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“Large multi room bar and grill, sizable beer garden, Friendly folks, i worked a Beer festival there. People seemed to enjoy the food. Beer selection seemed decent.“
BlackBeerPG 276 days ago
86 /100 216 N 6TH ST
“Favorite Local Beers“
MaltoseTicks27 1204 days ago
80 /100 216 N 6TH ST
“Visited early January 2019. Apparently this place separated itself from the restaurant “The Forge Brewhouse” and is a stand alone taproom and brewery in DeKalb now. Small place, clean and industrial. I was the only one in the place on a Saturday afternoon and the beer tender was helpful and friendly. Okay beers, nothing crazy, but nothing bad. I’d be back if passing through, but not a destination. Small pours of all beers available, so good for ticking/rating!“
drowland 1319 days ago
68 /100 216 N 6TH ST
“Nice selections of beers and very friendly staff. Had an order of pretzel bites with our flight and can't wait to go back and try the brick oven pizza.“
randy1969 1671 days ago
50 /100 216 N 6TH ST
“Now in its third month of operation, this brewpub is making the most of a former car dealership building and had a great crowd on a late Saturday afternoon. Seven different brews were available, none of which are listed on this website, and ranged from a good rye ale (Wry Not) to a nasty fruited wheat (Raspberry Prairie) that I couldn’t finish. From the limited menu (pizzas and a few appetizers) our group tried two pizzas and the baked pretzels and liked them all.“
mrjaxson 2560 days ago
“College bar! Go Huskies. Nothing special here, best thing availabe is probably blue moon. Food is good.“
hombrepalo 4851 days ago
52 /100 142 E LINCOLN HWY
“this is a townie bar, locals like this place cause it is away from the college kids. From what I remeber this place was smokey. Caught a couple of bands here, nice size and good cheap beer.“
hombrepalo 5447 days ago
76 /100 142 E LINCOLN HWY
“Unique concept -- a hockey bar -- lots of good beers on draught and not too expensive, but the bar is very loud and (until the smoking ordinance goes into effect) very smoky, especially on weekends. Worth the stop if in DeKalb.“
gws57 5928 days ago
50 /100 142 E LINCOLN HWY
“This bar offers the widest selection of beer in DeKalb (as far as bars go, that is). Usually in stock are many local micros, as well as some Belgians such as Duvel, Chimay, and several lambics. And props to this place for serving me a Duvel in a Duvel tulip glass! This IS a bar, though, so expect a smoky, dark, loud, and crowded atmosphere, as well as overly chilled beer. Get there early (8pm or so) to enjoy a few before smoke and noise fill the room.“
JMerritt 6777 days ago
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