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“Total Wine is Total Wine pretty much anywhere you go. Decent selection of regional goodies and pretty good options to mix and match singles. For an out-of-towner, a good place to stop by while traveling I-64.“
Braudog 1137 days ago
“This place is fairly new. If you've been in one Total Wine you've been in them all but this one is special for Missouri folks because it gives us access to lots of breweries that are scarce on our side of the border. Bonus for selling singles and having separate sections for special release and seasonal beers.“
coachd 1328 days ago
86 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“Ambiance isn't great, doesn't have to be. Friendly service at check-out. Amazing beer selection. Lots of breweries that you can't find in St. Louis. Value is average; you can save money by signing up for their VIP card. You must come here to go beer shopping.“
coachd 1987 days ago
80 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“One block over after getting off the highway. There is a resession going on? You would not be able to tell by the volume of traffic you encounter. Once you get there the beer is off to the right as you walk in. The reason to come here from STL is the beers you can’t get on the MO side. They deffinatly have the stock to make it worth your while to come over here. Hoppin frog, Port/Lost Abbey and Victory to name a few. Staff is very helpful, I was asked if a need help making a selection at least 3x. Pro: Way better selection than Corral in GC. Con: no breaking up of six pack’s.“
thegreenrooster 4459 days ago
76 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“Randall’s is in an area jammed with shopping centers and malls across the River from me in Illinois. Driving up to the store, I didn’t realize that I had actually been here before a few years ago with some IL-side friends. Anyway, the feel is like any other big liquor store. Beer is on the right as you enter, in another room with the wines. The selection is very good, with some stuff from breweries we don’t get in Missouri. I was surprised to see a case of KBS still on shelves, among some other nice beers that have been sold out of most area stores for a while. The service was very friendly and helpful, as they reserved a bottle of Goose Island Rare BCS for me. This store seems to be the place to go in the Metro East for beer, and has definitely surpassed Corral in terms of selection.“
phaleslu 4651 days ago
8 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“Placed on order on december 2nd, was chrged on the 6th, finally recieved notification on the 15th that the item would not be in stock till the 18th. When called the store about canceling the order the guy on the phone was very rude. I questioned why I was charged for something before they had it in stock I was told, we’re not trying to rip you off or anything we would get it eventually, but don’t worry it will be refunded and then hung up on me. Worst on-line shopping experience every.“
Zelda 4671 days ago
88 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“This is based on the Internetwines site. Got 5 really good beers and 1 pale lager I’ve been looking for 4 years (I collect beer for the day calendar pages and need this one). They didn’t have one really good beer in stock, but they had an even better one. The shipper was the reuseable wine bottle flat styro type. All in all a very good experience.“
bhensonb 4795 days ago
80 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“Very cool place, I’m very glad that I found a place around here that sells a larger selection than wal-mart and schnucks, the only places I bought from before I found out about randalls :( Great selection of domestic craft beers and a huge wall of imports that you can’t find in many places. The staff is great here as well. The guy that helped me out was very knowledgable and really knew his beer. Best beer place on the Illinois side of the STL metro in my opinion.“
OTownKnight 4822 days ago
84 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“(Visited 10/2008): Randall’s is located on Lincoln Trail in Fairview a couple blocks off the exit for I-64. Parking is plentiful around the building. The inside of the store is spacious and well-organized. The space is divided into two rooms and the beer is in the one on the right. There are coolers full around the side and rear, and high metal shelves of brews pretty much everywhere else. The beers are segregated by region with goodies from Dogfish Head, Boulevard, Left Hand, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, O’Fallon, Schlafly etc. As for imports, there is a good selection of beers from Belgium, Germany, the UK and others. Some beers are available in singles, and there is a small selection of glassware too. Service here is good. The employees clearly care about beer and are friendly and helpful. Overall this place is definitely worth hitting outside the St. Louis metro area.“
Dogbrick 4862 days ago
92 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“Randall’s is a great little spot that is always getting better and better variations of good brew. Every time I go in there are new offerings from new breweries. Kudos! The staff is about as helpful (if not a little more) than any other Liquour Store and one will occasionally get a fellow beer geek to talk to, make recommendations and help you on your quest to find great beer. Every time I’m visiting friends up in the metro-Saint Louis area from Southern Illinois, I make sure to make this one of my stops to see if I can find something new for my beer cellar.“
seedsofchaos 4933 days ago
84 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“Excellent service at Randalls - if they don’t have something in they will tell when it will becaome available - Everything is fresh as they usually clearance brews that have been sitting on the shelves to long - They have a larger selection than Corral in Granite City, however they don’t have a mix-a-six“
wwwdottom 5089 days ago
