Werckmeister 1089 days ago
“Visited on 9th December 2018. Single roomed trad venue a decent bus ride out of the city. Sunday only as was busy with locals and tourists. Lovely, really relaxed vibe. Decor is beer related, really nice old dusty place. Hit during a lambic festival so good tap list and a solid bottle list. Service is great. Food is simple bread and pate. Prices good. Definitely one to visit.“
WingmanWillis 1110 days ago
“So this one is a bit special. Visited by car we were a bit early so had to wait for 20 mins for the bar to open. I imagine it wouldn't be easy to visit by public transport. First I had some draught Beersel Faro, then two Allagash lambics and finished De Cam Special Lambiek. Lots of lambic in the menu, however they did not have Lou Pepe at all. Some bottles can be quite pricey, but I guess that's vintage lambic for you. The place has very local feel to it with lots of memorabilia from WW I. Owners were very kind and ready to chat especially when we found out they spend their holidays in Croatia. We had some 3Fonteinen pate which was a nice breakfast. Was lucky enough to meet Pete Slosberg who was sitting with his friends at the table next to ours. Anyway I'm very glad I had a chance to visit this place, well worth the pilgrimage.“
Iznogud 1215 days ago
“Tout simplement parfait.“
Henrard 1225 days ago
“Nice traditional cafe short car ride from Brussels. As far as trying different lambics goes, it is probably one of the best places. Some whales (like Bokkeryder) and bunch of different vintages of more regular stuff. Prices vary, if you just want to drink lambic, then the tap selection of unblended lambics is on the cheap side. If you want to slay the whales, then be ready to pay the big bucks (I think Bokkeryder was 45E, which may not seem a lot, but compared to the prices at Cantillon for similar beers, is still very expensive). Food was very delicious (patte with bread and cheese). Service was great, considering they were quite busy and not a big operation. Overall: definitely worth the visit. I still prefer Kulminator as overall experience and Cantillon for lambic drinking, but this was also great.“
martjoobolut 1353 days ago
“Well where to start. Wanted to go here for some time. Well the interior is like you want it to be if you are looking for a old style belgian café. Wooden ceiling, old paintings and memorabilia. The atmosphere is just amazing. Verry verry nice selection of geuze and lambics (al cellar kept so thats a +). Lots of vintages. Verry friendly staff and we had a nice chat. You can get something to nible: cheese, pate`, chips. Al by all a place you want to go if you can. And on this moment the only cafe where they serve bokkereyder! Its not always avaible but wen it is just take it! If this was closer to where i live i would go here often.“
MrRamy 1365 days ago
“mega stylowo, tradycyjnie, klimatycznie z kosmicznym wyborem lambikow (bokkereyder!) i megatlokiem... b chetnie wpadne przy kolejnej okazji druga wizyta jeszcze fajniejsza, bo bez dzikich tlumow :)“
rami_pl 1480 days ago
“Located in the midle of nowhere but with an impressive cellar hiden somwhere behind a door. They have more things aside from the menu. A real Meca for all Lambic lovers.“
cesar_rey 1490 days ago
“Where to begin...? It took me about five trips to Brussels before I finally made it here, but boy, was it worth the wait. The short of it is this place oozes with tradition, has the friendliest staff, and possibly the best beer selection in the world. While there are places that definitely have longer cuvée lists, Grote Dorst has a menu that's just very well put together. And don't even get me started on the value... the prices here are very fair. It's worth pointing out that this isn't a place you go to to "score whalez" or anything like that. This is a place you visit to rub elbows with locals, enjoy amazing lambic and just take in the culture. I believe the Guide Michelin has as its definition for a three star place that it is "worth the trip alone" or something to that effect. This is that place in the world of beer. Right up there with Ebenezer's and a few others for me.“
Ktwse 1568 days ago
“Visited on a Sunday. Expected it to be more busy, but the place was quite cosy and quiet. We had a Lindemans Oude Lambiek from tap (recommended by the barkeep), a Prins van Brabant (also recommended by him, with an explanation about its inception) and, for a good enough price, a Black Albert. The selection is great, all breweries of the 'Pajottenland' are represented. Mainly Geuze and Lambic, of course, but a bottle from Struise Brouwers makes a good alternative, to say the least. A very enjoyable experience; I'll definitely visit again.“
nathanvc 1692 days ago
“After several trips to Belgium we finally could hit this place, but in the return way from Holland. We have wished to visit it for long, but due to its opening hours (only 3-4 hours on sundays midday) we couldn´t. Fortunatelly for us, they also open on religious holydays, so August 15th was the day for it. Check their facebook page in advance to make sure, some days they open till later in the evening. Well, i must say this was really enjoyable. As it was a non usual opening day, when we get into the place there were only locals inside, some of them curious about us. I guess old regulars find funny that beergeeks from all over the world are really interested in visiting this place, in the countryside of Belgium, away from any other interesting beer destination. Classic old place, with a marble bar in the middle, no bar service, so you must find a table and wait for the service to come. Lots of breweriana, lambic mainly. Beer selection is mainly lambic, as expected, with several offers "on tap" (i guess bag in box, cause you don´t see how they pour it) at really good prices (3 euros for every glass), including gueuze and kriek. And then the bottle list. I wonder if Kulminator in Antwerpen has a wider choice, but anyway this place has a extremely good selection, including vintage versions of some ones, and rare editions. No credit cards taken, so if you want to go for big ones bring cash enough. Gueze cheese was the only eating option we saw and had, quite mild and tasty, good to pair with lambic. Apart from this, probably the best about this place is the ambiance. I´ve been in no other place like this where to enjoy a lambic. Really worthy and a must for any beer lover, at least once in a lifetime (I hope to come back again, asap). World class place.“
Lowenbrau 1739 days ago
“Visited during TdG 2017 weekend. Because of the TdG the menu was different and limited, but full with many very good lambics. Quite ordinary ambiance, the was service not too attentive and could be be better. Pricey, and only cash. Not sure why this place so overrated, especially when it’s open 3 hours a week. Maybe because of rare beers that available here, unfortunately I could not see them on TdG weekend.“
zvsn 1789 days ago
“My wife was kind enough to agree to a day of visiting more remote beer places. Although I only made it to two before her patience ran out, I made sure to put this first on my list.

