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74 /100 120 N.NEIL
“A bit like a classic US Irish bar in decor. Lots of wood. Their beer ok not great but they had decent beer from others eg 3 Floyd’s. Worth a stop. Don’t think they have food.“
jb 43 days ago
80 /100 340 N NEIL ST. SUITE 101
“Across the street-isn from Distihl. This is a craft whiskey/bourbon and beer bar, and is a pretty busy place. They were doing a whisky tasting with the owner when I was there. 60-ish taps, 5 oz pours available. Definitely IL focused, but there is a pretty interesting selection. Fun and Fun.“
bytemesis 663 days ago
74 /100 120 N. WALNUT
“Visited on a Wednesday evening. This place is one of two Blind Pigs in the city. This one has some Blind Pig Brewing beers on draft and many other breweries, while the other has exclusively Blind Pig brewing beers on tap. I found this place more my speed. They had a lot of great beers to choose from and you could do 5 ounce pours of any of them. Service was good. There were two bartenders working during my visit as I hit during a shift change. Prices were fair. I would visit again if I happened to be in the area. It has the feel of an old English Style pub. Dark, lots of wood, a little bit dingy. Feels like a comfortable place.“
JStax 854 days ago
66 /100 120 N.NEIL
“Visited on a Wednesday evening. Just down the street from Destihl. This is just one of two Blind Pigs in the city. They are very close to one another. This one carries predominantly the Bling Pig beers, the other carries some Blind Pig and a lot of others on draft. The service here is good. Fairly attentive and friendly. The quality of beer is hit or miss. I had one I particularly enjoyed, but the others didn't hit the mark for me. Cool old time brewpub.“
JStax 854 days ago
86 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“Visited on a Wednesday evening after dinner. It's located in the area of Champaign that seems to have all the restaurants and bars. The restaurant itself has the feel of something that would be attached to a hotel. Maybe it is? I sat at the bar, which was pretty spacious. The bartender was awesome. I don't know how he kept up with everything he had going on. I had six sample pours of various beers and they were all pretty good. They don't really do flights, but you can still get 4 ounce size pours, which was fine, but adds up quickly if you want the more specialty beers. I would say this is the place to go in Champaign, but unfortunately it appears this place is shutting down when they open up a location outside of the city.“
JStax 854 days ago
86 /100 802 W TOWN CENTER BLVD
“Visited early November 2018. Okay, I'll say it... I love Binny's. Hate on the "chain" aspect or whatever, but I currently live in small town Wisconsin and moved here from small town south Georgia and when I hit a Binny's in a big town I feel like I'm in heaven. Well lit clean place. Helpful employees if you find the right person. A METRIC SHIT TON OF BEER. I could have spent thousands of dollars on awesome beer I haven't tried. Thankfully for Mrs. Owl, I grabbed what new Triptych's I could find and a few affordable sours. I will definitely be back if I'm in town or passing through.“
drowland 1082 days ago
82 /100 34 E. MAIN ST.
“Well, I skipped Destihl for this place, which seems to be a trend. Recommended by the Blind Pig brewmaster, and it was a good recommendation. Ambiance is lots of wood, a semi-vaguely western vibe, but not over the top. A couple dozen-ish beers on tap. There seems to be an effort to focus on super-local beers, but they also have regional beers and rarities (CBS). Good deals and solid prices. I had a 12 ounce of CBS and 16 ounces of a local Black IPL for $10. No food besides bags of chips. Had a great conversation with the bartender on a slow part of the evening. Overall, I had fun. Recommended stop, as it's kitty-corner to both Radio Maria and Blind Pig.“
Drake 1382 days ago
88 /100 120 N.NEIL
“Almost next door to Radio Maria. I thought I had found the whole place, but I entered on an alley, and I found out later I was in the newer bar and the main place was around the corner! Had a great time here. Bartender was friendly and professional. Had a good chat with the brewmaster. Ambiance is English pub. Totally. Lots of locals, low key. 14 beers on tap. plus 2 guests. A buncha bottles. I tried 8 beers and a cider. They ranged from, at minimum, well made and drinkable to excellent touching on world class (OMG that coffee stout). No food that I could tell. Glad I spent more time here than planned. This is not a trendy, exciting brewery, but they make extremely good, drinkable beer. IMHO this is the must stop in Champaign.“
Drake 1382 days ago
86 /100 119 N. WALNUT ST.