86 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“They have a pretty decent selection. I would love if you could mix a 6-pack.“
Finhead 5104 days ago
82 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“Great liquor store overall. A very large selection of spirits and wines with a small bar to try out a few of their key top shelf items. For the area, a fantastic selection of single 22oz bottles, foreign and domestic, along with a nice selection of 6-pack microbrews. Quite a few rarer beers here too. I found the New Glarus Lips of Faith series, a few more rare Great Divide and Avery as well as some of the Fort Collins and some very small local breweries just over the line in Missouri. Some great international breweries as well like Westmalle and Mikkeller. A pretty large shopping cart of sale brews (older beers just past expiration) that are marked for over 50% off and most are $1-1.50 range. Staff was great and very enthusiastic about beer and were willing to help out with any questions. One thing to note, I checked their website extensively before heading over here and the selection online wasn’t really reflective of what they had due to it being slightly out of date. I will definitely make this a stop for beer when I am down at my in-laws for visits.“
Narnad 5135 days ago
80 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“The staff at Randalls is always great and are all very knowledgeable and friendly. I live an hour away and make trips to the area JUST to go there because Southern Illinois is a beer poor area. They have the best selection (other than going to St Louis) anywhere in the 618 area code I have found. They have been adding quite a few new beers lately so if you have not been by in awhile check it out.“
Meatmallet 5302 days ago
76 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“SO I have a friend in Collinsville who has this as the place to go for his beer. I must say, for Southern Illinois, definitely a quality selection. They have a decent Belgian selection, but a better American Micro selection. Probably about 200 different beers if I had to guess. Also, I picked up my GI goblet here, of all places. Definitely a must stop if in Southern IL.“
NobleSquirrel 5368 days ago
80 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“What a wonderful variety of beer! I’ve sought the best of beers for quite a while (20 years). This place always seems to have something good that I haven’t tried before. The building is nothing special but it is clean and has room for the wide variety of beers. The staff is helpful. Thouth they offer help, they give you room to browse at your leisure. Recommendations are posted and helpful. Quality wine and liqour are also abundant.“
imthewolf 5734 days ago
92 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“I’m very glad I found this place. Not only is the selection very impressive and the staff friendly and informative, but upon my first visit they were willing to order me some beer that I had been researching for some time, no questions asked. This is my new Mecca.“
Fweezle 5895 days ago
80 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“this place is getting better. the new guy who orders the beer, chris is more into expanding the american craft brew section than the old guy (who is now ordering for the missouri store.) this store over all is huge. they are currently expanding the wine section which is going to open up some room for the beer. decent selection which includes the DFH basics, some avery, great divide, and of course schlafly. nice german, belgian and english sections. i like where chris is trying to take this place.“
drmatt 5928 days ago
82 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“This is located in a heavy commerce section and has a nice location. The selection is very respectable. The help wasn’t intrusive, but was helpful if you had questions. A good selection of local brew and nice selection of regional microbrews. The beers are sorted by country and easy to find. Some prices are high, some are low. If you know what you are looking for and general prices in the area you can leave with some great deals. If you are on the IL side of St. Louis and visit Corral in Granite City and Radall’s you will get the best of what is available in this area of Illinois. Both are great, but the beer guy, Joe, at Corral is the most knowledgeable in the area.“
vyvvy 6005 days ago
94 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“It seems like I’m in Randall’s nearly every week. They have the best beer selection in the area, yet I’ve seen larger elsewhere. One younger gentleman stands out above all with his helpful knowledge... not only with the beer selection, but with hard liquer as well. They hold beer tastings every now and again on friday and saturdays. The prices are a bit high on certain things, but not for any perceptible reason that I can tell. If they don’t have what you’re looking for one trip, try again. Different beers rotate in and out of this place on a regular basis. I’ll keep going back.“
Yuri4x4 6087 days ago
66 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“I loved their beer selection. Lots of brews that are new to me. Also, many of them can be purchased in singles. Prices seemed to vary. Some were high enough to raise the eyebrows, but others beers I had seen more expensive at other places. There are LOTS of untasted brews there and I will be back.“
Strykzone 6537 days ago
60 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“This place is called "randall liquors" outside of the internet world. The place has an ok selection of beer, but i did find some vintage stuff here (not telling what). Prices are pretty high unfortunately. The vintage beer i was refering to was a 6pk of bells expedition from 2002. I bought it the other day and even though it had no carbonation, it was still fantastic!“
Terminus 6571 days ago
76 /100 10800 LINCOLN TRAIL
“Not as good of a selection as Liquidsolutions.com, but their prices are better than the former. Very fast service, great packaging.“
KAggie97 6663 days ago
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