We drove, and were able to park down the hill a bit w/o problems. Apparently there is a bus as well. The place does not look like much from the outside; old building with some tables in front and along the side. Inside was very crowded at about noon on Sunday, with a mix of locals and beer dorks. Bottle list was amazing. By far the best selection of Belgian spontaneous fermentation that I have ever seen, including a ton of older vintage bottles. Unfortunately the cell signal is nearly zero here so I was not able to look stuff up to any great extent, which means that I missed out on a couple of true whales, but oh well. Do you research before you go people! This is a cash bar only, and you likely would need to search a bit to find an ATM, so bring a full wallet! Prices are pretty reasonable from my perspective. Service was a bit slow given the crowd. Nobody was in a hurry, and only one guy knew where any of the unusual bottles were stored, so if you wanted anything outside of the norm you had to wait for him to get free. Receipts were written up on paper and hand added, which is cool, if slow.

I actually enjoyed the rustic farm house ambiance of the place; my wife basically hated everything about the visit and walked down the hill to a cafe to wait for me, but she can enter her own rating if she wants :).

The short of it: This is a world class place and is as close to mecca as is possible to achieve if you are a lover of Geuze, Lambic and the like. A+“
bytemesis 1796 days ago
“Nice location that may require a little planning to visit, but unless you hate lambic it’s well worth the effort. Couple of draft lambics, great selection of geuze and fruit lambic in bottles, some trappists as well, very reasonable prices. What makes it truly special is not the selection of lambics but the ambiance. No food except for some cheese, so prepare yourself with a big breakfast.“
konstifik 1810 days ago
“If you love lambics, this is the place to go. A mecca for a good reason, definitely worth getting up and taking that bus on Sunday mornings. Will visit again!“
anstei 1846 days ago
“Gelegen midden in een klein dorpje niet ver van Brussel. Gezien de beperkte openingstijden moeilijk te bereiken. Het interieur doet denken aan een oud volks café en is gezellig om te zitten. De service is vriendelijk en snel. De kaart bevat een verbazingwekkende hoeveelheid zure bieren tegen een ok prijs.“
Aminatchime 1875 days ago
“Solo puedo decir que es un lugar con un encanto tan especial que estamos contando los días para volver.“
ahn 1889 days ago
“Had to make a stop to this amazing lambic mecca. Nice little place with an amazing bottle list along with a nice selection of gueze on draft. The prices were very good and the service was even better. Very nice place to visit and share some amazing lambic with other guests. One very important thing to keep in mind is this place is CASH only. So bring your euros.“
BuckeyeBoy 1902 days ago
“Great experience. Friendly Service. Good Prices. Unbelievable Selection of Gueuze and Lambics.“
hawanna 1909 days ago
“One of the great beer experiences I’ve had. This place is a little tricky to reach (it’s a bit outside Brussels and requires a train and bus), and of course the opening hours are comical (only a few hours on Sunday mornings/early afternoons), but the effort is worth it. This place is really a lambic-lover’s Mecca. The selection is incredible, with numerous offerings you won’t find anywhere else in the world. On top of that, the prices on the beers are very reasonable. The service is friendly. The ambiance is jovial - folks just enjoying a few beers on Sunday morning! It is a pretty small place, though, and certainly popular, so make sure you arrive early to ensure you get seats. For lambic aficionados visiting Brussels/Belgium, you should plan your trip so that you can visit this place. It is top echelon.“
Leighton 1911 days ago
“Difficult to get there; super cheap lambics; lots of locals, when it gets crowded. Insanely lovely place, and a very special experience, but it really is far away and rarely opened.“
King_Alex_II 1913 days ago
“This place is everything they say about it and there’s hardly anything substantial that I can add: going here is a real beer experience. Lots of Lambics on draught for fair prices, and an extensive bottle list of many vintage and non-vintage bottles, some of which are surprisingly cheap. The place fills up rather quickly, but then empties rather quickly after 12 again. Many locals and beer people having an unpretentious Sunday morning enjoying Lambic. You are probably going to meet many interesting people from the local beer scene as well. Absolutely worth traveling for, and the ridiculous opening hours just add to this experience. The most charming place I’ve ever been to.“
SinH4 1931 days ago
“Amazing little spot! I was so lucky to be nearby durinf their open hours. Amazing selection of lambic and geuze. Vintages galore! Friendly folks too. Go there!!“
reggiedunlop 1952 days ago
“Visited at the day of the lambic, so I didn’t manage to get to the regular selection. Nevertheless, it is a lovely little bar with very kind personal. Not too easy to find or to get there, but if you’re around you should have a beer or two.“
King_Alex_II 1961 days ago
“Gran local, situado a unos 30 minutos de bruselas, se mezclan lugareños con turistas cerveceros, gran trato y gran seleccion de cervezas a unos precios bastante buenos, lugar imprescinble. Rica bola de queso a la Gueuze“
fombe89 1991 days ago
“Um lugar mágico, seleção de Lambics única. Como o bar abre somente aos domingos e em horário reduzido, impreterivelmente fica lotado, porém com um pouco de paciência, a qualidade do serviço não é prejudicada. Raridades são largamente encontradas. Fantástico.“
claumaroli 2043 days ago
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