“Legendary place. My Uber driver had some stories. Large restaurant. Cool blue bar. The ambiance is cool. Early 20th century vibe, lots of colored glass, with some steampunk. The infamous 27 beers on tap. Locals, regional beers, national micros, good selection. No rarities that I saw but I wouldn't be surprised if some showed up. Lots of local stuff which is what I was looking for. Tapas oriented menu. Solid, and much larger portions than I've run into in any other tapas restaurant. But, the recipes could use some more excitement. Staff was wonderful. helpful bartender and the entire staff was excited to be there. I believe this is the highest rated place in Champaign, and that is well deserved. Fun place.“
Drake 1382 days ago
76 /100 802 W TOWN CENTER BLVD
“Cavernous place, seems new. Dude in the beer section on the left of the store was helpful.A ton of beers with rarities. It seems to be a thing with Binny's that singles are lacking of whatever you want, but this one seems to have a large singles selection. I easily mixed a six for the hotel room of local and US beers I hadn't tried. The selection was ample with several rarities.Prices are solid and this place has its won dedicated parking lot, so parking is easy. I imagine this is your premiere beer stop if you live locally.“
Drake 1382 days ago
82 /100 120 N.NEIL
“Great little place in downown Champaign! Maybe 12-15 of their own beers on tap - all the ones I have had are very good. Service is great, prices are reasonable (even better if you are in the mug club). Definitely worth a stop whenever I am in town“
csaso 1461 days ago
76 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“Came in for a late lunch on a Tuesday and the place was almost deserted. It is an attractive, modern place, and the food was excellent as was the service. The beers were just okay.“
Iphonephan 1601 days ago
“Yes, its not a brewery, and yes, its a campus hangout, but I would put more faith in the most recent review than the first five. A short walk from campus. Large covered outdoor seating area was popular with the students for lunch. Inside is a couple of rooms with tables and a decent sized bar. Standard bar feel, but at least there were indeed micros available among the macros on tap. They had some Goose Island, a couple of localish things, and Revolution. I had an Anti-Hero and a burger. Burger was quite good, fries were as I like them, and since it was Tuesday, the entire thing was $8. That is damn hard to beat. This place may well be a meat market at night, but its a pretty solid place for a burger and a beer at lunchtime.“
bytemesis 1993 days ago
72 /100 802 W TOWN CENTER BLVD
“a very good "downstate" Binny’s location. YOU can get Pipeworks stuff here which makes me very happy. PIPEWORKS! solid prices and easy to locate sections.“
Terminus 2086 days ago
84 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“Nice looking brewpub with a friendly bartender who put up with endless four ounce pours. Salad was good. Beers are ok, if not special. Hey. You are in Champaign. Not a lot beerwise to choose from.“
drfabulous 2091 days ago
86 /100 802 W TOWN CENTER BLVD
“Stopped here on my out of Champaign. Looks like other BInny’s only the beer is not as massive. Still, a lot of good stuff (managed to drop $100 anyway) and some Chicago releases as well.“
drfabulous 2094 days ago
56 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“Restaurant with brewpub beer. Service is okay-- slow on night I visited and not beer people-- General servers. Beer is okay but not great. Okay to visit but may be better choices in the area“
strongpieman 2196 days ago
92 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“An awesome brewpub near campus in Champaign. The food, beer list, and service are all great, and the atmosphere is upscale, clean, and open. I really like this place. The beer is good to great, but I’d come back for the food periodically even if it wasn’t.“
b3shine 2332 days ago
“Was brought here by friends living in the area and was very impressed. Cool vibe, lots of whiskey, decent beer selection (Hopslam, 4 Hands). Great sliders. Really delicious, and service was solid. Worth a stop in for a relaxing, whiskey sipping, beer drinking, slider eating Friday night.“
BMMillsy 2431 days ago
82 /100
Big Grove Tavern (Restaurant)
“Dinner and drinks while in town for a visit. Food was off the hook (had the braised pork shoulder--wow!). Nice tap and bottle list, and had a Black Butte XXVI for the night at $24. I thought that was extremely reasonable for a bar. Anyway, this place is great, and definitely recommended.“
BMMillsy 2431 days ago
72 /100
Big Grove Tavern (Restaurant)
“Nice restaurant in downtown Champaign. Not a huge beer selection but what they have is pretty good. Finally got some GI Bourbon County Stout here, so I was very happy about that! Food menu isn’t huge either, but it all seems very good. Service wasn’t bad, and prices were fair - $10 for a 12oz bottle of BCS. Not a bad place if you are looking for an above average nice meal, and a decent beer.“
csaso 2470 days ago
66 /100 120 N. WALNUT
“So we’ve been to Champaign every year for the past four years, and on our first trip here we wrote this place off as a loud college watering hole with peanuts strewn all over the place. Well it seems the vibe has changed for the better. On this trip (2014) there was a Founders tap takeover that was quite literally insane, including a vertical tasting of Old Curmudgeon. I’m giving this a mid-range score though, because I don’t know if that was a one-off or what! Can’t wait to try this stop again next year!“
DuffMan 2720 days ago
68 /100 110 N NEIL STREET
“We were surprised to see that this place was gearing up for a 3rd Anniversary celebration-- we’ve been coming here for four years and don’t recall seeing/hearing about it before now! Admittedly the signage and entryways are not especially well marked, and it is located on the edge of downtown. Anyhow, it is a spacious, spartan college bar with a good tap list and a fridge full of bottles. No cellar list. Average service. Tiny tables. No food.“
DuffMan 2733 days ago
70 /100
Big Grove Tavern (Restaurant)
“This is our fourth trip to Champaign, but our first time eating at this place. We will certainly return! Great food (we were here for brunch-- everything we had was delicious), good craft beer on tap and in bottles (we shared a bottle of DFH Noble Rot). Good service, big patio.“
DuffMan 2733 days ago
“Really cool old style decor, marble top bar, kind of a neat ambiance. Very friendly service. Beer selection is a step up from average, but nothing really special. They were randalling 8-bit with citra when i was there, which was kind of cool. All in all a nice place for ambiance, but has an uphill battle against it’s neighbors for beer geeks.“
bytemesis 2753 days ago
80 /100 119 N. WALNUT ST.
“Very nice taplist, good bottle list. Large bar and bar seating, plus a large restaurant area. Specializing in tapas, and all that we tried were very good. Service was spotty, food prices a little high but beer was reasonable. All beers available in four ounce pours for the tickers. They also had a mega-flight of every beer they pour (including PBR!) for $40. Good atmosphere, old school music from the 30’s and 40’s. Liked it.“
bytemesis 2755 days ago
64 /100 802 W TOWN CENTER BLVD
“Pretty decent selection, but nothing particularly whalish. Lots of coolers reserved for cases of crap beers, while craft DIPA’s sat unrefrigerated on shelves. Unimpressed overall.“
bytemesis 2756 days ago
84 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“This place was actually pretty nice. Kind of almost upscale, but the still had a nice bar area and the brewing equipment was visible. Good and attentive service. Nice selection of beers. All available in 4 oz pours for shockingly good prices. We tried one appetizer and it was excellent (but you had better like bacon!) I would go here a lot if I lived in Champaign.“
bytemesis 2757 days ago
66 /100 120 N.NEIL
“Interesting place, very much a bar atmosphere, no televisions in sight. They have a half dozen of their own beers, plus a fairly extensive taplist of other brews. The offer 4 oz pours of any three beers as a taster flight, but the bartender was pretty pissy when I ordered one. No food. Beers pretty average. Not sure where the great ratings are coming from.“
bytemesis 2757 days ago
68 /100 802 W TOWN CENTER BLVD
“Went in to see if I could find some gems. Real good selection, little Higher prices then I am used to. Small pick a six section. Will return if I come back to champaign.“
edgallow 2807 days ago
80 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“Third brewery of the day, got 8 samples and 5 were good. Real good selection, good service. Pretzels were real good.“
edgallow 2807 days ago
88 /100 120 N.NEIL
“I loved the feel of this place. Nice selection of drafts. Great selection of bottles.“
edgallow 2808 days ago
92 /100 301 N NEIL ST
“I absolutely love this place! They know their beer, some staff home-brew, and they are also connected to the local brewing industry. They don’t bat an eye on free tastes of any of the taps, even after half a dozen (I was purchasing drinks, I wasn’t drinking for free, ha). The food is stellar. The chef (Josh Huddleston) makes some amazing chow. The smoked gouda mac ‘n’ cheese is killer, as is everything else. Oh, almost forgot the beer battered cocktail Great place, and don’t let the name fool you; they have way more than just Irish fare and drinks. RIS, IPA, IIPA, sours, you name it. Last but not least, Mark, the bartender that works during the day, is the best bartender I’ve come across.“
Frosty 2917 days ago
80 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“Stopped in for lunch on the way to DLD 2013. Sat in the bar area, staff was very friendly. We sampled all the beers on tap, and had a great lunch. Tough to say which was the best beer, several were very tasty. Food selection was awesome as well. Would definitely return.“
jandd1983 3095 days ago
54 /100 1115 W WINDSOR ROAD
“Small specialty shop whose focus is on wine & deli, but also sporting a modest but carefully considered beer selection comprised roughly of 2/3 craft and 1/3 imports. Cannot break up or mix 6ers. Price are as good or better than Binny’s. Lower rating for service for a odd reason: we initially tried to stop in at 10:20pm on a Thursday. The posted business hours showed a closing time of 11:00pm. There was a staff person and one custome sitting in the deli area with the TV on, yet the door was locked and the lights were low. No acknowledgment of me standing outside in the rain. Very very annoying. Returned a few days later and bought one bottle of Stone Espresso Stout, then proceeded on to Binny’s and dropped about $250 to fill the res of my inventory.“
DuffMan 3106 days ago
78 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“Went out with some friends... super friendly wait staff. Knowledgeable about the beers they had on tap. Was a little pricey but GREAT for a special occasion as was our case. Ambiance was nice, and it wasn’t too busy. Really liked that you could get the 4 oz or 6 oz beers. Would recommend to others and definitely plan on returning when I can!“
ajhicks 3372 days ago
64 /100 802 W TOWN CENTER BLVD
“I was here less than 2 weeks after it opened, but too lazy to add it to the database. "Big box" design that amounts to a booze warehouse. I’ve been to a few Binny’s now, and this was the biggest and best so far. Great selection of regional craft and imports. Yes they sell singles, but only those bottles & cans which have been selected by the store for that purpose, and only if you buy 6 of them, which is pretty lame. When I was there, the service was TERRIBLE! But I’ll cut them some slack since they had just opened. By far the best selection and prices in the Champaign area though.“
DuffMan 3415 days ago
60 /100 802 W TOWN CENTER BLVD
“good prices, good selection, no ambiance“
sbremseth 3456 days ago
76 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“First time to this location. Very similar to the one in Bloominton-Normal. Good food menu. 11 of their own beers on tap - Blondes through Quads and everything in between.“
csaso 3531 days ago
78 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“Went here twice over a weekend in Champaign. Both things I had for dinner were good. Waitstaff seemed well educated on the beers on offer. All the food I had was good. Very reasonable prices for beer and very generous pours for $1-$1.50 4 oz tasters. The only complaint I have is the quality of the beer - some of their beers are good but half of the ones I had weren’t anything great.“
drdisque 3534 days ago
78 /100 120 N.NEIL
“A neat, small brewpub in downtown Champaign. It was the end of a beer-filled night, so only tried 2 of their beers, but they were quite excellent (a bitter and fruit cider). I think they had 4 house beers and a number of guest taps. A chill place, good music playing, I had a good time here.“
LilBeerDoctor 3566 days ago
56 /100 120 N. WALNUT
“So I accidentally stopped here, thinking it was the brewery, and was then very confused when they had no guest taps (suggestion: don’t just type Blind Pig into your smart phone!). It was a crowded place, definite college-aged hangout. The beer list to me, was not impressive. Maybe it is good for the area (I don’t know), but with 2 awesome breweries in the region, I wouldn’t waste my time here!“
LilBeerDoctor 3566 days ago
80 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“Stopped here on a Friday night for dinner and drinks. It was quite busy and the bar was full. They have a nice tap list (not quite as long when I was there, more like 6-8 taps) with some interesting styles (imperial stout, belgian IPA, tripel, california common). The beers were all pretty tasty. The food is great - definitely gourmet style with emphasis on presentation and quality. Really this is almost a gastropub. I got a soup and some flautas, which were excellent. Service was ok (new waitress + busy night = some mistakes. But good for me, waitress brought me the wrong beer so I got it for free!). On the higher side of the price range, but you get what you paid for. I had a great time here and definitely recommend it for both beer and food.“
LilBeerDoctor 3566 days ago
76 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“Finally had the chance to stop in here so I could catch up on my Destihl rates. I actually prefer the layout here more than the location in Normal, seems more integrated. Also, it’s right down the street from the other beer spots in Champaign. The food is really solid here and the beer was well made. My biggest issue is that there did appear to be a bit of an issue keeping the lines clean overall. That gets fixed and think it’d improve a lot. No guest taps or bottles here. Had a couple of barrel aged beers and you can get everything at a pro-rated priced per ounec for 4oz pours. Enjoyable.“
NobleSquirrel 3603 days ago
82 /100 119 N. WALNUT ST.
“Very good place - great combo of good beer and good food. About 26 taps plus many more bottles - good variety. Food is excellent also - tapas seem to be the thing, although they do also have a full dinner. Great prices, especially for the beer.“
csaso 3630 days ago
96 /100 120 N.NEIL
“This has become one of my favorite beer bars in the country. Warm, friendly, a superb and always-changing tap selection, excellent house brews, a great bottle selection and great value for your $. If you come on Tuesday or Wednesday (they’re closed Mondays), they have $2 off pints of any draft with their mug. Their mug is $5, drafts are $4-5. You do the math. And they fill that mug, meaning you actually often get more beer than you would if you had just ordered it. Bartenders are very knowledgeable about their beers and I meet interesting people here every time I come. But Champaign is that sort of town, so that may be the real root of that. My gripe is that the meters run until 9pm so it’s an unending battle for parking. Champaign has a pretty good bus system though, so that’s a viable option.“
ultrashuai 3630 days ago
86 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“Fun little place in Old Town, near most of the other hopping spots in Champaign (Blind Pig, Radio Maria, Mike and Molly’s). Interesting selection of beers,and the food was quite good. I’ll definitely stop back when I’m in Chambana next month. Update: Stopped in again the night before the Illini-Wisconsin game, had dinner and beers. Food was quite good, as were the beers. Decided to go with the 4oz. sample glasses to maximize the number of beers we could enjoy. A great addition to the Chambana beer and culinary arts scene.“
Boesky 3660 days ago
86 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“Wife and I were in Champaign so stopped in. Selection is very good and included both beers that a beer snob might like as well as beers that would appeal to beer novices, such as lighter ales and fruit beers. I liked the decor, lots of dark brick and nooks with a reasonably roomy feel. Service was outstanding, didn’t wait at all for anything, beers and food served promptly. Wife had ribs and I had Kobe burger which were both good. Beers reasonably priced, with 4 and 12 oz sizes available for everything. I will come back if I’m in town.“
Rando7 3723 days ago
82 /100 301 N. NEIL STREET
“I have been driving by here for two years asking myself- "when the fuck is this place gonna open?" FINALLY I get a chance to check out Destihl on a visit to see my parents. Modern and contemporary ambiance, with outdoor seating. Friendly staff as well. Food- is just ok, nothing mindblowing where you want to race back to try again. My pizza was a little dry and lacked cheese. My dad’s bison burger was better. Now to the beer. All 12 taps were ales, and they were served too cold and in glassware that was not entirely clean. Bubbles were sticking to the sides on all 7 samples, which means their glass washing system is inadequate. While I was excited about the variety of styles on tap, there were no standouts and most had off flavors. It always blows my mind to see people sink large amounts of revenue into a brewpub, but not perfect the beer and how it’s served. Since there are so many other great beer bars within a few blocks, I may return to give this place another shot. But I did leave a little disappointed.“
illinismitty 3737 days ago
86 /100 119 N. WALNUT ST.
“Awesome place, more of a restaurant/lounge than a bar or pub. You wouldn’t know it, but their are 27 beers on tap, all hidden behind the bar around a big wheel. Every beer is quality craft, with the standout exception of PBR, which is kept on more as a joke than anything. Fairly rapid tap rotation too, as we visited a few times and there were new beers each time. Very nice bottle list too. Vergil the beer dude came out to greet us when it became apparent that we were beer geeks, and he brought out a Unibroue 2005 that wasn’t even on the menu! Better yet, he only charged us $12 for it! Unreal! The food is spectacular, and all the tapas we tried were delicious, especially the mussels in coconut curry sauce. A favourite spot for us in Champaign for sure.“
DuffMan 3799 days ago